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The Acute Effect of a Single Exhaustive Sprint Exercise Session on Post-Exercise Fat Oxidation Rate

References 1. Achten J., Jeukendrup A.E. (2003) Maximal fat oxidation during exercise in trained men. Int. J. Sports. Med., 24: 603-608. 2. Al Mulla N., Simonsen L., Bulow J. (2000) Post-exercise adipose tissue and skeletal muscle lipid metabolism in humans: the effects of exercise intensity. J. Physiol., 524: 919-928. 3. Aslankeser Z., Balcı Ş.S. (2017) Re-examination of the contribution of substrates to energy expenditure during high-intensity intermittent exercise in endurance athletes. Peer J., e3769. DOI

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Cardio-pulmonary fitness and anthropometric features in men aged 50+ trained in long-distance running and those not trained

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Anaerobic endurance of young untrained male and female subjects

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The prevalence and causes of bodily injuries in martial art kung-fu

competition. J.Trauma Inj.Inf.Crit.Care , 43:89-95. Rahnama N., M. Namazizadeh, H. Sadeghipour, A. Taghavi (2007) Incidence, type and mechanism of injuries in boy adolescence participating in taekwondo competitions. Olympic , 15 (4) Serial 40. Zetou E., A. Komninakidou, F. Mountaki, P. Malliou (2006) Injuries in taekwondo athletes. Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Zetaruk M.N., M. A. Violan, D. Zurakowski, L.J. Micheli (2005

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Aerobic capacity of handball players with hearing impairment

handball players. J. Sports Med. Phys. Fitn. 36:95-99. Nikolai I., E. Volkov, A. Shirkovets, V. E. Borilkevich (1974) Assessment of aerobic and anaerobic capacity of athletes in treadmill running tests. Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. 43:121-130. Panorac N., A. Matavulj, N. Grujic (2005) Maksimalna potrošnja kiseonika (‡O 2 max) kao pokazatelj fizicke sposobnosti kod sportista [Maximal oxygen uptake (‡O 2 max) as an index of physical fitness of athletes]. Acta Medica Medianae 44(4):17-20 (In Serbian

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The prevalence of injuries in professional Turkish soccer players

.2.104. Drovak J., A. Junge (2000) Football injuries and physical symptoms, a review of the literature. Am.J. Sports Med. 2:3-9. Hawkins R. D., M. A. Hulse, C. Wilkinson, A. Hodson, M. Gibson (2001) The association football medical research programme: an audit of injuries in professional football. Br.J. Sports Med. 35: 43-47 DOI:10.1136/bjsm.35.1.43. Hoy K., B. E. Lindblad, C. J. Terkelsen, H. E. Helleland, C. J. Terkelsen (2003) European football injuries - a prospective epidemiologic and socioeconomic study. Am

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Effects of 8-week training on aerobic capacity and swimming performance of boys aged 12 years

-distance running performance: can valid recommendations be given to runners and coaches based on current scientific knowledge? Sports Med. 37:857-880. Rowland T.W., A. Boyajian (1995) Aerobic response to endurance exercise training in children. Pediatrics 96:654-658. Saltin B., J. Henriksson, E. Nygaard, P. Andersen, E. Jansson (1977) Fiber types and metabolic potentials of skeletal muscles in sedentary man and endurance runners. Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 301:3-29. Toubekis A.G., A.P. Tsami, S

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Quality of life and functional fitness of the elderly

References Alexandre T., R. Cordeiro, L. Ramos (2009) Factors associated to quality of life in active elderly. Revista de Saúde Pública 43:613-621. American Heart Association, Committee on Exercise Circulation (1992). Baumann A. (1998) Use of population-attributable risk (PAR) in understanding the health benefits of physical activity. Br. J. Sports Med. 32:279-280. Bauman A, J. Sallis, D. Dzewaltowski, N. Owen (2002) Toward a better understanding of the

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Impact on physical fitness of exercise promotion service utilizing social media

References 1. Blair S.N., Kambert J.B., Kohl H.W., Barlow C.E., Macera C.A., Paffenbarger R.S. Jr, Gibbons L.W. (1996) Influences of cardiorespiratory fitness and other precursors on cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality in men and women. JAMA, 276: 205–210. 2. Cavallo D.N., Tate D.F., Ries A.V., Brown J.D., DeVellis R.F., Ammerman A.S. (2012) A social media-based physical activity intervention: a randomized controlled trial. Amer. J. Prevent. Med., 43: 527–32. 3. Chau J.Y., Grunseit A.C., Chey T., Stamatakis E., Brown W.J., Matthews C

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The efficiency of tactical and technical actions of the national teams of Japan and Russia at the World Championships in Judo (2013, 2014 and 2015)

References 1. Adam M (2013) Indices of technical-tactical preparation of judo athletes as a criterion for monitoring the level of training. Monografia habilitacyjna. Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego i Sportu w Gdańsku. [in Polish]. 2. Adam M., M. Smaruj, R. Laskowski (2005) A graphic method of registering a judo fight. Sport Wyczynowy, 5/6: 33-43, [in Polish]. 3. Adam M., M. Smaruj, R. Laskowski (2014) A technical and tactical profile of the double Olympic judo champion: a case study. Int. J. Sports Sci. Coach., 9

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