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Country Branding: What Branding? Relevant Terminologies and their Possible Interpretations in the Case of Countries

identity and image in international relations. In: A. Pike, Brands and Branding Geographies (p. 289-301). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. 11. Anholt, Simon - Hildreth, Jeremy (2004). Brand America – The Mother of All Brands . London, UK: Cyan Books. 12. Barrow, S., Mosley, R. (2005). The Employer Brand: Bringing the Best of Brand Management to People at Work . US: Wiley. 13. Berács, J., Clifton, R., Davidson, H., Johnston, Y., Lodge, C., Melissen, J., Morgan, N., Norrman, K.E., Pant, D.R., Porritt, J., Rainisto, S., Wästberg, O. (2006). How

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Governance of the table: Regulation of food and eating practices in residential care for young people

organisation of family food habits. In J. Germov & L. Williams (Eds), A sociology of food and nutrition: The social appetite (3rd ed.) (pp. 224-43). Australia: Oxford University Press. Coveney, J. (2014). Food. Oxon: Routledge. Coveney, J., Begley, A., & Gallegos, D. (2012). ‘Savoir Fare’: Are cooking skills a new morality? Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 52 (3), 618-42. Dean, M. (2009). Governmentality: Power and rule in modern society (2nd ed.). London: Sage. Department of Health and Children. (2001

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Conceptualization of Geo-Economic Threats in Small Countries with Transition Economies

developments: Which is Better? Archives of business research, vol. 5, No 1. 22. Papava V., Gogatadze N. (1998), Prospects for Foreign Investment and Strategic Economic Partnership in the Caucasus. Problems of economic transition, vol. 41, No 5, pp. 79-88 23. Papava V. (2013c),The Eurasianism of Russian Anti-Westernism and the Concept of “Central Caucaso-Asia”. Russian Politics and Law, vol. 51, no. 6, November-December pp. 45-86. 24. Post R.(1985), National Security and the amended Freedom of Information Act // Yale law Journal

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Place leadership, governance and power

References Beer, A. (2014). Leadership and the governance of rural communities. Journal of Rural Studies, 34, 254-62. Beer, A., & Clower, T. (2014). Mobilising leadership in cities and regions. Regional Studies, Regional Science, 1 (1), 10-34. Bennett, N., Wise, C., Woods, P. A., & Harvey, J. A. (2003). Distributed leader - ship: A review of literature. London: National College for School Leadership/ The Open University. Burfitt, A., & MacNeill, S. (2008). The challenges of pursuing cluster

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Austerity and Irish local government expenditure since the Great Recession

–22. Arezki, R., & Ismail, K. (2013). Boom-bust cycle, asymmetrical fiscal response and the Dutch disease. Journal of Development Economics, 101 (1), 256–67. Bailey, N., Bramley, G., & Hastings, A. (2015). Symposium introduction: Local responses to ‘austerity’. Local Government Studies, 41 (4), 571–81. Blöchliger, H., Charbit, C., Piñero Campos, J. M., & Vammalle, C. (2010). Sub-central governments and the economic crisis: Impact and policy responses. OECD Economics Department Working Papers, No. 752. Paris: OECD Publishing. Boyle, R. (2015). Public

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Benchmarking the financial performance of local councils in Ireland

: Towards an easy-to-use assessment tool for smaller cities. Government Finance Review, 9 (6), 21–6. Brown, K. W. (1996). Trends in key ratios using the GFOA financial indicators database 1989–1993. Government Finance Review, 12 (6), 30–4. Brusca, I., & Montesinos, V. (2006). Are citizens significant users of government financial information? Public Money and Management, 26 (4), 205–9. Cabaleiro, R., Buch, E., & Vaamonde, A. (2013). Developing a method to assessing the municipal financial health. American Review of Public Administration, 43 (6

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Intelligent Development of the Countryside – The Concept of Smart Villages: Assumptions, Possibilities and Implementation Limitations

so far. W: OECD International Conference on Remote Rural Areas: Developing through Natural and Cultural Assets , Albarracin, Spain. 7. Caragliu, A., Del Bo, C., Nijkamp, P. (2011). Smart Cities in Europe. Journal of Urban Technology , 18 (2), 65-82. 8. Chourabi, H., Taewoo, N., Walker, S., Gil-Garcia, J.R., Mellouli, S., Nahon, K., Pardo, T.A., Scholl, H.J. (2012). Understanding smart cities: An integrative framework. Proceedings of 45 Th Hawaii International Conference on System Science (HICSS) . https

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Lessons from abroad: Rebalancing accountability and pedagogy in the Irish social care sector through the use of effective leadership

safeguard children: A guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Retrieved from [10 July 2016]. Department of Health. (2011). Future health: A strategic framework for reform of the health service 2012-2015. Dublin: Department of Health. Fabianowska, J., & Hanlon, N. G. (2014). Emotional labour in harm-reduction practice in Ireland: An exploratory study. Irish

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The Irish legislative gender quota: The first election

. (2013). Parliaments as gendered institutions: The Irish Oireachtas. Irish Political Studies, 28 (3), 360-79. Culhane, L. (2017). Local heroes and ‘cute hoors’: Informal institutions, male over-representation and candidate selection in the Republic of Ireland. In G. Waylen, Gender and informal institutions (pp. 45-66). London: Rowman and Littlefield International. Dahlerup, D. (2007). Electoral gender quotas: Between equality of opportunity and equality of result. Representation, 43 (2), 73-92. Duerst-Lahti, G. (2002

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Rethinking Irish cluster policy

- Ireland’s place in the global economy. Report of the Enterprise Strategy Group. Dublin: Enterprise Strategy Group. OECD. (2007). OECD reviews of regional innovation: Competitive regional clusters. Paris: OECD. Perry, M. (2005). Business clusters in the south: A critical appraisal from Indonesian evidence. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 26, 227-43. Phelps, N., Atienza, M., & Arias, M. (2015). Encore for the enclave: The changing nature of the industry enclave with illustrations from the mining industry in Chile

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