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Research Regarding The Quality of Sleep among Non-Sportive Students Compared with Professional Athlets

REFERENCES Allen, M., Greenlees, I., & Jones, M. (2013). Personality in sport: a comprehensive review. Int Rev Sport Exerc Psych . 6(1) , 184-208. Andreu, M. M., & Arboledas, G. P. (2013). Trastornos del sueño durante la adolescencia. Revista de 3 Formación Continuada de la Sociedad Española de Medicina de la Adolescencia No. 4, 3(I), 29-66. Belenky, G., Wesensten, N. J., Thorne, D. R., Thomas, M. L., Sing, H. C., Redmond, D. P., & Balkin, T. J. (2003). Patterns of performance degradation and restoration during 8 sleep restriction and

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Policy, learning and regime change: Western concepts and CEE experience

and governmentality: using multiple approaches to the analysis of government’, Australian Journal of Political Science 3 (3), 417 Dan, S., & Pollitt, C. (2015). NPM Can Work: An optimistic review of the impact of New Public Management reforms in central and eastern Europe. Public Management Review , 17(9), 1305-1332. Degeling, P., & Colebatch, H.K. (1984). Structure and action as constructs in the practice of public administration. Australian Journal of Public Administration , 43(4), 320-331. Degeling, P., Baume, P., & Jones, K. (1993

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Counterfactual Impact Evaluation of the Project Internships for Young Job Seekers

in DE (W). Journal of the European Economic Association , 9 (4), 742-784. Manning, A. (2008). Differences-in-Differences and A Brief Introduction to Panel Data. Lectures on London School of Economics. O’Higgins, N. (2015). Youth Unemployment. IZA Policy Paper No. 103. Bonn: Institute for the Study of Labor. Pecáková, I. (2007). Logistická regrese s vícekategoriální vysvětlovanou proměnnou. Acta Oeconomica Pragensia . 15(1), p. 86-96. Rinne, U., Schneider, M. and Uhlendorff, A. (2011). Do the skilled and prime-aged unemployed benefit more

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Health policy in the Czech Republic: General character and selected interesting aspects

-Communist Economy (pp. 475-538). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Dunn, W. N., Staroňová, K. & Pushkarev, S. (Eds). (2006). Implementation: The Missing Link in the Public Administration Reform in CEE. Bratislava: NISPAcee. Feldstein, P. (1993). Health Care Economics. Albany: Delmar Publishers. Lawson, C. & Nemec, J. (2003). The Political Economy of Slovak and Czech Health Policy. International Political Science Review, 24(2), 219-236. Malý, I., Nemec, J., Krůtilová, V., Čizmárik, P. & Pompura, L. (2013). Možnosti

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Education in the Anticommons: Evidence from Romania

REFERENCES Bates, R. H., Avner, G., Levi, M., & Rosenthal, J.L. (1998). Analytic Narratives. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Buchanan, J. M. & Yoon, Y. J. (2000). Symmetric Tragedies: Commons and Anticommons. The Journal of Law and Economics, 43, 1–14. Fennell, L. A. (2004). Common Interest Tragedies. Northwestern University Law Review, 98, 907–90. Fiszbein, A. [editor]. (2001). Decentralizing education in transition societies : case studies from Central and Eastern Europe (English). WBI learning resources series*World Bank

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An Overview of Discourses on Knowledge in Policy: Thinking Knowledge, Policy and Conflict Together

. (1991). Methods for Experimenting Society. American Journal of Evaluation 12(3): 223-260. Canary, H. (2010). Constructing policy knowledge: contradictions, communication, and knowledge frames. Communication Monographs 77(2): 181-206. Caplan, N. (1979). The two-communities theory and knowledge utilization. American Behavioral Scientist 22(3): 459-470. Carden, F. (2005). Making the Most of Research: The Influence of IDRC-supported Research on Policy Processes. Paper for the international conference African Economic

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‘You can say – we do not want the junkies and the sex workers. But they are here!‘: On the spatial exclusion of anti-social behaviour in Bratislava - Nové Mesto

’Neill, M. et al. (2008). Living with the other: Street sex work, contingent communities and degrees of tolerance. Crime Media Culture , 4(1), 73-93. doi: Ondrejkovič, P. (2009). Sociálna Patológia . Bratislava: VEDA. Rose, N. (2001). Community, citizenship and the third way. American Behavioral Scientist , 43(9), 1395-1411. doi: Prügl, E. (2014). Neoliberalising Feminism. New Political Economy , 20(2014), 614-631. doi:

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A policy fiasco: The institutional (non-)reform of Czech public employment services in 2011

and racial studies, 27(2), pp. 205-227. Colebatch, H. K., Hoppe, R. & Noordegraaf, M. (Eds.). (2010). Working for policy. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. De Mesquita, B. B., Morrow, J. D., Siverson, R. M. & Smith, A. (1999). Policy Failure and Political Survival The Contribution of Political Institutions. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 43(2), pp. 147-161. Drábek věří, že nebude muset opustit vládu kvůli výplatě dávek. [Drabek believes he will not have to leave the government for payment of benefits.] Retrieved

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Internal ministerial advisory bodies: An attempt to transform governing in the Slovak Republic

.A., & Schulz, J.M. (2018). The contested autonomy of policy advisory bodies: the tradeoff between autonomy and control of policy advisory bodies in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. In E. Ongaro & S. Van Thiel (Eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Public Administration and Management in Europe (pp. 1189–1211). London: Palgrave Macmillan. Bristow, D., Carter, L., & Martin S. (2015). Using evidence to improve policy and practice: the UK What Works Centres. Contemporary Social Science, 10 (2), 126–137. Cash, D., Clark, W., Alcock, F., Dickson, N

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Technology Roadmaps, Innovation Journeys, and Nanoworld: A Spatio-temporal Consolidation of the EC Nanotechnology Policy

). Kostoff, R. N., and R. R. Schaller. (2001). Science and Technology Roadmaps. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management , 48(2), 132–43. Kwiat, J. (2008). From Aristotle to Gabriel: A summary of the narratology literature for story technologies . Technical Report, KMI-08-01. Milton Keynes: Knowledge Media Institute, Open University. Lakoff, G. and Johnson, M. (1980). Metaphors We Live By . University Of Chicago Press. Lakoff, G. (1993). The contemporary theory of metaphor. In Ortony, A. (ed.) Metaphor and Thought (pp. 202–251), Cambridge

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