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Data Mining in Elite Beach Volleyball – Detecting Tactical Patterns Using Market Basket Analysis

., & Liu, H. (Eds.), Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining , (pp. 689-695)., Berlin, Heidelberg. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Mabroukeh, N. R., & Ezeife, C. I. (2010). A taxonomy of sequential pattern mining algorithms. ACM Computing Surveys, 43 (3), 1-41. Naulaerts, S., Meysman, P., Bittremieux, W., Vu, T. N., Berghe, W. V., Goethals, B., & Laukens, K. (2015). A primer to frequent itemset mining for bioinformatics. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 2 , 216-231. Ofoghi, B., Zeleznikow, J., MacMahon, C., & Raab, M. (2013). Data Mining in Elite

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Finite element analysis to assess the biomechanical behavior of a finger model gripping handles with different diameters

, and some biochemical findings on workers operating vibrating tools in the engine manufacturing industry. Am. J. Ind. Med ., 14: 575–584. 8. Brook N., Mizrahi J., Shoham M., Dayan J. (1995) A biomechanical model of index finger dynamics. Med. Eng. Phys ., 17: 54–63. 9. Daly C.H. (1982) Biomechanical properties of dermis’, J. Investig. Dermatol ., 79: 17–20. 10. Ekenvall L., Lindblad L.E. (1986) Vibration white finger and digital systolic pressure during cooling. Br. J. Ind. Med ., 43: 280–283. 11. Eksioglu M. (2004) Relative optimum grip

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Measuring muscle tone with isokinetic dynamometer technique in stroke patients

Global Burden of Disease Study 2010. The Lancet., 383(9913): 245-255. 6. Feigin V.L., Lawes C.M., Bennett D.A., Anderson C.S. (2003) Stroke epidemiology: a review of population-based studies of incidence, prevalence, and case-fatality in the late 20th century. Lancet. Neurol., 2(1): 43-53. 7. Fleuren J.F., Voerman G.E., Erren-Wolters C.V., Snoek G.J., Rietman J.S., Hermens H.J., Nene A.V. (2010) Stop using the Ashworth Scale for the assessment of spasticity. J. Neurol. Neurosurg. Psychiatry., 81(1): 46-52. 8. Foley N., Pereira S., Salter K

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Kinematic quantification of straight-punch techniques using the preferred and non-preferred fist in taekwon-do

. Hylchuk Y., Andreichuk O., Pantik V., Tsymbaliuk S. (2017) Physical and mental health components condition in the life quality of students who regularly practice kickboxing and yoga. Phys. Activ. Rev ., 5: 37-43. DOI: 10.16926/par.2017.05.06. 10. Kalina R.M. (2000) Teoria sportów walki [in Polish]. Warszawa: Centralny Ośrodek Sportu. 11. Leite W.S.S. (2014) Competition versus nature: how the sport warps human character. Phys. Activ. Rev ., 2: 1-9. 12. Li S., Zhang Z., Wan B., Wilde B., Shan G. (2017) The relevance of body positioning and its training

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Functional assessment of women practising combat sports and team sports using the Functional Movement Screen

the functional movement screen in predicting injury rates in Division 1 female athletes. Theses and Dissertations, Paper 541 , Toledo. 13. Butler R.J., Contreras M., Burton L.C., Plisky P.J., Goode A., Kiesel K. (2013) Modifiable risk factors predict injuries in firefighters during training academies. Work, 46(1): 11-17. 14. Calleja-González J., Terrados N., Mielgo-Ayuso J., Delextrat A., Jukic I., Vaquera A., Torres J., Schelling X., Stojanovic M., Ostojic S

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The effect of 30-m repeated sprint exercise on muscle damage indicators, serum insulin-like growth factor-Iand cortisol

., 62: 50-58. 4. Berg U., Gustafsson T. Sundberg C.J., Kaijser L., Carlsson-Skwirut C., Bang P. (2007) Interstitial IGF-I in exercising skeletal muscle in women. Eur. J. Endocrinol ., 157: 427-435. 5. Brancaccio P., Maffulli N., Limongelli F.M. (2007) Creatine kinase monitoring in sport medicine. Br. Med. Bull. , 81-82: 209-230. 6. Buono M.J., Yeager J.E., Hodgon J.A. (1986) Plasma adrenocorticotropin and cortisol responses to brief high-intensity exercise in humans. J. Appl. Physiol ., 61: 1337-1339 7. Cappon J., Brasel J.A., Mohan S

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The Parameters of Foam Rolling, Self-Myofascial Release Treatment: A Review of the Literature

.M. (2015) Is self myofascial re­lease an effective preexercise and recovery strategy? A lit­erature review. Curr. Sports Med. Rep., 4(3): 200-208. 62. Schroeder J., Renk V, Braumann K-M., Hollander K. (2017) Acute Foam Rolling effects on contractile proper­ties of the m. biceps femoris. A randomized cross - over pilot study. Ger. J. Exerc. Sport Res., 47: 294-300. DOI: 10.1007/s12662-017-0467-y. 63. Simmonds N., Miller P., Gemmel H. (2012) A Theoreti­cal Framework for the Role of Fascia in Manual Therapy. J. Bodyw. Mov. Ther., 16: 83

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Determination of musculoskeletal system pain, physical activity intensity, and prolonged sitting of university students using smartphone

., Wells R.P., Amick B.C. (2011) Musculoskel­etal symptoms among mobile hand-held device users and their relationship to device use: A preliminary study in a Canadian University Population. Appl. Ergon., 42(2): 371-378. 5. Caglar E., Bilgili N., Karaca A., Deliceoglu G. (2017) Screen time differences among Turkish university stu­dents as indicator for sedentary lifestyle and inactivity. Croat. J. Educ., 19(4): 1105-1130. 6. Cakır F., Demir B.N. (2014) A Study on determining preferences of university students’ purchasing smart­phone. Dokuz

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Predicting oxygen uptake responses during cycling at varied intensities using an artificial neural network

: 10.1152/japplphysiol.01443.2012. 42. Sandvik L., Erikssen J., Thaulow E., Erikssen G., Mundal R., Rodahl K. (1993) Physical Fitness as a Predictor of Mortality among Healthy, Middle-Aged Norwegian Men. N. Engl. J. Med., 328(8): 533–537. DOI: 10.1056/NEJM199302253280803. 43. Snell P.G., Stray-Gundersen J., Levine B.D., Hawkins M.N., Raven P.B. (2007) Maximal Oxygen Uptake as aParametric Measure of Cardiorespiratory Capacity. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc ., 39(1): 103–107. DOI: 10.1249/01.mss.0000241641.75101.64. 44. Soares de Araújo C.G. Duarte C

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The Impact of Endurance Training on Functional Parameters During the Preparation Phase among Cross-Country Skiers

training in healthy sedentary subjects. Am J Physiol. 285. H1747-52. 8. HICK SON, R.C., H.A. BOMZE & J.O. HOLLOSZY, 1977. Linear increase in aerobic power induced by a strenuous program of endurance exercise. J Appl Physiol. 42:372-376. 9. HYNYNEN, E., A. UUSTRALO, N. KONTRINEN & H. RUSKO, 2008. Cardiac autonomic responses to standing up and cognitive task in over trained athletes. Sport Med, 29:552-558. 10. JANSSEN, G.J.M.P., 1994. Training Lactate Pulse. 1st ed. Oulu Finland: OyLitto. ISBN 952- 90066

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