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Irma Potočnik Slavič

such farms in Northwest France, and some implications for conservation policy. Journal of Rural Studies 14(4): 475-486. Chaplin H., Davidova S., Gorton M., 2004. Agricultural adjustment and the diversification of farm households and corporate farms in Central Europe. Journal of Rural Studies 20(1): 61-77. Cunder T., 2002. Strukturne spremembe v slovenskem kmetijstvu in razvoj podeželja (Structural changes in Slovenian agriculture and rural development). In: Klemenčič M.M. (ed.), Podeželje na prelomu tisočletja : problemi in izzivi

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Jacek Majorowicz

, Permafrost temperature and the changing climate, 5th Int. Permafrost Conf. Proc. Permafrost 3, Tapir Publishers Trondheim, Norway. LEVY F., JAUPART C., MARESCHAL J.-C., BIENFAIT G. and LIMARE A., 2010, Low heat flux and large variations of lithospheric thickness in the Canadian shield, J. Geophys. Res., B: Solid Earth, 115, 23 pp. MAJOROWICZ J., 1976, Geothermal parameters of the Krzemianka and Udryn region against the backround of the earth’s heat flow in NE Poland, Przegl. Geolog. 10, 607-613. MAJOROWICZ J., 1984, Problems

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Tomasz Michalski

., Suliborski A. (eds), Związki geografii z innymi naukami (Connections between geography and other sciences). Wydawnictwo Wyższej Szkoły Gospodarki w Bydgoszczy, Bydgoszcz: 273–284. Michalski T., 2015a. Changes in the health situation in the Czech Republic, Estonia and Slovenia during the transition period. Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis, Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Geographica 46(1): 5–18. Michalski T., 2015b. Miejsce monitoringu przeciwdziałania narkomanii w całościowym programie monitoringu jakości usług publicznych (The place of monitoring the

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Helena Mesquita Pina

mutation] 1-4 Temas Portugueses [Portuguese Topics], Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda Lisboa Pina, H 2010, ‘The importance of Complementariry in the Territorial Cohesion and Sustainability of Rural Areas: The case of Cambres, a Douro Winegrowing Area, and Magueija, a Montainous Area’, Revija Za Geografijo , Journal for Geography , vol. 5-2 (G10), Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor (Slovenia), pp.27-42. Pina H 2010 ‘The importance of Complementariry in the Territorial Cohesion and Sustainability of Rural Areas: The case of Cambres, a Douro

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Metod Šuligoj

. K., Brembeck, H. [eds.]: E – European Advances in Consumer Research (Vol. 7, pp. 195–200). [cit. 20.12.2016]. Goteborg: Association for Consumer Research. Available at: ILIĆ, A. (2005): Slovenac više ne postoji. [cit. 17.12.2016]. Večerne Novosti. Available at: IVANOV, S. H. (2009): Opportunities for Developing Communist Heritage Tourism in Bulgaria. Tourism, 57(2): 177–192. JAMESON, F. (1991