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Carmen Păunescu, Oana Găucă and Denisa Drăgan Gilmeanu

, G. (2012). Reconceptualising engagement: a conceptual framework for analyzing university interaction with external social partners. South African Review of Sociology , 43 (2), 5–26. Mtawa, N.N., Fongwa, S.N., Wangenge-Ouma, G. (2016). The scholarship of university-community engagement: Interrogating Boyer’s model. International Journal of Educational Development , 49 (C), 126-133. Muller, J., Subotzky, G. (2001). What knowledge is needed in the new millennium? Organization , 8 (2), 163–182. Păunescu, C., Cantaragiu, R. (2013). The Social

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Violeta Mihaela Dinca, Teodora Floricel and Monica Zottu

References Antram, N., (2007). The obsession with brands, GMO Research Blog: Japan Marketing Review . Retrieved from GMO Research Blog: . Boatman T. (2016). Ginza Brand Central for Luxury. Retrieved from . Ellington, L. (2012). Japan: a global studies handbook, Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, California, ISBN-13: 978-1576072714, 163-171. Reischauer, E.O. (1997). Japanese, Harvard University Press, ISBN: 0674471768, 134

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Vlad Roşca

References Ahearne, M., Hughes, D.E., Schillewaert, N. (2007): “Why sales reps should welcome information technology: Measuring the impact of CRM-based IT on sales effectiveness”, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 24(4), 336-349. Bruhn, M., Schnebelen, S., Schäfer, D. (2014), “Antecedents and consequences of the quality of e-customer-to-customer interactions in B2B brand communities”, Industrial Marketing Management, 43(1), 164-176. Bügel, M.S., Verhoef, P.C., Buunk, A.B. (2011), “Customer intimacy and commitment to relationships

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Tshidi Mohapeloa

References Adams, G.B., & Diamond, M.A. (1999). Psychodynamic perspectives on organizations: identity, politics and change. American Behavioral Scientist , 43(2), 221–224. Amit, R., & Zott, C. (2012). Creating value through business model innovation. MIT Sloan Management Review, 53(3), 41. Bauer, T. & Erdogan, B. (2012). Organisational Behaviour. v.1.1 ed. s.l.:Unnamed Publisher. Betchoo, N.K. (2015). Managing Workplace Diversity: A Contemporary Context. Universite des Mascareignes: Nirman Kumar Betchoo and bookboon

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Nicolae Al. Pop, Cristina-Maria Ott, Daniela Simion and Monica Zottu-Z

healthcare institution managers proactive approach to communication activities on patient satisfaction. Journal of Health Care Marketing, Belgrade: Vojnosnitetski Pregled, 67(4), 267-271. Florescu, C., Malcomete, P., Pop, N. (2003). Marketing, Dicționa Explicativ, ucu ești Ed. Economica, pp.12. Fotea, I. S., Thomas, R. A., (2016), Business Ethics and Leadership from an eastern European, Transdisciplinary Context, Cham, Switzerland: Springer, p.43. Genadinik, A., (2014). Event Planning- Management and Marketing for Successful

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Miruna Florina Lungu

., & Bolisani, E. (2015, September). Knowledge strategy: An integrated approach for managing uncertainty. In European Conference on Knowledge Management (p. 169). Academic Conferences International Limited. Doz, Y. L., & Kosonen, M. (2010). Embedding strategic agility: A leadership agenda for accelerating business model renewal. Long range planning, 43(2), 370-382. Fartash, K., Davoudi, S. M., & Semnan, I. R. A. N. (2012). The Important Role of Strategic Agility in Firms’ Capability and Performance. International Journal of Engineering and

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Cristina Stoenescu and Camelia Monica Gheorghe

, Geographica Pannonica , 14(2), 49-58. Gillen D., Morrison W.G., (2003). Bundling, integration and the delivered price of air travel: Are low-cost carriers full service competitors?, Journal of Air Transport Management, 9(1), 15–23. Hahn air. Retrieved from . Halpern N., Graham A., Dennis N. (2016). Low cost carriers and the changing fortunes of airports in the UK, Research in Transportation Business & Management, 21, 33–43; Lawton, T. C., Solomko, S. (2005). When being the lowest cost is not enough: building a successful

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Oana-Georgiana Ciobanu and Daniela Mihaela Neamţu

/E, Zoetermeer: EIM. Baker, T., Miner, A.S., Eesley, D.T. (2003). Improvising firms: bricolage, account giving and improvisational competencies in the founding process, Research Policy, 32(2), 255-276 Burduş, E (2000). Managementul schimbării organizaţionale. Bucureşti: Economica. Carree, M.A., Thurik, A.R. (1999). Industrial Structure and Economic Growth, in D.B. Audretsch and A.R. Thurik (eds.), Innovation, Industry Evolution and Employment, Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming. Dew, N. et al. (2010). On the

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Corina Pelau, Daniela Serban and Alexandra Catalina Chinie

References Adjei, M.T.; Clark, M.N. (2010). Relationship marketing in a B2C context: The moderating role of personality traits, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 17(1), 73-79 Albanese, P.J. (1993). Personality and Consumer Behaviour: An Operational Approach, European Journal of Marketing, 27(8), 28-37 Backhaus, K.; Erichson, B.; Plinke, W.; Weiber, R. (2000). Multivariate Analysemethoden - Eine anwendungsorientierte Einfuehrung, Springer, Berlin Balderjahn, I. (1988). Personality

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Manuela Epure

Marshall, S. (2009). A handbook for teaching and learning in Higher Education . London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. Gibney, J., Copeland, S., Murie, A. (2009). Toward a “New” Strategic Leadership of Place for the Knowledge-based Economy. Leadership , February. 5 (1), 5-23. Guerrero, M. and Urbano, D. (2010). “The Development of an entrepreneurial university”, in Journal of Technology Transfer , 37, 43-74 Landry R., Saihi M., Amara N. et al. (2010). Evidence on how academics manage their portfolio of knowledge transfer activities. Research