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Systemically Important Banks in Europe: Risk, Complexity and Cross-Jurisdictional Activities

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Early warning indicators for macrofinancial activity in romania

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Does foreign direct investment cause financial sector development – evidence from an emerging economy

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Mechanics of Investment Drivers in Chinese Economy

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An extended technology acceptance model for marketing strategies in social media

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Hedonic Price Analysis of Non-Barren Broodmares

R eferences 1. American Horse Council (n.d.), National economic impact of the U.S. horse industry , 2. , [Accessed 10.26.2014] 3. Hansen, C., & Saghaian, S. (2015), “Progeny? Performance? What really matters in a stud fee?” Southern Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting . Atlanta, GA. 4. Keeneland Association (n.d.), About Keeneland sales , , [Accessed 3.12.15] 5. Keeneland Association (n

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Perceived Usefulness of Open Source Information in the Arabic Language for an Organization: A Case Study

# Middle East and North Africa ## Unclassified information deliberately searched selected, filtered and disseminated for a specific audience to meet a specific demand. EX: mass-media, Internet, research journas, patents, conferences, etc. R eferences 1. Agarwal, K. N. (2006). Competitive intelligence in business decisions - an overview. Competition Forum, 4(2), 309-314 2. Croom, Herman L., The Exploitation of Foreign Open Sources, Studies in Intelligence, 1969, volume 13, number 3, pp. 129-136 3. Franco et all, Competitive intelligence

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Does Corruption Matter for Unemployment in SADC Countries?

Statistics, 6:461-464. 43. Tanzi, V. (1998a). Corruption and the budget: Problems and solutions. In Economics of corruption, pages 111-128. Springer. 44. Tanzi, V. (1998b). Corruption around the world: Causes, consequences, scope, and cures. IMF Staff Papers, 45(4):559-594. 45. Tanzi, V. and Davoodi, H. (1998). Corruption, public investment, and growth. In The welfare state, public investment, and growth, pages 41-60. Springer. 46. Tomić, I. (2016). What drives youth unemployment in Europe? EI Working Papers N

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Impact of Safta on Capital Market Integration of South Asia: Evidence from Cointegration Analysis

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Leveraging Social Media Metrics in Improving Social Media Performances through Organic Reach: A Data Mining Approach

References 1. Ayu, A.R. and Abrizah, A., 2011. Do you Facebook? Usage and applications of Facebook page among academic libraries in Malaysia. The International Information & Library Review, 43(4), pp.239-249. 2. Barbier, G. and Liu, H., 2011. Data mining in social media. In Social network data analytics (pp. 327-352). Springer, Boston, MA. 3. Bonsón, E. and Ratkai, M., 2013. A set of metrics to assess stakeholder engagement and social legitimacy on a corporate Facebook page. Online Information Review, 37(5), pp

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