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Data Mining in Elite Beach Volleyball – Detecting Tactical Patterns Using Market Basket Analysis

., & Liu, H. (Eds.), Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining , (pp. 689-695)., Berlin, Heidelberg. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Mabroukeh, N. R., & Ezeife, C. I. (2010). A taxonomy of sequential pattern mining algorithms. ACM Computing Surveys, 43 (3), 1-41. Naulaerts, S., Meysman, P., Bittremieux, W., Vu, T. N., Berghe, W. V., Goethals, B., & Laukens, K. (2015). A primer to frequent itemset mining for bioinformatics. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 2 , 216-231. Ofoghi, B., Zeleznikow, J., MacMahon, C., & Raab, M. (2013). Data Mining in Elite

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The Impact of Endurance Training on Functional Parameters During the Preparation Phase among Cross-Country Skiers

training in healthy sedentary subjects. Am J Physiol. 285. H1747-52. 8. HICK SON, R.C., H.A. BOMZE & J.O. HOLLOSZY, 1977. Linear increase in aerobic power induced by a strenuous program of endurance exercise. J Appl Physiol. 42:372-376. 9. HYNYNEN, E., A. UUSTRALO, N. KONTRINEN & H. RUSKO, 2008. Cardiac autonomic responses to standing up and cognitive task in over trained athletes. Sport Med, 29:552-558. 10. JANSSEN, G.J.M.P., 1994. Training Lactate Pulse. 1st ed. Oulu Finland: OyLitto. ISBN 952- 90066

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Formation-based modelling and simulation of success in soccer

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Modelling Match Outcome in Australian Football: Improved accuracy with large databases

References Abeel, T., Helleputte, T., Van de Peer, Y., Dupont, P., & Saeys, Y. J. B. (2009). Robust biomarker identification for cancer diagnosis with ensemble feature selection methods. 26 (3), pp. 392-398. Berthelot, G., Tafflet, M., El Helou, N., Len, S., Escolano, S., Guillaume, M., ... Desgorces, F. D. (2010). Athlete atypicity on the edge of human achievement: performances stagnate after the last peak, in 1988. PloS One, 5 (1), p e8800. Castellano, J., Casamichana, D., & Lago, C. (2012). The use of match statistics that discriminate

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Berlin 1936: The Creation of the “Myth” Jesse Owens

%ADmpicos-deberlim/a-601469 43. PICCARDI, G., 2016. Evitato da Roosevelt, non da Hitler. Un film rivela la verità di Owens . January 2016. [cit. 2017-03-19]. Accessible from: 44. SCRIVENER, P., 2008. Olympic countdown - 64 - Olympic spirit . [cit. 2016-12-02]. Accessible from: 45. SPORTS REFERENCE, n.d. Luz Long . [cit. 2016

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Historical Development of Analytical Methods for Anti-Doping Control

). Radioimmunoassay of anabolic steroids: an evaluation of three antisera for the detection of anabolic steroids in biological fluids. British Journal of Sports Medicine , 11 (4), 162-169. 10. Hemmersbach, P. (2008). History of mass spectrometry at the Olympic Games. Journal of Mass Spectrometry , 43 (7), 839-853. 11. Hemmersbach, P., & de la Torre, R. (1996). Stimulants, narcotics and ß-blockers: 25 years of development in analytical techniques for doping control. Journal of Chromatography B: Biomedical Sciences and Applications , 687 (1), 221-38. 12

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Predicting ratings of perceived exertion in Australian football players: methods for live estimation

References Bartlett, J. D., O’Connor, F., Pitchford, N., Torres-Ronda, L., & Robertson, S. J. (2016). Relationships Between Internal and External Training Load in Team Sport Athletes: Evidence for an Individualised Approach. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. doi: 10.1123/ijspp.2015-0791 Borresen, J., & Lambert, M. I. (2008). Quantifying training load: a comparison of subjective and objective methods. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 3(1), 16. Boyd, L. J

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Performance Motivation of Bratislava University Students

References 1. ABRAMENKOVÁ, V. et al., 1987. Stručný psychologický slovník . Bratislava: Pravda. SPS 075-036-87. 2. ALI, J., 2010. A study of achievement motivation in relation to performance of badminton players. In: Vyayam-Vidnyan. 43 (3), 41-44. 3. BEDRNOVÁ, E., I. NOVÝ et al., 2007. Psychologie a sociologie řízení . Praha: Management press. ISBN 8072610643. 4. CASTILLO, I., J. DUDA, I. BALAGUER & I. TOMAS, 2009. Cross-domain generality of achievement motivation across sport and the classroom: the case of Spanish adolescents. In

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Emotions Towards Physical Education Lessons of Hearing Impairments Pupils Attending Special Elementary Schools

; it looks dangerous”: Changing students’ attitudes and emotions in physical education. In: Personality and Individual Differences , 41, pp. 767–777. 27. PRECHTL, H. F., G. CIONI, CH. EINSPIELER, A.F. BOS & F. FERRARI, 2001. Role of vision on early motor development: lessons from the blind. In: Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 43 (3), pp. 198–201. 28. SMOLEŇÁKOVÁ, N. & E. BENDÍKOVÁ, 2017. Effect of the Content Standard for Changing the Level of Knowledge of Secondary School Students. In: Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 17 (1), pp

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Eye tracking in high-performance sports: Evaluation of its application in expert athletes

References Abernethy, B. (1987). Review: Selective attention in fast ball sports: Expert-novice differences. The Australian Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 19 , 7-16. Abernethy, B. (1990). Expertise, visual search, and information pick-up in squash. Perception, 19 , 63-77. Abernethy, B. (2001). Attention. In R. N. Singer, H. A. Hausenblas, & C. M. Janelle (Eds.), Handbook of sport psychology (2nd ed., pp. 53-85). New York: Wiley & Sons. Adolphe, R. M., Vickers, J. N., & Laplante, G. (1997). The effects of training visual

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