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A study on the Utilization of Lean techniques/tools in Indian SMEs

operations performance in a small company: a case study, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 20(3), 316- 336, Hines, P., & Taylor, D., 2000. Going Lean, Lean Enterprise Research Centre, Cardiff, 3-43. Hines, P., Holweg, M., and Rich, N., 2004. Learning to Evolve: A Review of Contemporary Lean Thinking, International Journal of Operations & Production Management 24(10), DOI: 10.1108/01443570410558049 Mathur, A., Mittal, M.L. & Dangayach, G.C., 2012. Improving

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Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) - Advantages and Criticism

. Behavior-based safety on construction sites: A case study, Accident Analysis and Prevention, 70, 14-23. DeJoy D. 2005. Behavior change versus culture change: Divergent approaches to managing workplace safety, Safety Science, 43, 105-129. Fogarty G.J., Shaw A. 2010. Safety climate and the Theory of Planned Behavior: Towards the prediction of unsafe behavior, Accident Analysis and Prevention, 42, 1455-1459. Frederick J., Lessin N. 2000. Blame The Worker: The Rise of Behavioral- Based Safety Programs, The Multinational Monitor

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Social engineering of human resources and provision of medical services on leadership styles in hospitals

References A ij , K.,A ernoudts , R., J oosten , G. 2015. Comparison of Leadership Traits among Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in High-performing, Lowperforming and Lean-Management Hospitals in the USA , British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science, 9(2), 118-130. A usten , A. 2010. Organizacja i zarządzanie,, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Śląskiej, Gliwice, Nr 4 (12), 25-43. B aysaka , B., Y enerb , M.I. 2015. The Relationship Between Perceived Leadership Style And Perceived Stress On Hospital Employees , Procedia - Social And

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Influence of load and reinforcement content on selected tribological properties of Al/SiC/Gr hybrid composites

Wear Response of an Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite: Effect of Solid Lubricant Particle Size , Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (JJMIE), 8(6). F akruddinali , J.Y., N oor , A.R., B adarinarayan , K.S., A brar , A. 2015. Wear Behaviour of Al 6061-SiC-Gr Hybrid Composites , International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, 4 (9), 2347-6710. L ancaster , L., L ung , M.H., S ujan , D. 2013. Utilization of Agro-Industrial Waste in Metal Matrix Composites: Towards Sustainability , World Academy of

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Thermo-physical characteristics of acrylic-based building external isolation panels produced from different geological materials

-562. Hanu, L., Simon, G., Cheng, Y.B., 2006. Thermal stability and flammability of silicone polymer composites . Polymer Degradation and Stability, 91(6), 1373-1379. ISO 8301, Thermal Insulation, Determination of Steady-state Thermal Resistance and Related Properties . Heat Flow Meter Apparatus, ISO, Geneva, Switzerland. Jelle, B.P., 2011. Traditional, state-of-the-art and future thermal building insulation materials and solutions-properties, requirements and possibilities . Energy and Buildings, 43(10), 2549-2563. Karataş, M.Z., Rızaoğlu, T, 2017

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Organizational learning in developing the integrated quality management

quality , International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, Vol. 9 Issue: 3/4, DOI:10.1108/IJQSS-03-2017-0020. A nttila , J., J ussila , K. 2013. A n advanced insight into managing business processes in practice , Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, DOI:10.1080/14783363.2013.791105. A nttila , J., J ussila , K. 2011. From quality management principles to good management principles – Business-integrated approach to quality management, The 8 th China Shanghai international symposium on quality and the forum of International Academy for

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Modal Competition and Complementarity: Cost Optimization at End-User Level

REFERENCES [1]. M. STEADIESEIFI, N.P. DELLAERT, W. NUIJTEN, T. VAN WOENSEL, R.RAOUFI: ” Multimodal freight transportation planning: A literature review ”, European Journal of Operational Research, 233, 1–15, 2014 . [2]. E. BOUGNA, Y. CROZET: ” Towards a liberalised European rail transport: analysing and modelling the impact of competition on productive efficiency ”, Research in Transportation Economics, Vol. 59, 358-367, 2016 . [3]. Z. TOMES: ” Do European reforms increase modal shares of railways? ”, Transport Policy, Vol. 60,143–151, 2017

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Multi-criteria decision analysis for simplified evaluation of clean energy technologies

Reference Assefa, G., Frostell, B., 2007. Social sustainability and social acceptance in technology assessment: A case study of energy technologies , Technology in Society, 29, 63-78. Ayan, M.B., 2013. Fuzzy TOPSIS application for supplier selection problem , International Journal of Information. Business and Management, 4(3), 11-23. Azapagic, A., Perdan, S., 2005a. An integrated sustainability decision-support framework Part I: Problem structuring , The International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 12(2), 98

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Influence analysis of the main types of defects and damages on bearing capacity in reinforced concrete elements and their research methods

theory and practice of construction,755. 173-178. Klymenko, E.V., Cherneva, O.S., Dovgan, O.D., 2013. Aries Mohammed Ismael Influence of the factors of damaged T beams on the magnitude of their destructive load , Intercollegiate collection "SCIENTIFIC NOTES", Lutsk, 43, 94-97. Klymenko, 2014. EV Residual bearing capacity of damaged reinforced concrete beams of the tread profile , E.V., Klimenko, E.S., Cherneva, N.D., Korol, M.M., Ismael Aerez, I.V., Antonyshina, Bulletin of the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, 54, 159

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The Time-Space Approach in the Analysis of Traffic Safety on Rural Road

Prevention 34 (2002) 619–629, 2002 . [11]. X. QIN, J. IVAN, N. RAVISHANKER, et al.: “ Bayesian estimation of hourly exposure functions by crash type and time of day ”, Accident Analysis and Prevention 38 (2006) 1071–1080, 2006. [12]. A. ANDERSSON, L. CHAPMAN: „ The use of a temporal analogue to predict future traffic accidents and winter road conditions in Sweden “, Meteorological applications Meteorol. Appl. 18: 125–136 (2011), 2011. [13]. J. EDWARDS: „ The temporal distribution of road accidents in adverse weather “,. Meteorol. Appl. 6, 59–68, 1999

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