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Discrete O(1,4) Transformations And New Scalar Quantum Modes On The De Sitter Spacetime

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Nonthermal Argon Plasma Generator and Some Potential Applications

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Estimating Global Solar Radiation from Routine Meteorological Parameters Over a Tropical City (7.23°N; 3.52°E) Using Quadratic Models

References [1] FAO Corporate Document Respository: “Crop evapotranspiration for computing crop requirement”. [2] Angstom A.S. (1924) “Solar and Terrestrial Radiation” Meteorol. Soc. Vol. 50 pp 121-126 [3] Okundamiya S. and A. N. Nzeako (2010) “Empirical model for estimating global solar radiation on horizontal surfaces for selected cities in the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria,” Research Journal of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology, vol. 2, no. 8, pp. 805–812. [4] Fagbenle RO (1990): Estimation of total solar radiation in

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On Both Spatial And Velocity Distribution Of Sputtered Particles In Magnetron Discharge

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Effect of Cu2O Morphology on Photovoltaic Performance of P-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

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Solutions of the Dirac Equation in a Bardeen Black Hole Geometry

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