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Influence of heat treatment on the structure and properties of polyamide 6/ halloysite nanocomposites

general approach toward halloysite-based composite nanotubes , J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 2009, vol. 112, no 3, p. 2647-2655. [5] Lecouvet B., Sclavons M., Bourbigot S., Bailly C., Towards scalable production of polyamide 12/halloysite nanocomposites via water-assisted extrusion: mechanical modeling, thermal and fire properties , Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2014, vol. 25, no 2, p. 137-151. [6] Ning N., Yin Q., Luo F., Zhang Q., Du R., Fu Q ., Crystallization behavior and mechanical properties of polypropylene/halloysite composites , Polymer, 2007

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Diagnostic benchmarks on dynamic characteristics of thin-walled marine damaged structures

systems–A case study for open sea collisions involving RoPax vessels. Reliability Engineering and System Safety,124, pp. 142-157. Muc, A., Murawski, L. and Szeleziński, A. (2018). Methods of cracks detection in marine structures’ welded joints based on signals’ time waveform analysis. Brodogradnja/Shipbilding, 69 (3), pp. 43-59. Murawski, L., Ostachowicz, W., Opoka, S., Mieloszyk, M. and Majewska, K. (2012). Practical application of monitoring system based on optical sensors for marine constructions. Key Engineering Materials, 518, pp. 261-270. Mvola

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Development of a computational model of a lightweight vertical lathe with the use of superelements

References [1] Y. Altintaş and E. Budak, Analytical Prediction of Stability Lobes in Muling, CIRPAnn. - Manuf, Techno!., vol. 44. no. 1, pp. 357-362,1995. [2] M. Dolata. Model zastepezy mechanizmu srubowo- tocznego i )ego weryfikacja doswiadczalna, Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Techno logiczny, 2015. [3] R. P. H. Faassen, N. Van de Wouw, J. A. J. Oosterling. and H. Nijmeijer, Prediction of regenerative charter by modelling and analysis of high-speed milling. Int J. Mack. Tools Manuf.. vol. 43. no. 14.pp. 1437

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The conception of selected Technology Assessment method and the possibilities of TS application

-16. Brodny, J. and Tutak, M. (2016). Analysis of gases emitted into the atmosphere during an endogenous fire. Vienna: SGEM, 4(3), pp. 75-82. Brodny, J. and Tutak, M. (2016). Analysis of methane emission into the atmosphere as a result of mining activity. Vienna: SGEM, 4(3), pp. 83-90. Brodny, J. and Tutak, M. (2019). Analysis of the diversity in emissions of selected gaseous and particulate pollutants in the European Union countries. Journal of Environmental Management, 231, pp. 582-595. Brodny, J. and Tutak, M. (2019). Forecasting the distribution of

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Barriers of implementation of pro-environmental activities in supply chains

, pp. 30-36. Wang, Z., Mathiyazhagan, K., Xu, L. and Diabat, A. (2016). A decision making trial and evaluation laboratory approach to analyze the barriers to Green Supply Chain Management adoption in a food packaging company. Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 117, pp. 19-28. Wong, C.Y., Wong, C.W.Y. and Boonitt, S. (2015). Integrating environmental Management into supply chains. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 45(1-2), pp. 43-68. Wyawahare, A. and Udawatta, N. (2017). A Framework for Successful

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The role of the EFQM model in precepting quality in Polish enterprises

-531. Bazanowski, W., Błaszczyk, F. (2004). Pojęcie i koncepcje jakości. Antidotum, 4, pp. 34. Beer, M., Nohria, N. (2000). Breaking the Code of Change. Harvard Business Review, 78(3), pp. 133-141. Boulter, L. (2005). Report on EFQM and BQF funded study into the impact of the effective implementation of organizational excellence strategies on key performance results. Centre of Quality Excellence the University of Leicester. Choshin, M., Ghaffari A. (2017). An investigation of the impact of effective factors on the success of e-commerce in small - and medium

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Simulation for Jewelry Production Process Improvement Using Line Balancing: A Case Study

and H.C. Yadav. “A Heuristic Approach for U-Shaped Assembly Line Balancing to Improve Labor Productivity,” Computer & Industrial Engineering , vol. 64, pp. 895-902, 2013. [12] P. Sivasankaran and P.M. Shahabudeen. “Design and Comparison of Genetic Algorithms for Mixed-Model Assembly Line Balancing Problem with Original Task Times of Models,” American Journal of Industrial and Business Management , vol. 6, pp. 674-696, 2016. [13] H. Zupan and N. Herakovic. (2015). “Production Line Balancing with Discrete Even Simulation: A Case Study,” IFAC

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Comparative analysis of soil magnetic susceptibility and concentration of rare earth elements in soil of problematic areas

contamination in problematic area using empirical Bayesian and indicator kriging: A case study in Upper Silesia. Poland. Geoderma, 308, pp. 69-77. Fürst, Ch., Lorz, C. and Makeschin, F. (2009). Testing a Soil Magnetometry Technique in a Highly Polluted Industrial Region in North-Eastern Germany. Water Air Soil Poll, 202(1-4), pp. 33-43. Hower, J.C., Ruppert, L.F., Eble, C.F. (1999). Lanthanide, yttrium, and zirconium anomalies in the Fire Clay coal bed. Eastern Kentucky. International Journal of Coal Geology, 39, pp. 141-153. Hu, Z., Haneklaus, S., Sparovek

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Circular economy in companies: an analysis of selected indicators from a managerial perspective

, UK. Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Granta Design (2015). Circularity Indicators. An approach to measuring circularity. Methodology (online). Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Granta Design. Available at: (Accessed 16 JUN 2019). Evans, J., and Bocken, N. (2013). Circular Economy Toolkit. Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing. Available online: (Accessed 1 JUL 2019). Franklin-Johnson, E., Figge, F. and Canning, L. (2016). Resource duration as a managerial indicator for

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Experimental Procedure Used To Determine The Flexural Rigidity For Composite Sandwich Bars With Various Thickness Values

. 43, No. 9, pp. 1569-1577, (2012). 9. Kumar, B., G., Singh, R., P., Nakamura, T., Degradation of carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy composites by ultraviolet radiation and condensation, Journal of Composite Materials , Vol. 36, No. 24, pp. 2713-2721, (2002). 10. Baurova, N., I., Surface structure of fractured carbon-fiber composites before and after climatic aging, Fiber chemistry , Vol. 46, No. 4, pp. 241-244, (2014).

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