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Sustainability of Service Culture in Higher Education Management: Scale Development

culture on business performance in manufacturing companies. Journal of Service Management, 21 (2), 1-43. Gronroos, C. (2006). Adopting a service logic for marketing‟, Marketing Theory , 6(3), 317-333. Grönroos, C. (2007). Service Management and Marketing: Customer Management in Service Competition (3rd ed.): John Wiley & Sons. Hair, J. F., Jr., Black,W. D., Babin, B. J., Anderson, R. E., & Tatham, R. L. (2006). Multivariate data analysis (6th ed). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc. Hofstede, G. (2011). Dimensionalizing

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Manipulating Titles in Translation

References Adams, H. (1987). Titles, titling, and entitlement. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism , 46, 7-21. Crown, A. (Producer) & Forman, N. (Director). (1971). Taking off [Motion Picture]. USA: Universal Picture. Farghal, M. & Bazzi, H. (2017). Translation of English fiction titles into Arabic. Translation & Interpreting , 9(2), 114-137. Ferry, A. (1996). The title of the poem . Stanford: Stanford University Press. Gavling, A. (2008). The art of translation: A study of book titles translated from English into Swedish

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Beyond School Reach: Character Education in Three Schools in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Press. Abidin, A. Z. (1983). Benih-benih pancasila yang terpendam di dalam lontara bugis: Suatu percobaan menggali unsur-unsur Pancasila dari teks-teks kuno. Jurnal Lontara, 23 (19), 69-82. Ainiyah, N. (2013). Pembentukan karakter melalui pendidikan agama Islam. Jurnal Al-Ulum , 13 (1), 25-38. Amini, M. (2010). Peran pengasuhan guru pada pembentukan karakter anak sejak dini. Presentation at Temu Ilmiah Nasional Guru II: Membangun Profesionalitas Insan Pendidikan Yang Berkarakter dan Berbasis Budaya, Tangerang Selatan, 24-25 November, http

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How Can Collaborative Learning Be Applied in Undergraduate Courses in Health Sciences?

References Berger, S., Whelan, B., Mahler, C., Szecsenyi, J., Krug, K. (2018). Encountering complexity in collaborative learning activities: an exploratory case study with undergraduate health professionals. J Interprof Care, 25, 1-7. doi: 10.1080/13561820.2018.1562423 Chad, N. L., Culver, K. C. & Teniell L. T. (2018). How Collaborative Learning Enhances Students’ Openness to Diversity. The Journal of Higher Education , 89, 6, 935-960. doi: 10.1080/00221546.2018.1442638 Chen, C.M. & Kuo, C.H. (2019). An optimized group formation scheme to

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Testing the Association between State Capacity and Primary Schooling in the Middle East and North African (MENA) Region, 1971–2014

]. Retrieved from Asadullah, M. N., & Chaudhury, N. (2015). The Dissonance between Schooling and Learning: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh. Comparative Education Review, 59(3), 447–472. doi:10.1086/681929 Assaad, R., Salehi-Isfahani, D., & Hendy, R. (2015). Inequality of Opportunity in Educational Attainment in Middle East and North Africa: Evidence from Household Surveys. Working Paper , 834. Avelino, G., Brown, D. S., & Hunter, W. (2005). The Effects of Capital Mobility, Trade Openness, and Democracy on Social

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Linguistic Awareness and Knowledge among Prospective English Teachers in Kuwait: Implications in Inclusive Classrooms

: An experimental comparison of initial early literacy field experiences. Reading and Writing , 25 (1), 109-129. doi: 10.1007/s11145-010-9250-2 Al-Darwish, S. (2013). Kindergarten Children and Language Learning: Missing Pillars for Language Acquisition. International Journal of Higher Education , 2 (1), 44-52. Ali, S. (2014). Reading ability and diglossia in Kuwaiti primary schools. Ph.D. Thesis , University of Leeds. Almusawi, H. (2014). The Role of Phonology, Morphology, and Dialect in Reading Arabic

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Engendering High Performing Employees through Business Analytics, Organisational Social Capital Building (OSCB) and Employee Engagement: A Theoretical Review

Development , 3(2). Pp.89-112 Ajonbadi, H.A. & Mojeed-Sanni, B.A. (2015). ‘Strategic Social Capital Building in the Nigerian Medium-sized Enterprises (MEs): The Impact of Industry Specialization.’ Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies , 4(3). Pp.142-165 Al Arkoubi, K. & Elizabeth, D. (2013). Building Sustainable Organizational Social Capital: The Global Leadership Challenge. Global Journal of Management and Business Research Administration and Management . Volume 13 Issue 9 Version 1.0. Albrecht, S. L., Bakker, A. B., Gruman, J. A., Macey, W. H

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Efficacy of Systematic Desensitization Therapy on Academic Boredom among Adolescents in Edo State Secondary Schools

. Egbochuku,E.O., Obodo,B.O., &Obadan, N.O (2008) Efficacy of Rational –Emotive Behaviour Therapy on the Reduction of Test Anxiety among Adolescents in Secondary Schools,, the European Journal of Social Science, 6, (4). Farmer, R., &Sundberg, N. D. (1986). Boredom proneness - The development Fisher, C. D. (1993). Boredom at work: A neglected concept. Human Relations, 46, (3), 395-417. Fisher, S. L.,(2006). The role of goal orientation in a self-regulation framework (Doctoral dissertation, Michigan State University). Dissertation Abstracts International

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The Views of Nature of Science Expressed by In-Service Teachers Who were Learning History and Philosophy of Science

.G., & Lederman, J.S. (2005). Understanding the true meaning of nature of science: teaching suggestions to help you highlight nature of science. Science and Children , 43(2), 50-52. Editorial (2001) Controversy and debate: the nature of science. Nature Cell Biology , 3, May 2001. Frigg, R. & Hartmann, S. (2017) Models in science. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy , Spring 2017 ed. > Lederman, N.G. (1992). Students’ and teachers’ conceptions of the nature of

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State of Women in Academia: Extent of Supportive Environment for Female Researchers

. Ek, L. D., & Sanchez, P. (2013). Before the tenure track: Graduate school testimonios and their importance in our profersora-ship today. Educational Foundations, 15-30. Gilbert, L. A., Gallessich, J. M., & Evans, S. L. (1983). Sex of faculty role model and students' self-perceptions of competency. Sex Roles, 597-607. Hartley, N., & Dobele, A. (2009). Feathers in the nest: Establishing a supportive environment for women researchers. The Australian Educational Researcher, 43-58. Hill, C., & Corbett, C. (2010). Why So

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