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Neil Reid

Press, New York. Jackson K. T. 1985 Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States Oxford University Press New York Jennings, J. (2012) Measuring Neighborhood Distress: A Tool for Place - based Urban Revitalization Strategies , Community Development, 43(4), 464–475. 10.1080/15575330.2011.645047 Jennings J. 2012 Measuring Neighborhood Distress: A Tool for Place-based Urban Revitalization Strategies Community Development 43 4 464 475 Kraftchick, J. F., Byrd, E. T., Canziani, B., & Gladwell, N. J. (2014) Understanding Beer Tourist Motivation . Tourism

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Agnieszka Sobala-Gwosdz and Krzysztof Gwosdz

regeneration through partnership: A critical appraisal The Policy Press Bristol Clarke, N. (2012) Urban policy mobility , anti-politics , and histories of the transnational municipal movement , Progress in Human Geography, 36(1), 25–43. 10.1177/0309132511407952 Clarke N. 2012 Urban policy mobility, anti-politics, and histories of the transnational municipal movement Progress in Human Geography 36 1 25 43 Strefa Kultury (2015), Fabryka Silesia 2(9), 26–52 [in Polish]. Strefa Kultury 2015 Fabryka Silesia 2 9 26 52 [in Polish] Feldman, M. (2000) Urban waterfront

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Marta Borowska-Stefańska, Szymon Wiśniewski and Klaudia Modrzejewska

, standard deviation and standard deviation ellipse. The first centrographic measure used in the article was the centre of gravity, also referred to as the centroid. It is nothing different than the mean of the coordinates x and y of residential buildings located within the boundaries of the cities analysed analysed cities. Centroids were generated with GIS tools where coordinates of the centroid are calculated according to the formula: X ¯ = ∑ i = 1 n x i n , Y ¯ = ∑ i = 1 n y i n $$\begin{array}{} \bar{X}=\frac{\sum_{i=1}^{n}x_i}{n},\bar{Y}=\frac{\sum_{i=1}^{n}yi}{n

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Péter Bucsky

policies and safety management systems are the most important factors in raising safety levels. Necessary maintenance and its safeguarding cannot be taken over by AVs. It is not easy to predict how much impact AVs will have on safety and the reduction of accidents. S. Newnam & N. Goode (2015) analysed 27 highway crash reports and found that the truck driver’s fault was not the main problem. The conclusions of the study are also interesting in the light of the emergence of AVs. In the European Union there is a decade of experience of research on specialised

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Anna Irena Szymańska and Monika Płaziak

7 25 Total gross leasable area (GLA) in shopping centres (m2) 495 thousand 12.3 M 548 thousand 1.46 M 10.9 M Shopping centres GLA per capita ratio (m2 per 1000 residents) 430 530 569 283 218 Rent in the best shopping centres (in the fashion sector, area of approx. 100 m2, m2/month) 42-47 EUR 75-90 EUR 43-45 EUR 105-110 EUR up to 150 EUR Rate of unoccupied area in shopping centres (%) 3.3 - 3.8 1.5 4.0 The retail market in Poland, including Krakow

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Katarzyna Nikorowicz-Zatorska

Łodzi 2002a ) and No. 4,4 ( Rada Miejska w Łodzi 2008 ). These two MPZPs partially cover the actual area of the airport. Figure 9 gives a graphic presentation of the spatial deployment of these two MPZPs which cover the area of planned access to the airport (Pol. Port Lotniczy im. Władysława Reymonta [4,4]) and the area of the municipal landfill (Pol. składowisko balastu [28]). The main area of the airport is not covered by a MPZP. Figure 9 MPZP N°28 and N°4,4 in comparison of the airport area Source: Miejska Pracownia Urbanistyczna… Despite the ICAO

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Jarosław Kazimierczak and Piotr Kosmowski

, XLVI (92), 25–41. Carmo A. 2011 Revolutionary landscapes: the PCTP/MRPP mural paintings in the Lisbon metropolitan areas Finisterra XLVI 92 25 41 Dixon, T., Otsuka, N. & Abe., H. (2011) Critical success factors in urban brownfield regeneration : an analysis of ‘hardcore’ sites in Manchester and Osaka during the economic recession (2009–10) , Environment and Planning A, 43, 961–980. 10.1068/a43468 Dixon T. Otsuka N. Abe H. 2011 Critical success factors in urban brownfield regeneration: an analysis of ‘hardcore’ sites in Manchester and Osaka during the economic

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Paweł Pistelok

the author was conducting his own research in spring 2017, the views turned out to be almost completely reversed ( Fig. 2 ). Now serving as a cultural centre is one of main functions of Katowice centre, right behind the trade and communicational node. It seems obvious that the new function fosters and triggers hallmark cultural investments. Figure 2 Industrial and cultural functions of Katowice centre – a comparison Source: for 2017 – own study (N valid: a centre for culture = 218; a centre for industry = 212), Katowice centre is’ comprises three dimensions of

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Rafał Kobis

of populations” ( UNESCO World Heritage List , n.d.)”. In order to understand the specific architecture of old Algiers, it is necessary to reconsider the rules governing the urban planning of an Islamic city. First of all there is a clear distinction between the residential area and the administrative and commercial districts. Secondly, a typical Islamic city functioned according to the rules written in the Quran and Sunnah by the Prophet. According to Islam the space is divided into a public sphere that is accessible to everyone ( halal in Arabic) and a private

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Roberto Falanga

G. 2006 Active Citizenship and Effective Public Services and Programmes: How can we know what really works? Urban Studies 43 5/6 993 1008 10.1080/00420980600676626 Briggs, X. de S. (1998) Brown kids in white suburbs: Housing mobility and the many faces of social capital Housing Policy Debate, 9(1), 177–221. DOI: 10.1080/10511482.1998.9521290. Briggs X. de S. 1998 Brown kids in white suburbs: Housing mobility and the many faces of social capital Housing Policy Debate 9 1 177 221 10.1080/10511482.1998.9521290 Buck, N. (2001