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Population of American Cities: 1950-2009

References Berry, B.J.L. 1973: The Human Consequences of Urbanization, New York: St. Martin's Press. Berry, B.J.L. and Horton, F.E. 1970: Geographic perspectives on urban systems with integrated readings, Englewood Cliffs N.J.: Prentice-Hall, Inc. Buck, N., Gordon, I., Harding, A. and Turok, I. 2005: Changing Cities: Rethinking Urban Competitiveness. Cohesion and Governance, London: Palmgrave. Cheshire, P. 2006: Resurgent cities, urban myths and policy

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Green commercial property development in urban South Africa: emerging trends, emerging geographies

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Specific Kaliningrad character of the Russian identity

society). In: Region sotrudnichestva (Region for Cooperation - in Russian), No. 6(31), Kaliningrad: Kaliningrad State University Press, pp. 4-43. Klemeshev, A.P., Fedorov, G.M., Abramov, V.N., Alimpieva, A.V., Andrejchuk, N.V., Gavrilina, L.M. and Zverev Y.M., 2005: Problemy separatizma v usloviyah eksklavnyh territoriy (Separatism issues in enclave territories - in Russian). In: Region sotrudnichestva (Region for Cooperation), No. 3(46), Kaliningrad: Kaliningrad State University Press. Klemeshev, A. and Mau, V., editors, 2007: Strategii

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Human Resources Supporting Innovation in the Public Sector: The Case of Kosovo

Employees to Improve Performance: Does It Work. The American Review of Public Administration, 41 (1), 23-47. [16] Fernandez, S. and Rainey, H.G. (2006). Managing Successful Organizational Change in the Public Sector. Public administration review , 66 (2), 168-176. [17] Gadot, E.V., Shoham, A., Schwabsky, N. and Ruvio, A. (2005). Public sector innovation for the managerial and the post-managerial era: Promises and realities in a globalizing public administration. International Public Management Journal, 8 (1), 57-81. [18] Gkorezis, P. and Petridou, E

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Various mental images about the geographical extension of Central, Southeast and Eastern Europe

Balkan Countries. pp. 17-43. Pécs: MTA RKK. Halecki, O., 1980: Borderlands of Western Civilization. A History of East Central Europe. Safety Harbor: Simon Publications. Karawan, I., 2005: Foreign policy restructuring: Egypt’s disengagement from the Arab-Israeli conflict revisited, In: Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 18(3), pp. 325-38. Katzenstein, P. J., 2005: A World of Regions, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. Kobolka, I. and Pap, N., 2011: The Western Balkans: European perspective and

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The quality of pedestrian space in the city: a case study of Olsztyn

References Borys, T., 1991: Kwalimetria. Teoria i zastosowanie (Qualimetry. Theory and application - in Polish), Krakow: Wydawnictwo Akademia ekonomiczna w Krakowie - Instytut Towaroznawstwa. Cantor, N., Norem, J.K., Niedenthal, P.M.and Langston, C.A., 1987: Life Tasks, Self- Concept Ideals, and Cognitive Strategies in a Life Transition, In: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, No. 53(6), pp. 1178-1191. Cieślak, I., Szuniewicz, K. and Gerus-Gościewska, M., 2013: Evaluation of the Natural Value of Land

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Migrations of city dwellers to suburban areas – the example of the city of Olsztyn

References Act on Spatial Planning and Management of 27 March 2003. Journal of Laws of 2003, No. 80, item 717. Bański, J., 2008: Strefa podmiejska - już nie miasto, jeszcze nie wieś (Suburban zones - neither a town nor a village - in Polish). In: Jezierska-Thole, A. and Kozłowski, L. editors, Gospodarka przestrzenna w strefie kontinuum miejsko-wiejskiego w Polsce . Toruń: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika, pp. 29‒43. Długosz, Z., 2006: Migration of population in big Polish cities as

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Development of High Technologies as an Indicator of Modern Industry in the Eu

in the Netherlands. Johnson, D. M., Porter, A. L., Roessner, D., Newman, N. C. and Jin, X.-Y. 2010: High-tech indicators: assessing the competitiveness of selected European countries. In: Technology Analysis & Strategic Management , 1465-3990, Vol. 22, Issue 3, pp. 277-296. Kaloudis, A., Sandven, T. and Smith, K. 2005: Structural change, growth and innovation: the roles of medium and low-tech industries 1980-2000. In: Bender, G., Jacobson, D., Robertson, P. editors, Non-Research-Intensive Industries in the

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The role of geography in the analysis of industrial development strategies within the spatial organisation of a region

References Abdul Jabbar, S.R., 2000: Geopolitical Importance of Industrial Development in the Arab Homeland. In: Journal of Arab Economic Union, No. 21, Cairo, pp. 43-63. Al-Ashaib, K.H., 1989: The Region of the City: Between Regional Planning and Comprehensive Development, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Baghdad University, Al-Hikma House, Ministry of Higher Education Press, Mousl, p. 174. Ateqa, A.A., Besada, R.S., 1985: Oil and Industrial Development in Arab Homeland, Kuwait: Kadhma

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Kangerlussuaq: evolution and maturation of a cultural landscape in Greenland

References Altman, I., and Low, S., 1992: Place attachment: A conceptual inquiry. In: Altman, I. and Low, S.M. editors, Place attachment, Plenum Press: New York, pp. 1-12. Bailey, N., 2012: Willie the musk ox. DOI: Böcher, T., 1954: Oceanic and continental vegetational complexes in southwest Greenland. In: Meddelelser om Grønland, Vol. 148, No.1, pp. l-336. Cuyler, C., Rosing, M., Linnell, J., Loison, A., Ingerslev, T. and Landa, A., 2002: Status of

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