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Community Service Learning among Health Sciences and Medical Undergraduates at a Malaysian setting: Providers′ and Recipients′ Portraits

References Beach, M. C., Price, E. G., Gary, T. L., Robinson, K. A., Gozu, A., Palacio, A., & Powe, N. R. (2005). Cultural competency: A systematic review of health care provider educational interventions. Medical care, 43(4), 356. Beck, A. J., & Barnes, K. J. (2007). Reciprocal service-learning: Texas border Head Start and master of occupational therapy students. Occupational therapy in health care, 21(1-2), 7-23. Berle, D. (2006). Incremental integration: A successful service-learning strategy. International

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Rethinking Alternative Livelihood Projects for Women of the Pits: The Case of Atiwa

mining communities, Policy Science, 43, 157-180. Boateng, O.W, Codjoe, F.N.W, & Ofori, J. (2014). Impact of illegal small scale mining (Galamsey) on cocoa production in Atiwa district of Ghana.International Journal of Advance Agriculture Research, IJAAR, 89-99. Bull, T., Mittelmark, M.B and Kanyeka, N.E. (2013). Assets for well-being for women living in deep poverty: through a salutogenic looking-glass, Critical Public Health, 23(2), 160-173. Diao, X. & Sarpong, D. B. (2011). Poverty Implications of Agricultural Land

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The Study Patterns and Problem Water Management for Agriculture of Durian Production in Chanthaburi, Thailand

Cooperatives. (2018). Knowledge increase production efficiency to smart officer wood effect . Retrieved from Nunthakij, I. (2018). Building a Durian plantation, Rookie to Professional (pp. 43-46). Bangkok, Thailand: Frame – up design. Jiracheevee, N. (2014). Plant Water System Design . Bangkok, Thailand: Than Kan Pim Publishing. Masri, M. (1999). Flowering, fruit set and fruit drop of durian ( Durio zbethinus Murr .) under different soil moisture regimes. Journal of tropical agriculture and food science. 27(1): 9

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Development of Parent-Educator Cooperation in Public Preschool Institutions: Case Study

References Epstein, J. L. (2002). School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Caring for the Children We Share. Në J. L. Epstein, M. G. Sanders, B. S. Simon, K. C. Salinas, N. R. Jansorn, & F. L. Voorhis, School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Your Handbook for Action (bot. i Second Edition, fv. 19-43). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. Epstein, J. L., Sanders, M. G., Simon, B. S., Salinas, K. C., Jansorn, N. R., & Voorhis, F. L. (2002). School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Your Handbook for Action (bot. i Second

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Human Resource Management for Improving Internationalization at a Private University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

References Arokiasamy, A.R.A. (2010). The Impact of Globalization on Higher Education in Malaysia, Genting Inti International College, Research Report , Pahang, Malaysia. Bakoglu, R., Oncer, A.Z., Yildiz, M.L., Gulluoglu, A.N. (2016). Strategy Development process in Higher Education: The Case of Marmara University, Procedia Social and Behavioral Science , (235): 36-45 Bartell, M. (2003). Internationalization of Universities: A University Culture-Base Framework. Higher Education , 45 (1): 43-70. Bordean, O.N. & Borza, A., (2013

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Big Data in e-Government Environments: Albania as a Case Study

Increasing Value of the Internet of Things. Retrieved from Worldwide Big Data and Business Analytics Revenues Forecast to Reach $187 Billion in 2019, According to IDC. (2016, May 23). Retrieved from Joseph, R. C., & Johnson, N. A. (2013, November). Big Data and Transformational Government. Computing Now, pp. 43-48. Kim, Gang-Hoon & Trimi, Silvana & Chung, Ji-Hyong (2014

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A Study on Cultural Capital and High-Risk Behaviors of College Students in Iran

Engineering, 2, 43-45. Mohamad Pour, A., Rostami, F., & Fakhari, A.(2008). Rate of using psychotropic drugs among boy high school students in Tabriz : Journal of Cognitive Sciences, 10, 58-67. Mokhtari, N., Ghodsi, H., Asiri, Sh.,& Kazem Nejad, L.(2013). Relationship of health belief with smoking among male students at medical sciences university of Gilan: Journal of Medical Sciences, 22, 33-41. Nazemi, S., Chaman, R., & Davar doust, N.(2012). Examination of causes of tendency to tobacco among university students: Journal of

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The Dynamics of Actor Addiction Issues in the Design of Insurance Governance of Indonesian Labor

.1002/pad.584 Caporaso, J. A., & Levine, D. P. (1992). Theories of political economics. New York: Cambridge University Press. Dwijowijoto, N. R. (2012). Public Policy (Dinamika Kebijakan.Analisis Kebijakan. Manajemen Kebijakan). Jakarta: PT. Alex Media Komputindo. Elias, M. V., & Alkadry, M. G. (2011). Constructive Conflict, Participation, and Shared Governance. Administration & Society, 43(8), 869-895. Engel, E., Fischer, R., & Galetovic, A. (2013). The basic public

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The Creation of the Albanian State and its Relationship with Religious Communities: The Sanctioning of Religious Plurality as a Condition of National Unity

References A. B. Tomorri (1994), History of Bektashism, Wisdom, no. 3, Tirana. Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Albania, Orthodox Autocephalous Albanian Church (1993), Symposium - Tirana, 19 September 1992, Tirana. Albanian Encyclopaedia Dictionary (2009). New Edition, Third Volume: N-Zh and a Supplement, Tirana (pp. 1239-1242 & 1179-182): Academy of Sciences, Albanian Encyclopaedia Center. AQSH. Fondi nr. 882, 1923, dosja 4, f. 8. Cimbaldo, Giovanni (2013). Religious Pluralism and

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Digitization of Educational Technology Centres for Teaching Electrical and Electronics Technology in Colleges of Education in North Eastern Nigeria

Reference Atueyi, B. J. & Ikemelum, F. K. L.(2014). Multimedia of school. Nijmegen: Institute voor Toegepaste Sociale wetenschappen, Ubbergen: Tandem Felix. Spotts, T.H. (1999). Discriminating factors in faculty use of instructional technology in higher education. Journal of Educational Technology and Society , 2(4),95. Catchan, R. (2013). Reflections: How STEM becomes STEAM. The STEAM Journal, 1(1),22 Emmanuel, C. N., Chiaka, A. O. & Edna, N. (2014) Integration of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the Curriculum of Federal Unity

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