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The Economy of Bulgaria

Structural Funds, Growth And Cyclical Recurrence

Ivan Todorov, Kalina Durova and Aleksandar Aleksandrov

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Beate Jochimsen


Federalism is always torn between the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity. Defining the federal structure of a country by finding the welfare-maximizing amount and design of government layers is challenging. Thereby, the financial endowment of different layers of government which they need to fulfill their respective tasks is an important aspect. European countries have chosen quite different federal designs to address the question of an optimal degree of fiscal decentralization. The aim of this paper is to analyze these different approaches for Germany, Italy, and the European Union. Parallels can be found in that all the three entities share a form of institutional asymmetry, a kind of fiscal bailout system, and a sort of fiscal equalization scheme.

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Patrick Idode and Gbenga Sanusi

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Nil Baran Acarali, Emre Ozturk, Melek Bardakci, Mehmet Burcin Piskin and Nurcan Tugrul

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Grażyna Osbert-Pociecha

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Khalid Aboura, Johnson I. Agbinya and Ali Eskandarian

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Petra Šparl, Anja Žnidaršič, Helmut Kasper, Jürgen Mühlbacher and Jure Kovač

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Lyudmyla Malyarets, Oleksandr Dorokhov, Vitaliya Koybichuk and Liudmyla Dorokhova

Ukraine. Transport and Telecommunication , 12 (1), 25-33 13. Fabris, N. & Vujanovic, N. (2017). The Impact of Financial Dollarization on Inflation Targeting: Empirical Evidence from Serbia. Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice , 6 (2), 23–43. 14. Fernando, A., Ferreira, F., Jalali, M., Ferreira, J., Stankevičienė, J. & Marques, C. (2016), Understanding the dynamics behind bank branch service quality in Portugal: pursuing a holistic view using fuzzy cognitive mapping. Service Business , 10 (3), 469-487. 15. Goncharuk, A. (2016). Banking

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Borivoje D. Krušković and Tina Maričić

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Adriana Csikósoya, Katarina Ćulkoya and Maria Antośoya

vydavateľstvo, n. p. Košice. Novek Z. et al. 2001 - Novek Z., Csikósová A., Kameníková K., Hricišinová A., 2001 - Historical development of the magnezite plant in Košice. Mineralia Slovaca, vol. 33, no 6, pp. 551-556. O’Driscoll M., 2003a - Back to basics. Industrial Minerals, no 434, pp. 30-43. O’Driscoll M., 2003b - Elements of magnesia. Industrial Minerals, no 431, pp. 44-51. O’Driscoll M., 2003c - In the hall of the magnesite king. Industrial Minerals, no 430, pp. 26-37. Skvareková E., Kozakova L., 2012 - Brown coal and lignite issues from the perspective