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Commercial Bank Performance and Credit Risk in Albania

performance in European banking (Doctoral dissertation, Prifysgol Bangor University). 43. Molyneux, P. & Thornton, J. (1992). Determinants of European bank profitability: A note. Journal of Banking and Finance , 16(6), 1173-1178. 44. Petria, N., Capraru, B. & Ihnatov, I. (2015). Determinants of banks’ profitability: evidence from EU 27 banking systems. Procedia Economics and Finance , 20, 518-524. 45. Pesola (2005) Banking fragility and distress: An econometric study of macroeconomic determinants. Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers, 13

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Mediating Role of Dynamic Capabilities on the Relationship between Human Resource Development and Organizational Effectiveness

Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Company Limited, Bonny. Journal of Management and Sustainability , 4(4), Alagaraja, M., Cumberland, D., & Choi, N. (2015). The mediating role of leadership and people management practices on HRD and organizational performance. Human Resource Development International , 18, 220-234, Aminu, M. I., & Mahmood, R. (2015). Mediating Role of Dynamic Capabilities on the Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Performance: A Hierarchical Component

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Deindustrialization and Implementation of Industry 4.0 - Case of The Republic of Croatia

References 1. Alderson, A. S. (1999). Explaining Deindustrialization: Globalization, Failure, or Success?. American Sociological Review , Vol. 64, No. 5, 701.-721. 2. Awdeh, Ali. (2019). Monetary Policy and Economic Growth in Lebanon. ). Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice, Vol. 8, No. 2 , 147-171. 3. Baumol, W. (1967). Macroeconomics of Unbalanced Growth. American Economic Review, Vol. 57 , No. 3 , 415-26. 4. Brettel, M., Friederichsen, N., Keller, M., Rosenberg, M. (2014). How Virtualization, Decentralization and Network

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How Robot/human Orchestration Can Help in an HR Department: A Case Study From a Pilot Implementation Mendling, J., Decker, G., Hull, R., Reijers, H.A. & Weber, I. (2018). How do Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and Blockchains Affect the Human Factor in Business Process Management? Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 43, 297–320, Michalos, G., Makris, S., Spiliotopoulos, J., Misios, I., Tsarouchi, P. & Chryssolouris, G. (2014). ROBO-PARTNER: Seamless Human-Robot Cooperation for Intelligent, Flexible and Safe

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Job Satisfaction and Citizenship Behavior: A Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment

. Davia, M. A., & Legazpe, N. (2018). Job satisfaction amongst academics: the role of research productivity AU - Albert, Cecilia. Studies in Higher Education, 43 (8), 1362-1377. De Gieter, S., Hofmans, J., & Pepermans, R. (2011). Revisiting the impact of job satisfaction and organizational commitment on nurse turnover intention: An individual differences analysis. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 48 (12), 1562-1569.

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Strategic SCM’s Mediating Effect on the Sustainable Operations: Multinational Perspective

Literature Arend, R. J., & Wisner, J. D. (2005). Small business and supply chain management: is there a fit? Journal of Business Venturing , 20 , 403-436, Awheda, A., Rahman, M. N. A., Ramli, R., & Arshad, H. (2016). Factors related to supply chain network members in SMEs, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management , 27 (2), 312-335, Barney, J.B. (2012). Purchasing, supply chain management and sustained competitive advantage: the relevance of

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Increasing complexity as a challenge for contemporary organizations / Narastająca złożoność jako wyzwanie dla współczesnych organizacji

References 1. Ashkenas R. (2010), Ograniczanie złożoności: w dążeniu… , „Harvard Business Review Polska” 2010 nr VI. 2. Crozier M. (1993), Przedsiębiorstwo na podsłuchu. Jak uczyć się zarządzania postindustrialnego. PWE Warszawa. 3. Eisenhardt K.H., Sull D.N. (2001), Strategy as Simple Rules , “Harvard Business Review”, No. I. 4. Foster R., Kaplan S. (2003), Twórcza destrukcja , Galaktyka. Łódź. 5. Gottfredson M., Aspinall K. (2006) Innowacje a złożoność operacyjna

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Weibull Decision Support Systems in Maintenance

assessment incorporating expert opinion and survival data. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 83(401), 43-51, Singpurwalla, N. D., & Song, M. S. (1988). Reliability analysis using Weibull lifetime data and expert opinion. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 37(3), 340-347, Singpurwalla, N. D. (2006). Reliability and Risk. A Bayesian Perspective. Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley and Sons. Smeitink, E., & Dekker, R. (1990). A

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Management Competencies and Organizational Performance in CEE: A Comparison of Slovenia and Austria

.G. (1982). An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change . Cambridge, London: Belknap. Nohria, N., Joyce, W. & Roberson, B. (2003). What Really Works. Harvard Business Review, 81(7), 43-52. Penrose, E.T. (1959). The Theory of Growth of the Firm . London: Oxford University Press. Prahalad, C.K.& Hamel, G. (1990). The Core Competence of the Corporation. Harvard Business Review , 68(3), 79-91. Prahalad, C.K. & Hamel, G (1994). Competing for the Future . Boston: HBS Press. Probst, G

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Obtaining a Generalized Index of Bank Competitiveness Using a Fuzzy Approach

Ukraine. Transport and Telecommunication , 12 (1), 25-33 13. Fabris, N. & Vujanovic, N. (2017). The Impact of Financial Dollarization on Inflation Targeting: Empirical Evidence from Serbia. Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice , 6 (2), 23–43. 14. Fernando, A., Ferreira, F., Jalali, M., Ferreira, J., Stankevičienė, J. & Marques, C. (2016), Understanding the dynamics behind bank branch service quality in Portugal: pursuing a holistic view using fuzzy cognitive mapping. Service Business , 10 (3), 469-487. 15. Goncharuk, A. (2016). Banking

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