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Faisal Zafar, Pradip Chandra Mandal, Ku Zilati Bt Ku Shaari and Zahoor Ullah

. Wang, Y.Z., Sun, X.Y., Liu, Y.P. & Liu, C.G. (2007). Removal of naphthenic acids from a diesel fuel by esterification. Energy Fuels 21(2), 941–943. DOI: 10.1021/ef060501r. 12. Zifeng, L., Songbai, T. & Zijun, W. (2009). Study on esterification for reducing total acid number of high acid crude oil by Mg/Al oxides [J]. Pet. Process. Petrochem . 8, 024. 13. Wang, Y.Z., Duan, H.I., Song, C.M., Han, X.T. & Ma, X.R. (2014). Removal of naphthenic acids from crude oils by catalytic decomposition using Mg–Al hydrotalcite/γ-Al 2 O 3 as a catalyst. Fuel 134

Open access

Salima Chebbi, Atmane Allouche, Marian Schwarz, Souhila Rabhi, Hayet Belkacemi and Djoudi Merabet

: 241-250. Cho YS, Laskowski JS (2002) Effect of flotation frothers on bubble size and foam stability. Int J Miner Process 64: 69-80. Crawford MK, Tielens AGGM, Allamandola LJ (1985) Ionized polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and the diffuse interstellar bands. Astrophys. J. 293: 45-48. Edwan K, Qomarudin H (2015) Petroleum oil and gas industry waste treatment; common practice in Indonesia. J. Pet. Environ. Biotechnol. 6: 241. Edzwald JK (2010) Dissolved air flotation and me. Water Res. 44: 2077