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Raising Awareness of Urban Environment Development in Primary Schools

Strategic View”. Eastern academic forum. Available via , 10. 09. 2016. MARZANO, GIUSEPPE AND SCOTT, NOEL (2009), “Power in destination branding”. Annals of Tourism Research , 2009, 36.2: 247-267 MBOUP, GORA (2014) “Urban quality of life – concepts and measurements”. Available via , 7. 9. 2016. MIZS – Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport (2016), Učni načrti

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Measuring the Effects of Forest SPA Programme in Urban Parks Using Active Imagination

LITERATURE HENDERSON, P. G. (2012), “Empirical Study of the Healing Nature of Artistic Expression: Using Mandalas with the Positive Emotions of Love and Joy”, a dissertation. M.S., Texas A&M University ISAILOVIĆ, G., PRESETNIK, LJ., JOVANOVIĆ, I., SIPKA, LJ., VIDOVIĆ, V. (2016), “Landscape therapy and Quality of Life”, Case Study Meteora Greece. Balkan Wellbeing book, in press LI, Q., KOBAYASHI, M., KAWADA, T. (2008), “Relationships Between Percentage of Forest Coverage and Standardized Mortality Ratios (SMR) of Cancers in all Prefectures in

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Tourists’ perceived value of wildlife tourism product at Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

). Tourism experience and quality of life among elderly tourists. Tourism Management, 46, 465-476. [32] King, L., McCool, S., Fredman, P. & Halpenny, E. (2012). Protected area branding strategies to increase stewardship among park constituencies. PARKS, 18(2), 55-64. [33] Lawton, G., & Page, S. (1997). Evaluating travel agents provision of health advice to travellers. Tourism Management, 18(2), 89-104. [34] Manning, T. (1999). Opinion piece: Indicators of tourism sustainability. Tourism Management, 20 (2), 179–181 [35] Monroe, K. B. (1990). In

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Customer delight: perception of hotel spa consumers

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The first impression in a fine-dining restaurant. A study of C Restaurant in Tampere, Finland

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Senior tourists’ preferences in the developing countries – measuring perceptions of Serbian potential senior market

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Techniques employed to create event prestige value for corporate VIPs: the V.I.P. Framework

Antecedents and Consequences of Prestige Motivation in Tourism: An Expectancy-Value Motivation. In M. Kozak., & A. Decrop (Eds.), Handbook of Tourist Behaviour: Theory and Practice (pp. 16-34). London: Routledge [18] Crompton, J. L. (1979). Motivations of pleasure vacations. Annals of Tourism Research, 6(4), 408-424 [19] Crompton, J., & Love, L. (1995). The predictive validity of alternative approaches to evaluating quality of a festival. Journal of Travel Research, 34(1), 11-24 [20] DCMS. (2007). Winning: A Tourism Strategy for 2012 and Beyond. Retrieved

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The English Peak District (as a potential geopark): mining geoheritage and historical geotourism

Trust (2004) Discovering Brown End Quarry [leaflet]. Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, Wolseley Bridge. Thomas, I.A. and Prentice, J.E. (1994) A consensus approach: industry and geosciences in the National Stone Centre, UK. In: O'Halloran, D., Green C., Harley, M., Stanley, M. & Knill, S. (eds) Geological and Landscape Conservation. Geological Society, London. 423-427. Tilden, F. (1977) Interpreting Our Heritage (3rd edn.). University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill. Torrens, H. (1992) The Early Life and Geological

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Tour guides experiences with tourists with disabilities

September 2015] [16] Gentemann, K. and Whitehead, T. (1983). The cultural broker concept in bicultural education. Journal of Negro Education, 52 (2), 118-129 [17] Goh, H.C. (2008), “Sustainable tourism and the influence of privatisation in protected area management: A case study of Kinabalu Park”.Ecology and Development Series, 55 (5), 115-120 [18] Ham, S. and Weiler, B. (2005).Toward a theory of quality in cruise-based interpretive guiding. Journal of Interpretation Research 7 (2), 29-49 [19] Ham, S.H. and Weiler, B. (2005).“Six principles for

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