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Zabrocki’s structural phonetics in the case study of velar POA assimilation in Latinate prefixation in RP English

. Rakić, Stanimir. 2007. A note on the latinate constraint in E nglish affixation. Journal of Theoretical Linguistics 4(3). 45-56. Zabrocki, L udwik. 1960[1980]. Z agadnienia fonetyki strukturalnej [Problems of structural phonetics]. Sesja Naukowa K omisji Filologicznej. P oznań: P olskie T owarzystwo P rzyjaciół N auk, 165-185. Reprinted in Bańczerowski (ed.), Ludwik Zabrocki: U podstaw struktury i rozwoju języka [Ludwik Z abrocki: A t the foundation of language structure and development], 52-74. W

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Evolution of Stative Participles in Pahari

Grammar. Det K ongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab H istorisk- filosofiske Meddelelser 48,3. K øbenhavn: Munksgaard. Hock Hans H enrich. 1986. “P-oriented Construction in Sanskrit.” In: Krishnamurti et al. 1986: 15-26. Jain Dinesh, Cardona G eorge. 2007. The Indo-Aryan Langugaes. L ondon: Routledge. Joshi Maheshwar P., Negi Vidyadhar S. 1994. “Was there a Central P ahari? A n A ppraisal of G rierson’s Classification of T hree P ahari L anguages G roups.” In: Joshi et al. 1994: 259-273. Joshi Maheshwar P

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Duration and speed of speech events: A selection of methods

spontaneous speech. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 119. 582-596. Lehiste, Ilse. 1970. Suprasegmentals. Cambridge, Massachusetts-London: M.I.T. P ress. Lehiste, Ilse. 1977. Isochrony reconsidered. Journal of Phonetics 5. Low, E e L ing & G rabe, E sther & N olan, Francis. 2001. Quantitative characterisations of speech rhythm: Syllabletiming in Singapore E nglish. Language and Speech 43(4). 377-401. Łobacz, P iotra. 1976a. O bjective and subjective speech tempo in P olish. Speech Analysis and

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On focus marking and predication. Evidence from Polish with some notes on Hausa

syntax of Sumerian. Oxford: Oriental Institute. Huber, Stefan. 2000. Es-Clefts und det-Clefts. Zur Syntax, Semantik und Informations- struktur von Spaltsätzen im Deutschen und Schwedischen. Stockholm: Almquist and Wiksell International. Jackendoff, Ray. 2002. Foundations of language: Brain, meaning, grammar, evolution. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Kiss, Katalin É. 2003. Argument scrambling, operator movement and topic movement in Hungarian. In Simin, Karimi (ed.), Word order and scrambling, 22-43. Malden, MA

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Evolution of ergativity in the Western Hindi

New Indo-Aryan languages. In Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Serija Vostokovedinije 3. 43-56. Khokhlova, L. V. 2001. Ergativity attrition in the history of Western New Indo-Aryan languages (Panjabi, Gujarati and Rajasthani). In Bhaskararao, Peri & Subbarao Karumuri Venkata (eds.), The Yearbook of South Asian Languages and Linguistics 2001: Tokyo Symposium on South Asian Languages: Contact, Convergence and Typology, 159-184. New Delhi: Sage Publications. Khokhlova, L.V. 2006. Syntactic peculiarities of Rajasthani. www

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Backernagel is Wackernagel Lite. On the “P-Minus 2” Clitics of Santali

Henrich. 1996. “Who’s O n First: T oward a P rosodic A ccount of P 2 Clitics.” In: Halpern & Zwicky 1996: 199-270. Hock Hans Henrich. 2010. “Typology and U niversals.” In: Bubenik & Luraghi 2010: 56-69. Hoffmann Rüdiger, Mixdorff H ansjörg. 2006. CD-ROM Proceedings of Speech Prosody: 3rd International Conference, Dresden, May 2-5, 2006. (Studientexte zur Sprachkommunikation, 40.) Dresden: U D press. Jahani Carina, Korn A gnes. 2009. “Balochi.” In: Windfuhr 2009: 634-692. Kidwai Ayesha. 2005. “Santali

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English orientating constructions denoting location: classification and article use

. Burridge, Kate & Stebbins, Tonya N. 2016. For the love of language: An introduction to linguistics . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Clausner, Timothy C. & Croft, William. 1999. Domains and image schemas. Cognitive Linguistics 10(1). 1-31. Collins: Collins Dictionary ; (Accessed 2018-04-05). Contini-Morava, Ellen & Tobin, Yishai. 2000. Introduction. In Contini-Morava, Ellen & Tobin, Yishai (eds.), Between Grammar and Lexicon , xiii-xxix. Amsterdam (Phil.): John Benjamins Publishing Company. Dąbrowska

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Language Subareas in Ethiopia Reconsidered

." In: Dihoff 1983: 3-21. Griefenow-Mewis C., Voigt R. M. (eds.). 1996. Cushitic and Omotic Languages. Cologne. Güldemann Thomas. 2008. "The ‘Macro-Sudan Belt’: Towards Identifying a Linguistic Area in Northern Sub-Saharan Africa." In: Heine, Nurse 2008a: 151-185. Güldemann Thomas. n.d.a. Towards the Synchronic Macro-Areal Profile of Africa. MS. Güldemann Thomas. n.d.b. Areal Typology, Language Families, and Linguistic Reconstruction: the Case of Proto

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Universals of causative and anticausative verb formation and the spontaneity scale

Linguistics 43(2). 339-364. Comrie, Bernard. 1975. Causatives and universal grammar. Transactions of the Philological Society 1974. 1-32. Comrie, Bernard. 1989. Language universals and linguistic typology: Syntax and morphology. Oxford: Blackwell. Comrie, Bernard. 2006. Transitivity pairs, markedness, and diachronic stability. Linguistics 44(2). 303-318. Creissels, Denis. 2015. Valency properties of Mandinka verbs. In Malchukov, Andrej L. & Comrie, Bernard (eds.), Valency classes in the world’s languages: A

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.J. Augustin, The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. CD = Crum Walter Ewing. 1939. A Coptic Dictionary. Oxford: Oxford University Press. CED = Cerný Jaroslav. 1976. Coptic Etymological Dictionary. London-Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. CLD I = Stolbova Olga V 1005. Chadic Lexical Database. Issue I. L, N, NY, R. Kaluga: Poligrafiya. Colombel Véronique de. 1986. Phonologie quantitative et synthématique. Propositions méthodologiques et théoriques avec application a l’ouldémé (langue tchadique

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