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The siliciclastics/carbonates shift in the Jurassic of the Western Caucasus (central northern Neo-Tethys): reconsidering research over the last 50 years

References Adamia, S., Alania, V., Chabukiani, A., Kutelia, Z. & Sadradze, N., 2011. Great Caucasus (Cavcasioni): A Long-lived North-Tethyan Back-Arc Basin. Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences 20, 611-628. Betzler, C., Lindhorst, S., Eberli, G.P., Lüdmann, T., Möbius, J., Ludwig, J., Schutter, I., Wunsch, M., Reijmer, J.J.G. & Hübscher, C., 2014. Periplatform drift: The combined result of contour current and off-bank transport along carbonate platforms. Geology 42, 871-874. Boiko, N.I., Sedletskij, V.I. & Shvedov, V.N., 1977. Litologo

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Secular and catastrophic processes reflected in sediments of the Suchedniów water reservoir, Holy Cross Mountains (Poland)

. Wistuliańskie osady jeziorne w Jaroszowie, Przedgórze Sudeckie: wstępne wyniki i perspektywy dalszych badań [Vistulian lake sediments in Jaroszów, Sudety Foothils: preliminary results and prospects for further research]. Przegląd Geologiczny 43, 141–146. McCave, I.N. & Geser, A.C., 2006. Megaripples, ridges and runnels on intertidal flats on the Wash, England . Sedimentology 26, 353–369. McPherson, J.G., Shanmugam, G. & Moiola, R.J., 1987. Fan-deltas and braid-deltas: conceptual problems. Geological Society of America Bulletin 99, 331–340. Moss, A

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A new type of slumping-induced soft-sediment deformation structure: the envelope structure

and sedimentary evolution of a Cretaceous continental arc–backarc system in the Korean Peninsula: new view. Earth-Science Reviews 101, 225–249. Chun S.S. & Chough S.K., 1992. Depositional sequences from high-concentration turbidity currents, Cretaceous Uhangri Formation (SW Korea). Sedimentary Geology 77, 225–233. Dehandschutter, B., Vandycke, S., Sintubin, M., Vandenberghe, N. & Wouters, L., 2005. Brittle fractures and ductile shear bands in argillaceous sediments: inferences from Oligocene Boom Clay (Belgium). Journal of Structural Geology 27

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New interpretation of the provenance of crystalline material from Oligocene flysch deposits of the Skole Nappe, Poland: evidence from heavy minerals and clasts in the Nowy Borek section

rivers – discussion. Biuletyn Państwowego Instytutu Geologicznego 449, 203–216. Jankowski, L., Kopciowski, R., Ryłko, W., Danysh, V., Tsarnenko, P.N. & Hnylko, O., 2012b. Lithostrati-graphic correlation of the Outer Carpathian borderlands of Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia and Romania. Biuletyn Państwowego Instytutu Geologicznego 449, 87–908. Jankowski, L., Leśniak, G. & Matyasik, I., 2015. Łodyna – warstwy menilitowe [Łodyna – Menilite Beds]. [In]: M. Ciechanowska, W. Urzędowska, J. Jaworski, J. Lubaś & P. Such (Eds): Wybrane aspekty system naftowego a nowe

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Miocene quartz sands redeposited on subaqueous and alluvial fans during the Saalian: Interpretation of the depositional scenario at Ujście, western Poland

Germany. Sedimentary Geology 193, 167–192. Kasprzak L. & Kozarski S., 1985. Litostratygraficzne podstawy subfazy chodzieskiej ostatniego zlodowacenia w północnej Wielkopolsce (wiadomość wstępna) [Lithostratigraphy of Chodzież subphase of the last glaciation in N Wielkopolska (preliminary results)]. Sprawozdania Poznańskiego Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Nauk za r. 1983. Wydział Matematyczno-Przyrodniczy 101, 51–57. Kenig, K., 2004. Zróżnicowanie petrograficzne i mineralne równowiekowych glin morenowych z wybranych obszarów Niżu Polskiego [Petrographic and

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Adjustment coefficients for planimetric analysis of the granulometry of coarse-grained sediments

References Adams, J., 1979. Gravel size analysis from photographs. Journal of the Hydraulics Division 10, 1247-1255. Barnard, P.L., Rubin, D.M., Harney, J. & Mustain, N., 2007. Field test comparison of an autocorrelation technique for determining grain size using a digital ‘beachball’ camera versus traditional methods. Sedimentary Geology 201, 180-195. Buscombe, D., Rubin, D.M. & Warrick, J.A., 2010. A universal approximation of grain size from images of noncohesive sedyment

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Palaeontological analysis of Middle Miocene siltstones at Wiślica (Carpathian Foredeep, Poland)

Gypsum deposits (Middle Miocene, Carpathian Foredeep, southern Poland). Geological Quarterly 43, 405–428. Bicchi, E., Ferrero, E. & Gonera, M., 2003. Paleoclimatic interpretation based on Middle Miocene planktonic Foraminifera: the Silesia Basin (Paratethys) and Monferrato (Tethys) records. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology 196, 265–303. BouDagher-Fadel, M.K., 2013. Biostratigraphic and geological significance of planktonic foraminirefa. OVPR UCL, London, 287 pp. Cicha, I., Rögl, F., Rupp, C. & Ctyroka, J., 1998. Oligocene

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Stratigraphic evidence of a Late Maeotian (Late Miocene) punctuated transgression in the Tanais Palaeobay (northern part of the Eastern Paratethys, South-West Russia)

-Kaspija [Towards the problem of the Pontian (Novorossian Substage) of the Euxino-Caspian]. Vestnik MGU, Serija 4, Geologija 3 , 17-23. (in Russian) Chumakov, I. S., Byzova, S. I. & Ganzej, S. S., 1992. Geokhronologija i korreljatsija pozdnego kajnozoja Paratetisa [Geochronology and correlation of the Late Cenozoic of the Paratethys]. Nauka, Moskva, 95 pp. (in Russian) Cita, M. B., 2009. Mediterranean Neogene stratigraphy: development and evolution through the centuries. Sedimentology 56, 43

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First find of biogenic activity in the Palaeoproterozoic of the Singhbhum craton (E India)

References Bhattacharyya, D.S. & Bhattacharya, T.K., 1970. Geological and geophysical investigations of a basaltic layer in Archaean terrain of eastern India. Geological Society of America Bulletin 81, 3073-3078. Bhattacharya, H.N., 1991. A reappraisal of the depositional environment of the Precambrian metasediments around Ghatshila-Galudih, eastern Singhbhum. Journal of the Geological Society of India 37, 47-54. Bose, P.K., Mazumder, R. & Sarkar, S., 1997. Tidal sandwaves and related storm deposits

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Depositional conditions on an alluvial fan at the turn of the Weichselian to the Holocene – a case study in the Żmigród Basin, southwest Poland

.J. Parsons & A.D. Abrahams (Eds), Geomorphology of Desert Environments. Springer, 413-467. Bohncke, S., Kasse, C. & Vandenberghe, J., 1995. Climate induced environmental changes during the Vistulian Lateglacial at Żabinko, Poland. Quaestiones Geographicae, Special Issue 4, 43-64. Bos, J.A.A., Bohncke, S.J.P., Kasse, C. & Vandenberghe, J. 2001. Vegetation and climate during the Weichselian Early Glacial and Pleniglacial in the Niederlausitz, eastern Germany - macrofossil and pollen evidence. Journal of Quaternary Science 16

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