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Peter Žiška, Dávid Olasz and Matúš Krčmár

training in healthy sedentary subjects. Am J Physiol. 285. H1747-52. 8. HICK SON, R.C., H.A. BOMZE & J.O. HOLLOSZY, 1977. Linear increase in aerobic power induced by a strenuous program of endurance exercise. J Appl Physiol. 42:372-376. 9. HYNYNEN, E., A. UUSTRALO, N. KONTRINEN & H. RUSKO, 2008. Cardiac autonomic responses to standing up and cognitive task in over trained athletes. Sport Med, 29:552-558. 10. JANSSEN, G.J.M.P., 1994. Training Lactate Pulse. 1st ed. Oulu Finland: OyLitto. ISBN 952- 90066

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Werlayne Stuart Soares Leite

%ADmpicos-deberlim/a-601469 43. PICCARDI, G., 2016. Evitato da Roosevelt, non da Hitler. Un film rivela la verità di Owens . January 2016. [cit. 2017-03-19]. Accessible from: 44. SCRIVENER, P., 2008. Olympic countdown - 64 - Olympic spirit . [cit. 2016-12-02]. Accessible from: 45. SPORTS REFERENCE, n.d. Luz Long . [cit. 2016

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Pavel Šmela, Petra Pačesová, Stanislav Kraček and Nina Halačová

References 1. ABRAMENKOVÁ, V. et al., 1987. Stručný psychologický slovník . Bratislava: Pravda. SPS 075-036-87. 2. ALI, J., 2010. A study of achievement motivation in relation to performance of badminton players. In: Vyayam-Vidnyan. 43 (3), 41-44. 3. BEDRNOVÁ, E., I. NOVÝ et al., 2007. Psychologie a sociologie řízení . Praha: Management press. ISBN 8072610643. 4. CASTILLO, I., J. DUDA, I. BALAGUER & I. TOMAS, 2009. Cross-domain generality of achievement motivation across sport and the classroom: the case of Spanish adolescents. In

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Dagmar Nemček, Stanislav Kraček and Petra Kurková

; it looks dangerous”: Changing students’ attitudes and emotions in physical education. In: Personality and Individual Differences , 41, pp. 767–777. 27. PRECHTL, H. F., G. CIONI, CH. EINSPIELER, A.F. BOS & F. FERRARI, 2001. Role of vision on early motor development: lessons from the blind. In: Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 43 (3), pp. 198–201. 28. SMOLEŇÁKOVÁ, N. & E. BENDÍKOVÁ, 2017. Effect of the Content Standard for Changing the Level of Knowledge of Secondary School Students. In: Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 17 (1), pp

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Dario Novak, Štefan Lovro, Branislav Antala, Arunas Emeljanovas, Brigita Mieziene, Ivana Milanović and Snežana Radisavljević-Janić

health behaviors: two developmental pathways leading to health promoting and health risk behaviors. J. Youth Adolesc. 43 , 1176-1190. 26. LA TORRE, G., D. MASALA, E. DE VITO, E. LANGIANO, G. CAPELLI & W. RICCIARDI, 2006. Physical activity and socio-economic status collaborative group. Extracurricular physical activity and socioeconomic status in Italian adolescents. BMC Public Health. 6 , 22. 27. LARSON, J. S., 1996. The World Health Organization's definition of health: social versusu spiritual health. Soc. Indic. Res. 38 , 181-192. 28. LOPEZ, C. N

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Zerf Mohammed, Boras Fatima Zohar, Benali Gourar, Bengoua Ali and Mokkedes Moulay Idriss

References 1. Almeida, A.M.D., P.R. Santos Silva, A. Pedrinelli & A. J. Hernandez, 2018. Aerobic fitness in professional soccer players after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. PLoS ONE, 3, e0194432. doi: 2. Anjali, N. Shete, Smita S Bute & P.R. Deshmukh, 2014. A Study of VO2max and Body Fat Percentage in Female Athletes. J Clin Diagn Res. 8(12), BC01-BC03. doi: 10.7860/JCDR/2014/10896.5329. 3. Cardoso De Araújo, M., C. Baumgart, C. T. Jansen, J. Freiwald

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Petra Kurková and Nanci A. Scheetz

References 1. AMMONS, D.K., 1990. Unique identity of the World Games for the Deaf. Palaestra, 6, 40-43. 2. AMMONS, D.K., 2009. The International Committee on Sports for the Deaf and the Deaflympics. In: MOORES D and M. MILLER (Eds.) Deaf people around the World: Educational and social perspectives (pp. 373-386). Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press. ISBN 9781563684104. 3. ANDERSON, K.L., 2015. Access is the issue, not hearing loss: new policy clarification requires schools to ensure effective communication

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Dagmar Nemček and Alexander Simon

Association, 292, pp. 1454-1461. 43. YÁGÜEZ, L., K.N. SHAW, R. MORRIS & D. MATTHEWS, 2011. The effects on cognitive functions of a movement-based intervention in patients with Alzheimer's type dementia: a pilot study. In: International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 26(2), pp. 173-181.

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Dagmar Nemček

. WHITE, B. PLAITH, K. PEDLEY, E. RUSHBROOKE & A. TAYLOR, 2004. Evaluating the health-related quality of life effects of cochlear implants: a prospective study of an adult cochlear implant program. In: International Journal of Audiology. 43(4), pp. 183-192. 9. HUBER, M., 2005. Health related quality of life of Austrian children and adolescents with cochlear implants. In: Interantional Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology. 69(8), pp. 1089-1101. 10. HUTZLER, Y. & M. BAR-ELI, 1993. Psychological benefit of sports for disabled people: A

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Mohammed Zerf, Hadje Besultan, Norddine Attouti, Blidi Touati and Moulay Idriss Mokkedes

. 13. GIPA, 2007. Water Polo Goalkeeper . Zagreb: Library of University Split. 14. GOSWAMY, N., 2014. The Medical Science of Total Body Transformation . US: Lulu Publishing Services. 15. GRAY A. J. & D. G. JENKINS, 2010. Match Analysis and the Physiological Demands of Australian Football. Sports Med. 40 (4): 347-60. 16. GRIFFIN. J. C., 2015. Client-Centered Exercise Prescription . Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. 17. HADJAR, K. H., S. M., KOUTCHOUK, M. MIME, M. ZERF & Z. FATEH, 2016. Which Training Improves the Ability to Control and