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Kinematics of Reference Height Network on the Territory of Rivne Npp

References Acton, J. M. & Hibbs, M. (2012). Why Fukushima Was Preventable; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Washington, D.C. - 43p. Ashraf, A. Beshr. (2010). Development and improvement of technologies of determination of deformations of engineering structures using modern highprecision geodetic methods and means of change. The dissertation of the candidate of technical sciences: 25.00.32 / Ashraf Abdel Abdel Mawla Vanis Beshr; [Defense Place: Sib. Reg. geodesy. Acad.]. - Novosibirsk. - 205p. Baran, P

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A Webgis Framework for Disseminating Processed Remotely Sensed on Land Cover Transformations

Belgium. Varghese, N., & Singh, N. P. (2016). Linkages between land use changes, desertification and human development in the Thar Desert Region of India. Land Use Policy, 51, 18-25. Weiers, S., Bock, M., Wissen, M., & Rossner, G. (2004). Mapping and indicator approaches for the assessment of habitats at different scales using remote sensing and GIS methods. Landscape and Urban Planning, 67(1), 43-65. Wheeler, D. A. (2007). Why Open Source Software/Free Software (OSS/FS)? Look at the Numbers! http

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Urban area change visualization and analysis using high density spatial data from time series aerial images

plants that have grown over the years. Therefore, the population in Konya metropolitan area has recently increased very fast. The study area was defined by a rectangle with cross-corner of geographical coordinates of 37°53’26.67"N latitude, 32°28’37.38"E longitude and 37°52’38.30"N latitude, 32°29’39.11"E longitude. Its dimensions are 1.5 km × 1.5 km, or 2.25 km 2 . It largely includes houses and trade buildings, but it also includes tramway and railway networks, asphalt pavement, green fields and cemetery areas of Musalla ( Figure 1 ). Figure 1 Visualization

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Geodynamic Research at the Department of Planetary Geodesy, SRC PAS

deconvolution filter, Proc. Journées 2013 Systèmes de référence spatio-temporels, N. Capitaine (ed.), Observatoire de Paris, 189-192. Chen J.L., and Wilson C.R. (2005), Hydrological excitation of polar motion, 1993-2002, Geophys. J. Int, 160, 833-839, doi:10.1029/2003GL018688. Cmielewski K., (2015). A new concept explored in the Geodynamic Laboratory of the Space Research Center in Ksiaz" , Acta Geodyn. Geomater., vol. 12, No. 2 (178) Barrodale I. and Erickson R. E., (1980). Algorithms for least-squares linear prediction and

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High-energy seismic events in Legnica–Głogów Copper District in light of ASG-EUPOS data

, all the components (North, East and Up) of displacement vectors were studied for initial detection of any non-random effects in their properties. Estimated values of daily outcomes (solutions) were influenced by many errors and the precision of the data is changing in time. However, the derived daily displacements of the station are within range of the error; their distribution was not normal and some tendencies were evaluated Szczerbowski (2016) . To make reasoning more valid and understandable, the temporal distribution of N, E components of GLOG and LEGN

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Fuzzy Similarity and Fuzzy Inclusion Measures in Polyline Matching: A Case Study of Potential Streams Identification for Archaeological Modelling in GIS

References Alt, H. & Godau, M. (1995). Computing the Fréchet distance between two polygonal curves. International Journal of Computational Geometry & Applications, 5(1-2), 75-91. doi: 10.1142/S0218195995000064. Arnaud-Fassetta, G., Carcaud, N., Castanet, C. & Salvador, P.-G. (2010). Fluviatile palaeoenvironments in archaeological context: Geographical position, methodological approach and global change - Hydrological risk issues. Quaternary International, 216(1-2), 93-117. doi: 10.1016/j.quaint.2009

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GPR surveying method as a tool for geodetic verification of GESUT database of utilities in the light of BSI PAS128

distance intervals of 0.03 m. In order to improve the S/N (signal to noise) ratio, the number of stacks equal to 32 and the sampling rate 10 times greater than the dominant frequency of the antenna was assumed. The time window with a length of 96 ns at a wave speed of 0.01 m/ns allowed the penetration of the medium to a depth of approximately 5 m. The Leica Nova MS50 total station and the 360 prism mounted on the dedicated adapter, 0.47 m above the ground, were used as a system for locating the position. The transmission of the coordinates in the 2000 system was carried

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