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Jamie Hayes and George Danezis

International Workshop, IH 2004, Toronto, Canada, May 23-25, 2004, Revised Selected Papers , pages 293–308, 2004. [4] George Danezis and Paul F. Syverson. Bridging and Fingerprinting: Epistemic Attacks on Route Selection. In Privacy Enhancing Technologies, 8th International Symposium, PETS, 2008, Leuven, Belgium, July 23-25, 2008, Proceedings , pages 151–166, 2008. [5] Roger Dingledine. Improving Tor’s anonymity by changing guard parameters. , October 2013. [6] Roger

Open access

Phillip Rogaway and Yusi Zhang

. Bellare and P. Rogaway. Encode-then-encipher encryption: How to exploit nonces or redundancy in plaintexts for efficient cryptography. In T. Okamoto, editor, Advances in Cryptology – ASIACRYPT 2000 , volume 1976 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science , pages 317–330, Kyoto, Japan, Dec. 3–7, 2000. Springer, Heidelberg, Germany. [6] C. Boyd, B. Hale, S. F. Mjølsnes, and D. Stebila. From stateless to stateful: Generic authentication and authenticated encryption constructions with application to TLS. In K. Sako, editor, Topics in Cryptology – CT-RSA 2016 , volume

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Aggelos Kiayias, Nikos Leonardos, Helger Lipmaa, Kateryna Pavlyk and Qiang Tang

-key System with Applications to Electronic Voting. Int. J. Inf. Sec. 9(6), 371–385 (2010) [14] Demmler, D., Herzberg, A., Schneider, T.: RAID-PIR: Practical Multi-Server PIR. In: Oprea, A., Safavi-Naini, R. (eds.) ACM CCSW 2014. ACM Press, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (Nov 7, 2014) [15] Devet, C., Goldberg, I.: The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Information-Theoretic and Computational PIR for Communication Efficiency. In: Cristofaro, E.D., Murdoch, S.J. (eds.) PETS 2014. LNCS, vol. 8555, pp. 63–82. Springer, Heidelberg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Jul 16–18, 2014

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Mathias Humbert, Kévin Huguenin, Joachim Hugonot, Erman Ayday and Jean-Pierre Hubaux

. Hysi, A. Wollstein, O. Lao, M. de Bruijne, M. A. Ikram, et al. A genome-wide association study identifies five loci influencing facial morphology in europeans. PLoS Genetics , 8(9):e1002932, 2012. [25] B. A. Malin and L. Sweeney. How (not) to protect genomic data privacy in a distributed network: using trail reidentification to evaluate and design anonymity protection systems. Journal of Biomedical Informatics , 37(3):179–192, 2004. [26] A. K. Manning, M.-F. Hivert, R. A. Scott, J. L. Grimsby, N. Bouatia-Naji, H. Chen, D. Rybin, C.-T. Liu, L. F. Bielak

Open access

Ghada Arfaoui, Jean-François Lalande, Jacques Traoré, Nicolas Desmoulins, Pascal Berthomé and Saïd Gharout

. Gennaro, S. Jarecki, H. Krawczyk, and T. Rabin. Secure Applications of Pedersen Distributed Key Generation Protocol. In M. Joye, editor, Topics in Cryptology - CT-RSA 2003 , volume 2612 of LNCS , pages 373–390. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2003. [31] C. P. L. Gouvêa, L. B. Oliveira, and J. López. Efficient software implementation of public-key cryptography on sensor networks using the MSP430X microcontroller. J. Cryptographic Engineering , 2(1):19–29, 2012. DOI: 10.1007/s13389-012-0029-z. [32] GSMA Mobile NFC. White Paper: Mobile

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Liang Hong, Mengqi Luo, Ruixue Wang, Peixin Lu, Wei Lu and Long Lu

., 2012 ); stored in paper like printed laboratory reports, copies of clinic notes, and health histories created by the individual; electronic devices such as personal computer-based software, CD, DVD, and smart card; web applications such as HealthVault and PatientsLikeMe; and cloud servers ( Chen et al., 2012 ) Medical images Data that present visual information of interior human body X-ray, CT, histology, positron- emission tomography (PET), radiography, MRI, nuclear medicine, elastography, tactile imaging, photoacoustic imaging, echocardiography (Kovalev