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Constant Leung, Jo Lewkowicz and Jennifer Jenkins

References Bachman, L. F., & Palmer, A. S. (1996). Language testing in practice . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Bachman, L. F., & Palmer, A. (2010). Language assessment in practice: Developing language assessments and justifying their use in the real world . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Baird, R., Baker, W., & Kitazawa, M. (2014). The complexity of ELF. Journal of English as a Lingua Franca 3 (1), 171-196. Baron, N. (2010). Always On. Language in an Online Mobile World. . New York: Oxford University Press. Blommaert, J

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Tomáš Turzák and Jana Turzáková

adults: Overcoming elderspeak. Journal of Gerontological Nursing , 30 (10), 17-25. Williams, K., Kemper, S., & Hummert, M. L. (2005). Enhancing communication with older adults: overcoming elderspeak. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services , 43 (5), 12-16. Williams, K. N. (2006). Improving outcomes of nursing home interactions. Research in nursing & health , 2 9(2), 121-133.

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Zuzana Lukáčová and Barbora Pavelová

analysis: Perspectives on second language acquisition . Routledge. Richards, J. C., Platt, J., & Weber, H. (1985). Dictionary of applied linguistics . Essex: Longman, 43. Sawalmeh, M. H. M. (2013). Error Analysis of Written English Essays: The case of Students of the Preparatory Year Program in Saudi Arabia. English for Specific Purposes World , 40 (14), 1 – 17. Selinker, L. (1992). Rediscovering Interlanguage . Essex. Sukasame, N., Kantho, S., & Narrot, P. (2014). A Study of Errors in Learning English Grammatical Structures on Tenses of

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Yaowaret Tharawoot

, NY: Pearson Education. Canale, M., & Swain, M. (1980). Theoretical basis of communicative approaches to second language testing and teaching. Applied Linguistics, 1, 1–47. Cullen, R. (2002). Supportive teacher talk: The importance of the F-move. ELT Journal, 56(2), 117-127. Day, R. R. (1990). Teacher observation in second language teacher education. In J. C. Richards and D. Nunan (Eds.), Second language teacher education (pp. 43-61). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Dudley-Marling, C., & Searle, D. (1991). When students have time to

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Ivana Šimonová

References Abdullah, M. R. T. L. et al. (2013). M-learning scaffolding model for undergraduate English language learning: Bridging formal and informal learning. TOJET: The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 12(2), 217 - 233. Aharony, N. (2014). Library and information science students’perception of mlearning. Journal of librarianship and information science, 46(1), 48-61. Ally, M. (2009). Mobile Learning. Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training. Athabasca: AU Press

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Adetoun Olubanke Oladele and Isaac Taiwo Oladele

References Acosta, R. L. (2012). An exploration of reading methods in 1st grade: comparing the basal approach and balance literacy. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation. Louisiana State University Allington, R.L. & McGill-Franzen, A (1989). Schools responses to reading failure. Instruction for chapter 1 and special education students in grade two, four and eight. The Elementary School Journal, 89 (5), 529-542. Alloway, N. & Gillbert, P. (1997a). Boys and literacy. Lessons from Australia. Gender and Education, 9 (1

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Orit Eshel

/VOILA: effet point de vue et argumentativité indirecte du récit. Revue de sémantique et pragmatique 9-10. 43-74. Ribera, Josep. 2007. Text deixis in narrative sequences. International Journal of English Studies 7.1. 149-168. Thurneysen, Rudolf. 1946. A grammar of Old Irish (Vol. 1). Dublin: DIAS. Weinrich, Harald. 1970. Tense and Time. Archivum Linguisticum, n.s. 1. 31-41. Weinrich, Harald. 1971 [1964]. Tempus - Besprochene une erzälter Welt. Stuttgart Berlin Köln Mainz: W. Kohlhammer. Wigger

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Ohanaka Blessing Ijeoma and Adeleke Ismaila Oladipo

. Egbochuku,E.O., Obodo,B.O., &Obadan, N.O (2008) Efficacy of Rational –Emotive Behaviour Therapy on the Reduction of Test Anxiety among Adolescents in Secondary Schools,, the European Journal of Social Science, 6, (4). Farmer, R., &Sundberg, N. D. (1986). Boredom proneness - The development Fisher, C. D. (1993). Boredom at work: A neglected concept. Human Relations, 46, (3), 395-417. Fisher, S. L.,(2006). The role of goal orientation in a self-regulation framework (Doctoral dissertation, Michigan State University). Dissertation Abstracts International

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Young Mudavanhu and Nicholas Zezekwa

.G., & Lederman, J.S. (2005). Understanding the true meaning of nature of science: teaching suggestions to help you highlight nature of science. Science and Children , 43(2), 50-52. Editorial (2001) Controversy and debate: the nature of science. Nature Cell Biology , 3, May 2001. Frigg, R. & Hartmann, S. (2017) Models in science. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy , Spring 2017 ed. > Lederman, N.G. (1992). Students’ and teachers’ conceptions of the nature of

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Khadija M. Althuwaimer Alrashidi

. Ek, L. D., & Sanchez, P. (2013). Before the tenure track: Graduate school testimonios and their importance in our profersora-ship today. Educational Foundations, 15-30. Gilbert, L. A., Gallessich, J. M., & Evans, S. L. (1983). Sex of faculty role model and students' self-perceptions of competency. Sex Roles, 597-607. Hartley, N., & Dobele, A. (2009). Feathers in the nest: Establishing a supportive environment for women researchers. The Australian Educational Researcher, 43-58. Hill, C., & Corbett, C. (2010). Why So