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Georgi Valentinov Hristov, Plamen Zlatkov Zahariev and Ivan Hristov Beloev

References ANDERSON, C. 2009. DIY DRO NES forum. Available at: BARRETT, C. – BOSNIC, C. – PRIETO, A. – GOLEMBESKI, G. – BELL, D. 2011. UAV telemetry. In Multi-Disciplinary Senior Design Conference, Rochester, New York, 2011. CARPENTER, M. – BONNEY, B. – DADE, S. 2011. APM Planner 2.0. Available at: CLARK, R. M. 2000. Uninhabited combat aerial vehicles: Airpower by the people, for the people, but not with the people. CADRE Paper No. 8, Air University Press, Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery

Open access

David Hernando and Manuel G. Romana

References Angulo-Martínez, M., Beguería, S., 2009. Estimating rainfall erosivity from daily precipitation records: a comparison among methods using data from the Ebro Basin (NE Spain). J. Hydrol., 379, 111-121. Arnoldus, H.M.J., 1980. An approximation of the rainfall factor in the Universal Soil Loss Equation. In: De Boodt, M., Gabriels, D. (Eds.): Assessment of Erosion. John Wiley & Sons, Chichister, pp. 127-132. Bonilla, C.A., Vidal, K.L., 2011. Rainfall erosivity in Central Chile. J. Hydrol., 410, 1-2, 126

Open access

Agnieszka Dołhańczuk-Śródka, Zbigniew Ziembik, Jan Kříž, Lidmila Hyšplerova and Maria Wacławek

. 1993;1:15-20. [4] Loppi S, Malfatti A, Sani M, Whitehead NE. Lichens as biomonitors of geothermal radionuclide pollution. Geothermics. 1997;26(4):535-540. DOI: 10.1016/S0375-6505(97)00005-9. [5] Mathews KM. The use of lichens in a study of geothermal radon emissions in New Zealand. Environ Pollut. 1981;A24:105-116. DOI: 10.1016/0143-1471(81)90072-6. [6] Santos PL, Gouvea RC, Dutra IR. Lead-210 in vegetables and soils from an area of high natural radioactivity in Brazil. Sci Total Environ. 1993;138:37-46. DOI: 10