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Developing a Tool for Quality and Accreditation of a New Generation University in the Digitalized Society: The Case of a Thematic-Technical University

REFERENCES [1]Antal, Natalie, Kingma, Bruce, Moore, Duncan and Streeter, Deborah. (2014). University-wide entrepreneurship education. In, Innovative pathways for university entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Published online: 07 October. 227-254. [2]Artut, Perihan Dinç and Bal, Ayten Pinar. (2018). Learning implementations about cooperative learning method, a case study in Turkey. International Journal of Progressive Education, 14(6), 168-176. [3]Bacanlı, Hasan et al. (2016). Being a

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Empowerment Rights and Happiness Gap in Post-socialist Countries

indicator measured with the use of surveys in which individuals respond to one or multiple questions related to their evaluation of their happiness or, in other words, their quality of life (Frey, Stutzer, 2002). The major components of subjective well-being are life satisfaction (global judgements of one’s quality of life) satisfaction with important domains (e.g., work satisfaction), positive effect (i.e., experiencing pleasant emotions and moods) and negative effect (experiencing unpleasant emotions and moods) ( Diener, 2000 ). In general, factors determining person

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Acta Universitatis Bohemiae Meridionalis
The Scientific Journal for Economics and Management
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On the Relation Between Health and Income: A Cross-Country Analysis

1 Introduction Do we get richer because we are healthy or do we get healthy because we are rich? Health certainly has the potential to determine the quality of one’s life and especially income. As Weil (2007) argues – workers living in a healthy environment do not miss many workdays, are more productive, can learn and adopt new technologies, do not drop labour market so easily, or eventually, it is much easier for them to find work. Acemoglu (2009) , by contrast, thinks that the relation goes exactly the other way round. The rich usually have better access

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Efficiency vs. The Level of Per Capita Income of Urban-Rural Municipalities in Poland

Good Governance Relate to Quality of Life? Sustainability, 9 (4), 631. . Charnes, A., Cooper, W.W., Rhodes, E. (1978). Measuring the Efficiency of Decision Making Units. European Journal of Operational Research, 2 (6), 429–444. . Chromiński, K., Tkacz, M. (2010). Comparison of Outlier Detection Methods in Biomedical Data. Journal of Medical Informatics and Technologies, (16), 89–94. Cooper, W.W., Seiford, L.M., Tone, K. Zhu, J. (2007). Some Models and Measures for

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Poland’s Economic Performance in Global and Long-term Perspective: Surprises so far and Risks in the Years Ahead

with those of the TFA countries may well continue only for the next -10 years or so. Under this scenario, my own tentative forecast is that the catching up would (nearly) stop when the per capita GDP(PPP) in Poland will reach about 70% of the corresponding level in Germany and about 60% of that in the USA. That would be about twice the relative level prevailing during the last two centuries, but probably below the aspirations of the people living in Poland. What is important for the quality of life is not only the average level and distribution of income per person

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External Costs of Opencast Brown Coal Mining in Agriculture and Agri-Food Industry (on the Example of Wielkopolska)

1 Introduction The quality of human life determines the availability of three resources: water and food, without which it cannot live, and energy, without which there are not many determinants of the quality of life such as electricity, communication, heat and production of goods. In connection with the depletion of coal resources in previously active opencasts, there are plans to launch new deposits. The mining environment is campaigning to convince the Polish society that new open pitches are necessary to secure the country’s energy security. Acquisition of

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Investment Activity of Local Administrative Units and the Level of Entrepreneurship Development in the Rzeszów Functional Area

kind of leverage for the social and economic development of territorial units ( Szara, 2014 ). Through investment, one can shape the attractiveness of the location of economic activity, the broadly understood quality of life, and thus the attractiveness of a given territory to live. In the case of economically less-developed areas, peripheral units with limited budgets, a set of feedbacks inhibiting economic development is created ( Klamut, 2008 ). In this situation, the institutional support of local governments related to the access to the European Union financial

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Leasing Puzzle in Polish Small Firms Listed on the Alternative Market

study was conducted using the panel data in the period of 2012–2016 on Polish companies listed on NewConnect, that is, the alternative stock market of Warsaw Stock Exchange (Poland). This market is mainly dedicated for young companies with low capitalisation. Tobit and logit models were used for estimation. 2 Leasing as a form of external financing The equity is essential in every phase of enterprise’s life cycle, whilst the limitations in the access to sources of finance are the substantial barrier for the investment of small companies. As a result of the

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Machine Learning Methods in Algorithmic Trading Strategy Optimization – Design and Time Efficiency

1 Introduction The last years witnessed a huge growth of the machine learning popularity and its quick development. The newly established algorithms were used to solve many difficult problems from various fields of science and to produce solutions facilitating many areas of life. Therefore, the application of such methods to improve the process of strategy adjustment seemed to be a natural choice. The main aim of this study was to formulate and analyse the machine learning methods, fitted to the strategy parameters’ optimization specificity. The most

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