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Ireneusz Ziemiński

References BRATNY, R. (1978): Radość nagrobków [ Tombstone joy ]. Warszawa: Iskry. FIODOROW, N. (2012): Filozofia wspólnego czynu [ Philosophy of shared action ]. Kęty: Wydawnictwo Marek Derewiecki. KOŁAKOWSKA, A., PATORA, T. & STELMASIAK, M. (2000): Za bijali pacjentów dla pieniędzy [ They killed patients for money ], [online] [Retrieved September 2, 2018]. Available at:,76842,2638033.html LIZZA, J. P. (2018a): Defining death: Beyond biology. In: Diametros , 55, pp. 1–19. LIZZA, J. P. (2018b): In defense

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Piotr Grzegorz Nowak

to others . New York: Oxford University Press. FERNÁNDEZ-ESPEJO, D. & OWEN, A. M. (2013): Detecting awareness after severe brain injury. In: Nature reviews neuroscience , 14, pp. 801–809. GALEWICZ, W (2013): Status ludzkiego zarodka a etyka badań biomedycznych [ The status of the human embryo and the ethics of the biomedical research ]. Kraków: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. JAWORSKA, A. & TANNENBAUM, J. (2018): The Grounds of Moral Status. In: E. N. Zalta (ed.): The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy (Spring 2018 Edition

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Ľubomír Dunaj

References ANGLE, S. A. (2012a): Contemporary Confucian Political Philosophy: Toward Progressive Confucianism. Cambridge (UK) & Malden (USA): Polity. ANGLE, S. A. (2012b): Contemporary Confucian Perspectives on Social Justice. In: M. Palmer (ed.): Companion to Religion and Social Justice. New York, Blackwell, pp. 93–109. APP, U. (2010): The Birth of Orientalism. Philadelphia & Oxford: University of Pennsylvania Press. ARNASON, J. P., EISENSTADT, S. N. & WITTROCK, B. (eds.) (2005): Axial Civilizations and World History. Leiden

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Daniel Brennan

References BARNARD, F. (1990): Masaryk and Herder. In S. Winters (ed.): T. G. Masaryk (1850–1937), vol 1 . London: Macmillan Press, pp. 23–43. BAYARD, C. (1990): The Intellectual in the Post Modern Age. In: Philosophy Today , 34, pp. 291–302. BRENNAN, D. (2014): Vaclav Havel and Jan Patocka: The powerless and the shaken. In: Symposium , 18(2), pp. 149–168. ČAPEK, K. (1995): Talks with T. G. Masaryk , trans. M. H. Heim. Connecticut: Catbird Press. ČAPEK, K. (2010): The Essential Karel Čapek, trans. Š. Tobrmanová-Kühnová. London

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Martin Gluchman

of killing: Problems at the margins of life . Oxford & New York: Oxford University Press. NAGEL, T. (1970): Death. In: Noûs , 4(1), pp. 73–80. NAIR-COLLINS, M. (2017): Can the brain-dead be harmed or wronged? On the moral status of brain death and its implications for organ transplantation. In: Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal , 27(4), pp. 525–559. NAIR-COLLINS, M. (2018): A biological theory of death: Characterization, justification, and implications. In: Diametros , 55, pp. 27–43. NOWAK, P. G. (2018): Brain death as irreversible loss

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Lenka Ucnik

. 157‒163. FRASER, N. (1989): Unruly Practices: Power, Discourse and Gender in Contemporary Social Theory. Cambridge: Polity Press. HABERMAS, J. (1987): The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity. Cambridge: Polity. HABERMAS, J. (1996): Taking Aim at the Heart of the Present. In: D. C. Hoy (ed.): Foucault. A Critical Reader. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 103‒108. HACKING, I. (1986): Self-Improvement. In: D. C. Hoy (ed.): Foucault. A Critical Reader. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 235‒240. HACKING, I. (1986

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Hana Konečná and Karolína Nováková

[Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence], trans. D. Micka. Prague: Dybbuk. BLYTH, E. (2008): To Be or not to Be? A Critical Appraisal of the Welfare of Children Conceived through New Reproductive Technologies. In: International Journal of Children’s Rights, 16(4), pp. 505-522. BLYTH, E., BURR, V. & FARRAND, A. (2008): Welfare of the child assessments in assisted conception: A social constructionist perspective. In: Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 26(1), pp. 31-43. BLYTH, E. & CAMERON, C