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Money and the Quality of Life

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Health and its Effects on the Quality of Life in the EU Countries

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The method of improvement of quality of life of older people as users and maintainers of technical means in Smart City

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Econometric Modelling of Influence of Level of the Social and Economic Infrastructure On Quality of Life of the Population

References Aivazian S.A. (2012). Analysis of the Quality of Life and Living Standards. Moscow: Science. Aivazian S.A., Borodkin F.M. (2006). Social Indicators. Moscow: Unity-Dana. Bakumenko L.P. (2011). Statistical Aspects of the Research of the Population Life Quality. Yoshkar-Ola: MarSTU. Feng XiaoTian, Yi SongGuo. (2000). The Quality of Family Life in Urban Areas: The Indicators and the Structure. Sociological Studies. (4), 107-118. Ilchenko A. (2014). Integrated Estimation of

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Socioeconomic Characteristics, Oral Care Habits and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life among the Parents of Pre-School Children in Klaipėda

References Al Ansari, J., Honkala, E., & Honkala, S. (2003). Oral health knowledge and behavior among male health sciences college students in Kuwait. BioMed Central Public Health Journal , 3(2). Available at: (Accessed on 12/01/2016). Almoznino, G., Aframian, D. J., Sharav, Y., Sheftel, Y., Mirzabaev, A., & Zini, A. (2015). Lifestyle and dental attendance as predictors of oral health-related quality of life. Oral Diseases , 21(5), 659-666. Andruškienė, J., & Adomavičienė

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Estrategias de mejora de la calidad de vida laboral en mipymes turisticas
Strategies of quality of working life in a touristic small and medium-sized enterprises

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Health Literacy of a Sample of Portuguese Elderly

, F., Fransen, M., Poll-Franse, L., & Ezendam, N. (2015). Low subjective health literacy is associated with adverse health behaviours and worse health-related quality of life among colorectal cancer survivors: results from the profiles registry. Psycho-Oncolog y, 24(4), 478-486. Jovic-Vranes, A., Bjegovic-Mikanovic, V., & Marinkovic J. (2009). Functional health literacy among primary health-care patients: data from the Belgrade pilot study. Journal of Public Health , 31(4), 490-495. Kim, S. (2009). Health literacy and functional health status in Korean

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Towards Smart City: Influence of Air Pollution on the Local Community of the Zabrze City in Surveys and Field Research

-812. Piechoczek, E., Kaźmierczak, J., Jafernik, H. (2017). Modelling the use of alternative technical means for services by piloted flying platforms: presentation of a research project. In: 7th International Conference on Engineering, Project, and Production Management, Ed. by Katarzyna Halicka and Lukasz Nazarko. Amsterdam : Elsevier, vol. 182, p. 571-578. Soussilane, S., Restrepo, M.L., Wheeler, L., Imbault, F. (2017). Air Quality Grid to Enable Energy Savings Using a grid of sensors in buildings/cities to understand the source and flow of air pollution and

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Self-Assessment of an Organisation According to the Polish Quality Award Modelon The Example Of An Automotive Company – Self-Assessment Process, Selected Improvement Actions

znormalizowanych do doskonałości biznesowej, Management Forum wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu, vol. 3, no. 4. Konarzewska-Gubała E. (red.), 2006, Zarządzanie przez jakość. Koncepcje, metody, studia przypadków , Wydawnictwo Akademii Ekonomicznej im O. Langego we Wrocławiu, pp. 386-387. Martusewicz J., Szumowski W., 2018, Modele dojrzałości a modele doskonałości. Niezależność czy współzależność na drodze do rozwoju organizacji , Organizacja i Kierowanie, no. 1(180). Martusewicz J., Wierzbic A., 2018, The level of maturity and the use of

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Obtaining a Generalized Index of Bank Competitiveness Using a Fuzzy Approach

). Fuzzy modeling in MATLAB environment and fuzzyTECH [ Nechetkoye modelirovaniye v srede MATLAB i fuzzyTECH ]. BHV, S.Petersburg, 736 p. 22. Luburic, R. & Fabris, N. (2017). Money and the Quality of Life. Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice , 6 (3), 17–34 23. Malyaretz, L., Dorokhov, O. & Dorokhova, L. (2018).Method of constructing the fuzzy regression model of bank competitiveness. Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice , 7 (2), 139-160. 24. Mandic, K., Delibasic, B., Knezevic, S.& Benkovic, S. (2014). Analysis of the financial

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