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Active Ageing Index, New Emphasis Within the Same Methodology. The Role of the Internet

:// . Accessed on March 5, 2018. 9. Hargittai, E., (2002), Second-Level Digital Divide: Differences in People’s Online Skills. First Monday, 7(4), 10. Hazelkorn, E., (2009), Rankings and the Battle for World-Class Excellence, Higher Education Management and Policy, 21(1), 1-22. 11. Hawton, A., Green, C., Dickens, A.P., Richards, S.H., Taylor, R.S., Edwards, R., Campbell, J.L., (2011), The Impact of Social Isolation on the Health Status and Health-Related Quality of Life of Older People

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Effects of Energy Use on Socioeconomic Predictors in Africa: Synthesizing Evidence

on the Quality of Life of Poor Communities, Social Indicators Research, 73(2), 373–402. 31. Mazur, A., (2011a), Does increasing energy or electricity consumption improve quality of life in industrial nations ? Energy Policy, 39(5), 2568–2572. 32. Miranda, J.J., Farmer, P., Farmer, P., (2011), Is public health policy evidenced based? BMJ: British Medical Journal, 323(7325), 8–9. 33. Mirowsky, J., Ross, C.E., (2004), Education, Social Status and Health. Canadian

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Application of the Institute of Income Redistribution in the Form of Social Transfers in EU Countries

assume that social policy is part of economic policy in this study. Social policy affects everyone’s life. It contributes to the quality of life to a greater or lesser extent. Quality of life includes a subjective and also an objective component. The objective component of quality of life consists of measurable economic, social, health and environmental characteristics. In economic terms, our interest is to find out the income situation of households, income inequality, number of households living in material and financial deprivation and also indicators of poverty

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Economic and Legal Features of Digital Markets

I Introduction Digitization has triggered profound structural change that affects almost all areas of our life. In this respect, sometimes it is spoken about a digital revolution. This change poses new challenges for companies ( Crane, 2013 ), consumers, as well as for politics and society ( Šmejkal, 2012 ). Competition is the central driver of digital change. At the same time, digitization is intensifying competition in many areas and economic activity is changing in many ways. In almost every transaction today is involved a computer (and thus a digital

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Labor Migration in Indonesia and the Health of Children Left Behind

that affect health, B H , such as parental health and genetic endowment; and environmental factors, D . In the case of child health production, parents can be assumed to play a role in the determination of N . Parental migration can affect N in several ways. Migration necessarily involves a prolonged or temporary absence of the parent in a child’s life, which could have deleterious consequences on the quality of N . On the other hand, if migration improves household income, N could be positively impacted. The net effect of parental migration has to be

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Development of Trade Relations of Bosnia and Hercegovina with Slovenia: Different Aspects and Characteristics

Carbaugh, R. (2015). International economics . Fifteenth Edition. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning Directorate for European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina (DEI). Chronology of relations between BiH and the EU. Retrieved from . Erkan, B., & Sunay, Z. F. (2018). Russia’s market and product-based export diversification. Journal of Life Economics , 5 (3), 43-60. French, S. (2017). Revealed comparative advantage: What is it good for? Journal of

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The Centre of Government as the Coordination Point for the Implementation of General Legal Rules

Governmental Assembly did not come to life it could be present in the mentioned upper-level coordination; in this paper it is presented as the Centre of Government (CoG), is not only a technical, administrative support for the Prime Minister, but more and more has also a regulatory-coordinative, policy role. The term centre of government (CoG) refers to the organisations and units that serve the Chief Executive (President or Prime Minister, and the Cabinet collectively) and perform certain crosscutting functions (strategic management, policy coordination, monitoring and

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Are Pain and Suffering Awards (Un-)Predictable? Evidence from Germany

I Introduction Damages for pain and suffering (DPS) represent monetary payments to compensate individuals for a physical and mental distress caused by the wrongdoing of other persons. In this way, DPS might be viewed as a monetary evaluation of a change in someone’s life quality. DPS are assigned by courts, and depend on the severity and intensity of the injury, the duration of pain and, more generally, the impairment of life quality. Hence, DPS are sensitive in two regards: They vary over the specific circumstances of the injury and the affected person

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The World’s Oldest Profession? Employment-Age Profiles from the Transactional Sex Market

females answer yes to this question. Data from multiple points in time on labor supply in transactional sex markets are required to determine whether differences in labor supply across age groups are due to cohort differences or life cycle changes in labor supply. To address these barriers, I use data from the Zambia Sexual Behavior Surveys (ZSBS), national household surveys that include information from female respondents on whether they exchanged sex for money in the past twelve months. In total, I use data for over 8,000 females age 15-49 from four rounds of the

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Relationship between the Financial Indicators and the Implementation of Telework

reduction of the expense of maintaining office space ( Kurland and Bailey, 1999 ). Later, the increase of telework in the USA was caused allegedly due to the tragedy occurred on September 11, 2001 and safety measurements implemented in the country ( Potter, 2003 ). Unlike the Industrial Age where big industrial centres were built up telework represents an opposite tendency ( Potter, 2003 ). Among other factors stimulating the growth of telework were the boom of IT technology and the accrual of dual-earner households and due to this fact, the need for work-life balance

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