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Vincent Uwaifiokun

Investment & Finance, 33(4), pp. 408-414, French N., 2013, Reversionary Freehold Valuations: Over‐rented Cash Flows by Spreadsheet, Journal of Property Investment & Finance, 31(3), pp. 298-306, Ifediora G.S.A., 1993, Appraisal Framework, 1st ed. Enugu, Nigeria: Iwuba Ifediora Associates, Igboko N.P., 1992, Research Project on Valuation Methods in Nigeria with Special Reference to Years Purchase, Research report for the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers 1-43, IVSC, 2017, International

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Nasruddin Zainudin and Angappan Regupathi

France. International Small Business Journal , 16(1), 22-35. Deloof, M. & Jegers, M. (1996). Trade Credit, Product Quality, and Intragroup Trade: Some European Evidence. Financial Management , 25(3), 33-43. Elliehausen, G. E., Wolken, J. D. (1993). The Demand for Trade Credit: An Investigation of Motives for Trade Credit Use by Small Business. Staff Study 165, 1-18. Garcia-Teruel, P. J., Martinez-Solano, P. (2007). Effects of Working Capital Management on SME Profitability. International

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Sebastian Majewski

References Barberis, N. & Thaler, R. (2002). A Survey of Behavioral Finance. Handbook of the Economics of Finance. De Brouwer, P.J.S. (2009). Maslovian portfolio theory, an alternative formulation of the Behavioral Portfolio Theory. Journal of Assets Management, 9 (6). Kahneman, D. & Tversky, A. (1979). Prospect Theory: An Analysis of Decision under Risk. Econometrica, 47 (2). Lavine, A. (1996). Wszystko o funduszach powierniczych. Warszawa: WIG-Press. Lopes, L.L. & Oden, G

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Bruno Završnik and Damjana Jerman

References Albers-Miller, N.D. and Straughan, R.D., 2000. Financial services advertising in eight non-English speaking countries. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 18(7), pp. 347-357. Baker, M. and Balmer, J.M.T., 1997. Corporate reputation and image. European Journal of Marketing, 5(6), pp.366-382. Balmer, J.M.T., 1991. Building societies: change, strategy and corporate identity. Journal of General Management, Winter Issue (2), pp. 20-33. Balmer, J.M.T., 2001. Corporate

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Brian Muyambiri and Nicholas M. Odhiambo

, 4 (10), 464‒475. Hamdi, H., Hakimi, A., Sbia, R. (2013). Multivariate Granger causality between financial development, investment and economic growth: Evidence from Tunisia. Journal of Quantitative Economics , 1–2 (11), 111‒129. Huang, Y. (2011). Private investment and financial development in a globalized world. Empirical Economics , 1 (41), 43‒56. IMF (2016). International Financial Statistics: Database and Browser January 2016 . International Monetary Fund Publications Services, Washington: DC. Levine, R. (1997). Financial

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Radosław Kurach and Tomasz Słoński

Relationships between Excess Rate of Return and Financial Ratios. Retrieved July 2, 2014, DOI: Nicholson, S. (1960). Price-Earnings Ratios. Financial Analysts Journal, 16 (4): 43-45. DOI: 10.2469/faj.v16.n4.43. Ohlson, J. (1995). Earnings, Book Value and Dividends in Equity Valuation. Contemporary Accounting Research, 11 (2): 661-687. DOI: 10.1111/j.1911-3846.1995.tb00461.x. Pennman, S.H. (1996). The Articulation of Price-Earnings Ratios and Market

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Jan Urban

. Lawler, E. & Bouldreau, J. (2012). Effective Human Resource Management: A Global Analysis, Standford: Stanford University Press Lee, D., Van den Steen, E. (2010). Managing Know-How, Management Science, 56 (2), 270-285. Long, R.J., Shields, J.L. (2005). Best practice or best fit? High involvement management and base pay practices in Canadian and Australian firms, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resource, 43 (1), 52-75. Nayab, N. (2011). Six Sigma Myths and Realities - How Effective is Six Sigma ?, Bright Hub Project, Retrived 2017, dostupné na http

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Paweł Folfas

References Artelaris, P., Kallioras, D., Petrakos, G. (2010). Regional Inequalities and Convergence Clubs in the European Union New Member-States. Discussion Paper Series of University of Thessaly , 16 (3), 43–62. Baumol, W. (1986). Productivity growth, convergence and welfare: what the long-run data show? American Economic Review , 76 (5), 1072–1085. Benedek, J., Veress, N.-C. (2013). Economic disparities and changes in the convergence of the Romanian Nuts 2 and Nuts 3 regions. Romanian Review of Regional Studies , IX (1), 85

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Bilkisu Adamu Aliyu, Habibu Sani, Hamza Usman and Hassan Muhammad

., Oloyede S. A.,Durodola O. D., 2012, Empirical Study of the Causes of Valuation Variance and Inaccuracy in Nigeria, International Business Research 5(3), pp. 71-80. doi: 10.5539/ibr.v5n3p71, Ayuthaya N. P.,Swierczekf. W., 2014, Factors Influencing Variation in Value and Investors Confidence, IOSR Journal of Business and Management 16(5), pp. 41-51, Babawale G., 2008, An Evaluation of Factors Influencing Inaccuracy in Residential Property Valuation in Lagos Metropolis, Unpublished PhD Thesis Submitted to the Department, University of Lgos

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Monika Płuciennik, Maria Hełdak and Ewelina Werner

5. References B erkovitz E. N., K erin R.A., H artley S.W., 1994, William ruderlıus , Marketing, 4. Ed. Irwin Inc. C ymerman J., 2009, Aktywna gospodarka nieruchomościami a dochody gmin (Active Management of Real Estate at the Local Government and Communal Income), Studia i Materiały Towarzystwa Naukowego Nieruchomości, Vol. 17, No. 3, 2010, pp. 29-46. G ulmez M., K araca S., K itapci O., 2010, The effects of outdoor advertisements on consumers: a case study, Studies in Business and Economics, Vol. 5, Issue 2, pp. 70-88. H