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Degradation of Cr3C2-NiCr coating prepared by the HVOF technique

References 1. Suegama, P. H., Espallargas, N., Guilemany, J. M., et al. Electrochemical and Structural Characterization of Heat- Treated Cr3C2-NiCr Coatings. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 2006 , 153 (10), B434-B445. 2. Guilemany, J.M., Espallargas, N., Suegama, P. H. Comparative study of Cr3C2-NiCr coatings obtained by HVOF and hard chromium coatings. Corrosion Science 2006 , 48 (10), 2998-3013. 3. Ji, G.-C., Li C.-J., Wang, Y.-Y. Microstructural characterization and abrasive wear

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Stanovenie koróznej odolnosti galvanického Ni-Co povlaku elektrochemickými metódami / Evaluation of the corrosion resistance of electroplating Ni-Co coating by electrochemical methods

-130. 4. Landolt D., Marlot A. Microstructure and composition of pulse-plated metals and alloys. Surf. Coat. Technol. , 2003 , 169, 8-13. 5. Kraus V. Povrchy a jejich úpravy, 1 st ed.; Západočeská univerzita: Plzeň, 2000 . 6. Halama M. et al. Korózny monitoring aktívneho/pasívneho stavu Zn povlakov. Koroze a ochrana materiálu , 2012 , 56 (2), 43-46. 7. Naing N.A., Xingbo L. High temperature electrochemical sensor for in situ monitoring of hot corrosion. Corros. Sci., 2012 , 65 , 1-4. 8. Watson S. A

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Study of triacetate cinematographic films and magnetic audio track by infrared spectroscopy

. ARSC Journal 2008 , 39 (2), 240-274. 5. Mizumura, Y.; Hiura, N.; Miyake, H., Magnetic recording medium. Google Patents: 1979. 6. Edge, M.; Allen, N.; Chen, W.; Horie, C., Degradation of magnetic tape: binder oxidation studies. European Polymer Journal 1993 , 29 (8), 1031-1035. 7. Newnham, M. In The Sticking Point: Dealing With Blocked Motion Picture Films , Sustainable Audiovisual Collections Through Collaboration: Proceedings of the 2016 Joint Technical Symposium, Indiana University Press: 2017; p 205. 8. Schilling, M.; Bouchard, M

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Chromium Coating as a Surface Protection of Zirconium Alloys

. Kratochvílová, I.; Škoda, R.; Škarohlíd, J.; Ashcheulov, P.; Jäger, A.; Racek, J.; Taylor, A.; Shao, L. Nanosized polycrystalline diamond cladding for surface protection of zirconium nuclear fuel tubes. Journal of Materials Processing Technology 2014, 214, 2600-2605. 7. Krausová, A.; et al. Polykrystalická diamantová vrstva: vhodná ochrana povrchu zirkoniových slitin?. Koroze a ochrana materiálu 2015, 59 (2), 37-43. 8. Daub, K.; Nieuwenhove, R.; Nordin, H. Investigation of the impact of coatings on corrosion and hydrogen uptake of Zircaloy-4

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Mechanisms of degradation of organic coatings

References 1. G. P. Bierwagen: Reflections on corrosion control by organic coatings, Progress in Organic Coatings 1996, 28, 43-48. 2. N. L. Thomas: The barrier properties of paint coatings, Progress in Organic Coatings 1991, 19, 101-121. 3. N. S. Sangaj, V. C. Malshe: Permeability of polymers in protective organic coatings, Progress in Organic Coatings 2004, 50, 28-39. 4. J. E. O. Mayne: The mechanism of inhibition of the corrosion of iron and steel by means of paint, Official Digest 1952, 24

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Corrosion rate of cathodically "protected" steel in carbonate environment

. Materials Science   2002 , 38 (3), 394-398. Freiman, L.; Kuznetsova, E. Model investigation of the peculiarities of the corrosion and cathodic protection of steel in the insulation defects on underground steel pipelines. Protection of metals   2001 , 37 (5), 484-490. Glass, G.; Chadwick, J. An investigation into the mecha-nisms of protection afforded by a cathodic current and the implications for advances in the field of cathodic protection. Corros. Sci.   1994 , 36 (12), 2193

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Hodnocení vlivu pøipravených polyanilinových solí na korozní vlastnosti organických povlakù/ Assessment of the impact of polyaniline salts on corrosion properties of organic coatings

colloidal dispersions, Polymer 2006, 47 (3), 42-43. 6. J. Stejskal, P. Kratochvíl, M. Helmstedt, Polyaniline Dispersions. 5. Poly(vinyl alcohol) and Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) as Steric Stabilizers , Langmuir 1996, 3389-3392. 7. T. L. A Campos, D. F Kersting, C. A Ferreira, Chemical synthesis of polyaniline using sulphanilic acid as dopant agent into the reactional medium, Surface and Coatings Technology 1999, 122, 3-5. 8. L. Ding, X. Wang, R. V. Gregory: Thermal properties of chemically synthesized polyaniline

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Impact of AC Current Density on Material Corrosion of Distribution Pipelines

-2013) (accessed 5 Dec 2017). 5. Jones D.J.: Principles and prevention of corrosion, Mcmillan Publishing Company, N.Y., 1992. 6. Fiedorowicz, M; Jagiełło, M. Korozja przemiennopradowa a ochrona katodowa podziemnych rurociagów, IX Krajowa Konferencja Pomiary korozyjne w ochronie elektrochemicznej 9th National Conference Corrosion measurements in electrochemical protection 7-9. 06. 2006 Zakopane, Poland. 7. Burnham, A., Han, J., Clark, C. E., Wang, M., Dunn, J. B., & Palou-Rivera, I. (2011). Life

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Analysis of the galvanised steel sheets resistance to corrosion after plastic deformation

přednášek ze 17. mezinárodní konference metalurgie a materiálů, 13.-15. 5. 2008, Červený zámek, Hradec nad Moravicí, Česká republika. TANGER spol. s r.o. 2008. ISBN 978-80-254-1987-8 10. Schrek A. Deformation properties of tailor-welded blank made of dual phase steels. Acta Mechanica et Automatica 2016, 10-1, 38-42 11. Rouet N. Galvanized steel sheet in an automotive sector as a barometer of Zinc market growth. Metal Bulletin -18th Zinc & its Markets Seminar, Lisbon October 23rd, 2014 12. Kolnerová, M., Sobotka, J., Solfronk

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Evaluation of protective properties of acrylate varnishes used for conservation of historical metal artefacts

historic steel artefacts. Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 2010 , 14(3), 453–463. 4. Kapolos, J., Bakaoukas, N., Koliadima, A. & Karaiskakis, G. Evaluation of acrylic polymeric resin and small siloxane molecule for protecting cultural heritage monuments against sulfur dioxide corrosion. Progress in Organic Coatings 2007 , 59(2), 152–159. 5. Chiantore, O. and Lazzari, M. Characterization of Acrylic Resins. International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization 1996 , 2(4), 395–408. 6. Castelvetro, V., Aglietto, M., Ciardelli, F

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