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Alex Ansong

’, in David M. Andrews (ed.), Orderly Change: International Monetary Relations since Bretton Woods, Cornell University Press, New York. 9. Emerson Hall, T., Ferguson, J.D. (1998). The Great Depression: An International Disaster of Perverse Economic Policies, University of Michigan Press, Michigan. 10. Finch, D.C. (1989). The IMF: The Record and the Prospects, Princeton Essays in International Finance, No. 175. 11. Gardner, R.N. (1972).The Political Setting, in A.L.K. Acheson, J.F. Chant, and M.F.J. Prachowny (eds.), Bretton Woods Revisited

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Yu ShuHong, Malik Zia-ud-Din, Roy Dilawer Khan and Samra Bilal

. Phan, P. N. (2005). Clinical legal education in China: in pursuit of a culture of law and a mission of social justice. Yale Hum. Rts. & Dev. LJ, 8, 117. 41. Pinguelo, F. M. (1998). The Struggle between Legal Theory and Practice: One Law Student's Effort to Maintain the Proper Balance. BYU Educ. & LJ, 173. 42. Priest, G. L. (1988). Increasing Division between Legal Practice and Legal Education, The. Buff. L. Rev., 37, 681. 43. Quaid-e-Azam University, School of Law. (2017) Courses Offered for BA-LLB programme. Retrieved

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Hamed Alavi

letters of credit: a comparative study . University of Singapore Press, 6-7. 12. Enonchong, N. (2011), The Independence Principle of Letters of Credits and Demand Guarantees, Oxford University Press, 9 13. Eakin v Continental Illinois National Bank & Trust Co. (1989) 875F.2d114.116 14. Garcia, R.L.F. (2009), Autonomy principle of the letter of credit , Mexican Law Review 72 15. Goode. R. (1991), Abstract Payment Undertakings, in Peter Cane and Jane Stapleton (eds), Essays for Patrick Atiyah (OUP 1991). 16. Grassi, P.S. (1995), Letter

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Thaddeus Manu and Felipe Romero Moreno

Ltd v Bristol Laboratories Pty Ltd (1968) 118 CLR 618. 14. Bender, P., Privacies of Life (New York, Harper’s Magazine, April 1974). 15. Bender, P., Emerson, T., Haber, D., Dorsen, N., and Neuborne, B., Political and Civil Rights in the United States (Vol. 1, Fourth Edn. Little, Brown and Company; 1976). 16. Bernstein v. Skyviews Ltd. [1978] Q.B. 479. 17. Beaney, W., “The Right to Privacy and American Law” (1966) 31 Law and Contemporary Problems 2, 253. 18. Black’s Law Dictionary (ed.) Bryan Garner (Thomson West; 10th Edition, 2014

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Primož Pevcin

and Town Planners: Smart planning for Europe's gateway cities . Conference proceedings. Chourabi, H., et al. (2012). Understanding Smart Cities: An Integrative Framework. In: 45 th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Conference Proceedings, 2289-2297. Cocchia, A. (2014). Smart and Digital City: A Systematic Literature Review. In Dameri, R.P., & Rosenthal-Sabroux, C. (eds.). Smart City. Basel: Springer, 13-43. Dameri, R.P., & Cocchia, A. (2013). Smart City and Digital City: Twenty Years of Terminology Evolution. In X

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Anikó Kelemen-Erdős and Adél Molnár

References Charmaz, K. (2006). Constructing Grounded Theory: A practical guide through qualitative analysis. Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, Wiltshire. Dewsnap, B., & Jobber, D. (2009). An exploratory study of sales-marketing integrative devices. European Journal of Marketing , 43(7/8), 985-1007. Ernst, H., Hoyer, W. D., & Rübsaamen, C. (2010). Sales, marketing, and research-and-development cooperation across new product development stages: implications for success. Journal of Marketing , 74(5), 80-92. Fern, E. F. (2001). Advanced

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Solomon Akpoviroro Kowo, Olusegun Adeleke ObaAdenuga and Olalekan owotutu Sabitu

Horizons, 50, 305–314. Mbugua, G., Waiganjo, E., & Njeru, A. (2013). Relationship between Strategic Recruitment and Employee Retention. International Journal of Business Administration, 6(1), 87–97. McDonnell, A., Gunnigle, P., & Lavelle, J. (2010). Learning transfer in multinational companies. Human Resource Management Journal, 20(1), 23–43. Mukuna, A. (2016). Strategic responses to investment shocks by selected multinational corporations in Kenya. University of Nairobi. Nwasha, N. (2013). An Over-view of Online Recruitment: The Case of Public

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Jacek Pasieczny

References Albrecht K. (2003). The Power of Minds at Work: Organizational Intelligence in Action, New York: American Management Association Archer D. (1999). Exploring “Bullying” Culture in Para-Military Organisations. International Journal of Manpower, Vol. 20, N. 1-2, pp. 94-105. Ashforth B. (1984). Petty Tyranny in Organizations. Human Relations, Vol. 47, No. 7, pp. 755-778 Awa W. L., Plaumann, and Walter U. (2010). Burnout Prevention: A Review of Intervention Programs. Patient Education and

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Yaron Ghilay

Education . Nova Science Publishers-New-York. Ghilay, Y. (2017b). ODL: Online Distance Learning of Quantitative Courses in Higher Education. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal , 4(18), 62-72. Ghilay, Y. & Ghilay, R. (2015). FBL: Feedback Based Learning in Higher Education. Higher Education Studies , 5(5), 1-10. Hartsell, T. & Yuen, S. (2006). Video streaming in online learning. AACE Journal, 14 (1), 31–43. Hattie, J., & Timperley, H. (2007), The power of feedback. Review of Educational Research

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Celina Sołek-Borowska and Maja Wilczewska

References Anderson, N. (2003). Applicant and recruiter reactions to new technology in selection: A critical review and agenda for future research. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 11(2/3), 121-136. Bartram, D. (2000). Internet recruitment and selection: kissing frogs to find princes, International Journal of Selection and Assessment , 8(4), 261-274. Buckley, P., Minette, K., Joy, D. & Michaels, J. (2004). The use of an automated employment recruiting and screening system for temporary professional employees: a case study