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Financial Globalisation and Economic Transformation in Africa: Evidence from Nigeria

-1281. Stern R., 2017, Balance of Payments: Theory and Economic Policy , Routledge. Ugur M., 2014, Corruption’s direct effects on per-capita income growth: A meta-analysis , Journal of Economic Surveys, 28(3), pp. 472-490. Wang C., Hong J., Kafouros M., Wright M., 2012, Exploring the role of government involvement in outward FDI from emerging economies , Journal of International Business Studies, 43(7), pp. 655-676.

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A Proposed Knowledge Management System in SOFCON: Saudi Arabia Perspectives

, H. F. and Lee, G. (2005), “Impact of organizational learning and knowledge management factors on e-business adoption”, Management Decision , Vol. 43, No. 2, pp. 171-188 Linderman, K., et. (2004), “Integrating quality management practices with knowledge creation processes”, Journal of Operations Management , Vol. 22, pp. 589-607 Miller, (1999), “Building the ultimate resource”, Management Review , Vol. 8, No. 2 Nonaka, I. and Konno, N. (2000), “The concept of “ba”: Building a foundation for knowledge creation”, in Hermans, J. (Ed.), The Knowledge

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Factors of Success and Failure for International Retailers in Poland

References Akehurst, G. and Alexander, N. (eds.) (2013). The internationalisation of retailing . New York, NY: Routledge. Alexander, N. and Myers, H. (2000). The retail internationalisation process. International Marketing Review , 17 (4/5): 334–353, . Bourguignon, F. and Goh, C.C. (2004). Trade and labor market vulnerability in Indonesia, Republic of Korea, and Thailand. In: K. Krumm and H. Kharas (eds.), East Asia integrates (p. 33). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Brown, S. and

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Quality of Teaching and Research in Public Higher Education in Poland: Relationship with Financial Indicators and Efficiency

of public and private institutions of higher learning. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences , 22 : 259–269, Athanassopoulos, D. and Shale, E. (1997). Assessing the comparative efficiency of higher education institutions in the UK by means of Data Envelopment Analysis. Education Economics , 5 : 17–134, Avkiran, N.K. (2001). Investigating technical and scale efficiencies of Australian Universities through Data Envelopment Analysis. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences

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Impact of the January Effect on Return Rates in the Markets of the 2004 EU Enlargement

Financial Economics , 12 (4), Gu, A.Y. (2003a). The Declining January Effect: Evidences from the U. S. Equity Markets. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance , 43 (2), Gu, A.Y. (2003b). The Declining January Effect: Experience of Five G7 Countries. International Journal of Finance , 15 (1). Gultekin, B.N. and Gultekin, M.N. (1983). Stock Market Seasonality International Evidence. Journal of Financial Economics , 12 (4),

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International Startups from Poland: Born Global or Born Regional?

References Acs, Z.J. and Terjesen, S. (2013). Born local: toward a theory of new venture’s choice of internationalization. Small Business Economics , 41 (3): 521–535, Almor, T. (2013). Conceptualizing Paths of Growth for Technology-Based Born-Global Firms Originating in a Small-Population Advanced Economy. International Studies of Management and Organization , 43 (2): 56–78, Andersson, S. and Wictor, I. (2003). Innovative internationalization in new firms

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Relationships Between Miles and Snow Strategic Types and Organizational Performance in Polish Production Companies

:// Antoncic, B. and Hisrich, R.D. (2003). Privatization, corporate entrepreneurship, and performance: Testing a normative model. Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 8(3): 197-218. Aragón-Sánchez, A. and Sánchez-Marín, G. (2005). Strategic orientation, management characteristics, and performance: A study of Spanish SMEs. Journal of Small Business Management, 43(3): 287-308, Buchko, A.A. (1994). Conceptualization and measurement of

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Snobbish Bandwagoners: Ambiguity of Luxury Goods’ Perception

, H. et al. (2017). Toward a general theory of luxury: Advancing from workbench definitions and theoretical transformations. Journal of Business Research , 70 : 101–107, Christodoulides, G., Michaelidou, N., Li, C.H. (2009). Measuring perceived brand luxury and evaluation of the BLI scale. Journal of Brand Management , 16 (5–6): 395–405, Corneo, G. and Jeanne, O. (1997). Conspicuous consumption, snobbism and conformism. Journal of Public Economics , 66 : 55

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Permission-based Leadership and Change Management in Hong Kong's Nongovernment Organisations

., & Forrester, P. (2003). Managing planned and emergent change within an operations management environment. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Vol. 23 No. 5, 546-564. Bass, B., & Avolio, B. (1994). Improving organizational effectiveness through transformational leadership . Thousand Oaks: Sage. Beer, M., & Nohria, N. (2000). Cracking the code of change. Harvard Business Review , May/June, 133-141. Behn, B. K., DeVries, D. D., & Lin, J. (2010). The determinants of transparency in nonprofit organizations: An exploratory study

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Managerial Discretion and Constraints: A Bounded Leadership Model

: Conceptual, strategic, and statistic, al considerations. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 51 , 1173–1182, Bass, B.M. (1985). Leadership and Performance Beyond Expectations. New York: Free Press. Bass, B.M. and Avolio, B.J. (2000). Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire: Manual Leader Form, Rater, and Scoring Key for MLQ . Redwood City, CA: Mind Garden. Belasen, A. and Frank, N. (2008). Competing values leadership: Quadrant roles and personality traits. Leadership and Organization Development

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