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Temporal/locative inversion in Arabic

”. In: Rizzi, L. (ed.), The structure of CP and IP. New York: Oxford University Press. 115-165. Cheng, L.L. 1997. On the typology of wh-questions. New York: Garland Chomsky, N. 2000. “Minimalist inquiries: The framework”. In: Martin, M. and J. Uriagereka (eds.), Step by step: Essays in minimalist syntax in honor of Howard Lasnik. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 89-156. Chomsky, N. 2001. “Derivation by Phase”. In: Kenstowicz, M. (ed), Ken Hale: A life in language. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 1-52. Chomsky, N. 2007

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Two syntactic positions of grammatical gender

–512. Körtvélyessy, L. 2012. Evaluative morphology from cross-linguistic perspective. (PhD dissertation, University of Košice.) Kramer, R. 2012. Gender in Amharic: A morphosyntactic approach to natural and grammatical gender. Language Sciences 43. 593–634. Lecarme, J. 2002. Gender ‘polarity’: Theoretical aspects of Somali nominal morphology. In: Boucher, P. and M. Plénat (eds.), Many morphologies . Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press. 109–141. Lowenstamm, J. 2008. On little n, root, and types of nouns. In: Hartmann, J., V. Hegedus and H. van Riemsdjik (eds

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Scaling morphosemantic transparency/opacity: A corpus-linguistic and acquisitionist study of German diminutives

: Benjamins. 43-58. Dressler, W.U. 2005. “Word-formation in Natural Morphology”. In Štichauer, P. and R. Lieber (eds.), Handbook of word-formation. New York: Springer. 267-284. Dressler, W.U. (ed.). 2006. Natural Morphology. (Folia Linguistica 40, special issue.) 1-2. Dressler, W.U. and K. Korecky-Kroll. 2015. “Evaluative morphology and language acquisition”. In: Grandi, N. and L. Kortvelyessy (eds.), Edinburgh handbook of evaluative morphology. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 134-141. Dressler, W.U. and

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Innovations, distribution gaps and mirror images: The reflexes of Proto-Ryukyuan close vowels in a post-nasal position

Shoin. /// 平山輝男『現代日本語方言大辞典 』東京都:明治書院。 Hock, H. H. 1991. Principles of historical linguistics. Second revised and updated edition . Berlin, New York: De Gruyter Mouton. Ikema N. 2003. Yonagunigo jiten [A dictionary of Yonagunian]. Okinawa-ken Yaeyama-gun Yonaguni-chō aza Yonaguni [private publication]. /// 池間苗 『 与那国語辞典』 沖縄県八重山郡与那国町字与那国。 Kokuritsu Kokugo Kenkyūjo (ed.) 1987. Okinawago jiten [A dictionary of Okinawan language]. Tokyo: Ōkurashō Insatsukyoku. /// 国立国語研究所編『沖縄語辞 典』東京都:大蔵省印刷局。 Jarosz, A. 2015. Nikolay Nevskiy’s Miyakoan dictionary

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Linguistic concepts across languages: The category of epistemic adverbs in English and Polish

Benjamins Lewis, D. 2006. “Discourse markers in English: A discourse-pragmatic view”. In: Fischer, K. (ed.), Approaches to discourse particles . Amsterdam: Elsevier. 43–59. Lewis D. 2006 “Discourse markers in English: A discourse-pragmatic view” Fischer K. Approaches to discourse particles Amsterdam Elsevier 43 59 Martin, J.R. and D. Rose. 2003. Working with discourse: Meaning beyond the clause . New York and London: Continuum. Martin J.R. Rose D. 2003 Working with discourse: Meaning beyond the clause New York

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Why-questions, topicality and intervention effects in Chinese

–56. Beck S. 2006 “Intervention effects follow from focus interpretation” Natural Language Semantics 14 1 1 56 Belnap, N. 1969. “Questions: Their presuppositions, and how they can fail to arise”. In: Lambert, K. (ed.), The logical way of doing things . New Haven: Yale University Press. 23–37. Belnap N. 1969 “Questions: Their presuppositions, and how they can fail to arise” Lambert K. The logical way of doing things New Haven Yale University Press 23 37 Bott, O., U. Klein and F. Schlotterbeck. 2013. “Witness sets

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Klar – klärer – am klärsten? Umlaut comparison as a doubtful case in contemporary German

. Eine Einführug in die Prinzipien des Sprachwandels. Tubingen: Narr. Paul, H. 2007. Mittelhochdeutsche Grammatik. Neu bearbeitet von Thomas Klein, Hans-Joachim Solms & Klaus-Peter Wegera. Mit einer Syntax von Ingeborg Schrobler, neubearbeitet und erweitert von Heinz-Peter Prell. Tubingen: Niemeyer. Ronneberger-Sibold, E. 1987. “Verschiedene Wege zur Entstehung von suppletiven Flexionsparadigmen: Deutsch gern - lieber - am liebsten ”. In: Boretzky, N. et al. (eds.), Beiträge zum 3. Essener Kolloquium über Sprachwandel und seine

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On the relation between (verbal and kinesic) downtoning and illocution type

. (ed.), Satz und Illokution. (Band 1.) Tübingen: Niemeyer. 1-90. Bressem, J. and C. Müller. 2014. “The family of Away gestures: Negation, refusal, and negative assessment”. In: Müller, C. et al. (eds.), Body - language - communication (vol. 2). Berlin: De Gruyter. 1592-1604. Debras, C. & A. Cienki. 2012. “Some uses of head tilts and shoulder shrugs during human interaction, and their relation to stancetaking”. In: [s.n.] (ed.), Proceedings of the 2012 ASE/IEEE International Conference on Social Computing and 2012 ASE/IEEE International

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On inadequacies in transferring concepts from one to another (linguistic sub)discipline

Contemporary Linguistics 50(2). Dziubalska-Kołaczyk K. 2014 Special volume on linguistic complexity. Poznań Studies in Contemporary Linguistics 50 2 Felber, H. and G. Budin. 1989. Terminologie in Theorie und Praxis . Tübingen: Narr. Felber H. Budin G. 1989 Terminologie in Theorie und Praxis Tübingen Narr Foerster, H. von 1981. Observing systems . Seaside, CA: Intersystems Publications. Foerster H. von 1981 Observing systems Seaside, CA Intersystems Publications Fraser, N.M. and G. Corbett. 1997

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What does it take to be a copula?

Arabic are verbless?” Canadian Journal of Linguistics 57(1). 1–30. Al-Balushi R. 2012 “Why verbless sentences in Standard Arabic are verbless?” Canadian Journal of Linguistics 57 1 1 30 Al-Horais, N. 2006. “Arabic verbless sentences: Is there a null VP?” Pragmalinguistica 14. 101–116. Al-Horais N. 2006 “Arabic verbless sentences: Is there a null VP?” Pragmalinguistica 14 101 116 Asher, N. 1993. Reference to abstract objects in discourse . Dordrecht: Kluwer. Asher N. 1993 Reference to abstract

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