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Sergey A. Kirsanov and Yevgeny N. Safonov

:// Kazanskaya, A. Yu. (2006). Municipal Units Social and Economic State Integrated Assessment Method Development. The electronic academic periodicals Researched in Russia, 43, 426-442. Retrieved from Kirsanov, S. A., Safonov, E. N., & Sidorenko, E. A. (2010). Managing an Apartment Building: Organizational, Legal and Economic Principles: a guide. - Moscow: Integratsya, p. 292. Kirsanov, S. A., & Safonov, E. N. (2012

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Inese Binovska, Linda Kauškale and Jānis Vanags

., Lepkova, N., & Liias, R. (2014). Interaction of Socio-Economic Factors and Real Estate Market in the Context of Sustainable Urban Development. In 9th International Conference “Environmental Engineering 2014” (pp. 1-8). Lithuania, Vilnius, May 22-24, 2014. Vilnius: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Press Technika. ISBN 9786094576409. e-ISBN 9786094576904. e-ISSN 2029-7092. Hui, E. C. M., & Chan, K. K. (2014). Foreign Direct Investment in China’s Real Estate Market. Habitat International, 43, 231-239. https

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Jānis Vanags, Ineta Geipele, Auseklis Sarkans and Didzis Usenieks

., & Michelsen, C. (2016). Housing Market Fundamentals, Housing Quality and EnergyConsumption: Evidence from Germany. The Energy Journal, 37(4), 25-43. Daud, N. (2015). Real Estate Education: Taking Needs and Issues into Consideration. Articles of 7th WAVO Valuation Congress (12th - 13th November 2015. Beijing. China. Retrieved October 10, 2016, from Dezhi, L., Yanchao, C., Hongxia, C., Kai, G., Chi-Man Hui, E., & Yang, J. (2016). Assessing the integrated sustainability of a

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Jānis Viesturs, Armands Auziņš and Tatjana Štaube

. XXVIII Congreso ALAS, Recife, Brasil, en los días 6-11 de setiembre de 2011. Retrieved from Fuerst, F., Milcheva, S., & Baum, A. (2015). Cross-Border Capital Flows into Real Estate. Real Estate Finance (Aspen Publishers Inc.). 31(3), 103-122. Retrieved from German, L., Schoneveld, G., & Mwangi, E. (2013

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Tatjana Štaube and Ineta Geipele

). Introduction to spatial natural resource and environmental economics. Resource and Energy Economics, 32(2), 93-97. Arauzo-Carod, J.-M., & Viladecans-Marsal, E. (2009). Industrial Location at the Intra-Metropolitan Level: The Role of Agglomeration Economies. Regional Studies, 43(4), 545-558. Auziņš, A. (2004). Institutional Aspects of Real Estate Property Formation: the Case of Latvia, Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Economic

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Linda Kauškale and Ineta Geipele

Angeles: Information Engineering Research Institute, 2012, 238-243. ISBN 9781612750064. Bertoloa, L. S., Santos, R. F., Agar, P. M., & Pablo, C. T. L. (2015). Land-use changes assessed by overlay or mosaic methods: Which method is best for management planning? Ecological Indicators, 55, 32-43. Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (2014). Statistic database. Retrieved from Chakir, R

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Lutfi Zharku

Report (no. 18/31). 1-59. Jacobs, D., Schoeman, N., & Van Heerden, J. (2002). Alternative Definitions of the Budget Deficit and its Impact on the Sustainability of Fiscal Policy in South Africa. The South African Journal of Economics, 70(3), 251-257. Koczan, Z. (2015). Fiscal Deficit and Public Debt in the Western Balkans: 15 Years of Economic Transition, IMF Working Papers, 15/172, 1-20. Kosovo’s Agency of Statistics. (2017). Gross National Product 2008-2016, 1

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Linda Kauškale and Frank Riemenschneider

References Actiņa, G. (2015). Development of Management System of Energy Efficient Processes in Latvia (Doctoral thesis, Riga Technical University). Riga: RTU Press. 234 p. Actiņa, G., Geipele, I., & Zeltiņš, N. (2015). Planning and managing problems of energy and energy efficiency at regional and district level in Latvia: Case study. In International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM), (pp. 1-7). Auziņš, A., Geipele, I., & Stāmure, I