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José Félix Costa

-68. Hogarth, M. (2004). Deciding Arithmetic Using SAD Computers. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 55(4), 681-691. Penrose, R. (1989). The Emperor’s New Mind. Oxford University Press. Shagrir, O. (2012). Supertasks do not increase computational power. Natural Computing, 11(1), 51-58. Shannon, C. E. (1956). A universal Turing machine with two internal states. (C. E. Shannon, & J. McCarthy, Edits.) Annals of Mathematical Studies, 34, pp. 157-165. Smith, W. (2006). Church’s thesis meets the N

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Cristina Travanini

Encyclopedia of Philosophy , Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = < >, Winter 2015 Edition. Routley, R., 1982, “On What There is Not” , Philosophy and Phenomenological Research , 43 (2), 151–177. Russell, B., 1905, “On Denoting”, in Mind , n. s. XIV, 479–493. Simons, P., 2013, “And Now for Something Completely Different: Meinong’s Approach to Modality”, Humana. Mente. Journal of Philosophical Studies , 25, 119–134. Thomasson, A., 2003, “Speaking of Fictional Characters”, Dialectica

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Federico Laudisa

References Almeder R. 1998, Harmless Naturalism. The Limits of Science and the Nature of Philosophy , Open Court, Chicago & La Salle, Ilinois. Andler D. 2009, “Is naturalism the unsurpassable philosophy for the sciences of man in the 21st century?”, in Stadler, F., Hartmann, S., Dieks, D., Gonzalez, W.J., Uebel, T., Weber, M. (eds.), The Present Situation in the Philosophy of Science , Springer, Berlin, pp. 283-304. Armstrong D. 1981, The Nature of the Mind and Other Essays , Cornell University Press, Ithaca N.Y. Armstrong D. 1983

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Víctor J. Luque

References Ayala, F., 1970, Teleological explanations in evolutionary biology. Philosophy of Science , 37, pp. 1–15. Birch, J., 2012, The negative view of natural selection. Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences , 43, pp. 569–573. Blount ZD, Borland CZ, Lenski RE, 2008, Historical contingency and the evolution of a key innovation in an experimental population of Escherichia coli. PNAS , 105 (23), pp. 7899–7906. Blount ZD, Barrick JE, Davidson CJ, Lenski RE, 2012, Genomic analysis of a key innovation in

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Klaus Gärtner and Robert W. Clowes

References Bermúdez, J.L. (2003). Thinking Without Words . Oxford. Block, N. (1996). Mental paint and mental latex. Philosophical Issues , 7, 19–49. Brooks, R. (1995). Intelligence Without Reason. In L. Steels & R. Brooks (Eds.), The Artificial Life Route to Artificial Intelligence: Building Embodied, Situated Agents . Hillsdale, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Brooks, R., & Stein, L.A. (1993). Building Brains for Bodies (1439). Retrieved from Clark, A., & Toribio, A

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Rinat M. Nugayev

Albert Einstein. Vol. 5. The Swiss Years: Correspondence, 1902–1914. Martin J. Klein, A. J. Kox and Robert Schulmann, eds., Princeton: Princeton University Press. Garber, Pieter, 1898. Die räumliche und zeitliche Ausbreitung der Gravitation. Zeitschrift fur Mathematik und Physik 43, 93–104. Holton, Gerald, 1968. Mach, Einstein and the Search for Reality”, Daedalus , 97, 636–673. Janssen M., Norton John D., Renn Jürgen, Sauer Tilman, Stachel John, 2007. Introduction to volumes 1 and 2: the Zurich Notebook”, in Boston Studies in the Philosophy of

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Cécilia Bognon-Küss, Bohang Chen and Charles T. Wolfe

.C., Packard, N.H., Stadler, P.F., 2009, Protocells, Bridging Nonliving And Living Matter , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Richards, R.J., 2000, Kant and Blumenbach on the Bildungstrieb: A Historical Misunderstanding. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C , 31(1), 11–32. Ruiz-Mirazo, K., Moreno, A., 2013, Synthetic Biology: Challenging Life in order to grasp, use or extend it, Biological Theory, 7(4), 376–382. Schlick, M., 1953 [1925], Philosophy of Organic Life, in H. Feigl and M. Brodbeck (eds.), Readings in the Philosophy of

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Alexander Gerner

–457. Critchley, H., and Harrison, N., 2013, Visceral influences on brain and behavior. Neuron, 77, 624–638. Dahan A., et al, 2016, Exit from Synchrony in Joint Improvised Motion. PLoS ONE , 11(10), e0160747. , retrieved: 8.3.2017. Du Bois, J., 2007, The stance triangle. In: Stancetaking in discourse: Subjectivity, evaluation, interaction , Amsterdam, Benjamins, 139–182. Du Bois, J., 2014, Towards a dialogic syntax. Cognitive Linguistics , 25 (3), 359–410. Dunbar, R., 1996, Grooming, Gossip, and the

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Paul H. Walton and Daniel J. Walton

] Conroy, L., Watt, E. & Smith, W. Is there a ‘Leaky Pipeline for Women in Clinical Medical Physics in Canada? World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, June 7-12, 2015, Toronto, Canada, 2015. Springer International Publishing.,1669-1672 [5] Fenton, N., Neil, M. & Constantinou, A. (2015). Simpson’s Paradox and the implications for medical trials. (accessed October 1st, 2016) [6] Jensen, J. L., Neeley, S., Hatch, J.B. & Piorczynski, T. 2015. Learning Scientific

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Sonja Schaal, Steffen Schaal and Armin Lude

References [1] Anderson, M. (2013). Perfect ICT every lesson. Carmarthen: Independentthinkingpress. [2] Benkowitz, D. & Köhler, K. (2010). Perception of Biodiversity - The Impact of School Gardening on Getting in Touch with Plants. In: N. Müller, P. Werner & J. Kelcey (Hrsg.). Urban Biodiversity and Design. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell. [3] Benkowitz, D. (2013). Einfluss von Unterricht auf die Wahrnehmung pflanzlicher Vielfalt. In J. Mayer, M. Hammann, N. Wellnitz, J. Arnold, & M. Werner (Hrsg.), Theorie, Empirie