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Bree L. Dority, Dayna Larreau and Frank Tenkorang

R eferences 1. American Horse Council (n.d.), National economic impact of the U.S. horse industry , 2. , [Accessed 10.26.2014] 3. Hansen, C., & Saghaian, S. (2015), “Progeny? Performance? What really matters in a stud fee?” Southern Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting . Atlanta, GA. 4. Keeneland Association (n.d.), About Keeneland sales , , [Accessed 3.12.15] 5. Keeneland Association (n

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Cristian Obreja and Gabriel Cucuteanu

# Middle East and North Africa ## Unclassified information deliberately searched selected, filtered and disseminated for a specific audience to meet a specific demand. EX: mass-media, Internet, research journas, patents, conferences, etc. R eferences 1. Agarwal, K. N. (2006). Competitive intelligence in business decisions - an overview. Competition Forum, 4(2), 309-314 2. Croom, Herman L., The Exploitation of Foreign Open Sources, Studies in Intelligence, 1969, volume 13, number 3, pp. 129-136 3. Franco et all, Competitive intelligence

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Henry Kelly

Grammar of Social Conflicts, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Honneth, A., 2001. “Recognition or Redistribution? Changing Perspectives on the Moral Order of Society”, Theory, Culture and Society, Vol.18 No.2-3, pp.43-55. Kalyvas, A., Katznelsen, I., 2001. “The Rhetoric of the Market: Adam Smith on Recognition, Speech and Exchange”, Review of Politics, Vol.63 No.3, pp.549-579. Krippner, G. R., 2011. “Capitalising on Crisis: The Political Origins of the Rise of Finance”, London: Harvard University Press

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Izabela Pruchnicka-Grabias

References Agarwal, V., Naveen, D., Naik, N. (2004). Flows, Performance, and Managerial Incentives in Hedge Funds. George State University Working Paper, p. 1 - 44. Retrieved from, 07.10.2014. Asness, C.R., Krail, J., Liew, J. (2001). Do Hedge Funds Hedge? Journal of Portfolio Management, Vol. 28, 2001, 6 - 19. Baba, N., Goko, H. (2006). Survival Analysis of Hedge Funds. Bank of Japan Working Paper Series, Bank of Japan, March. Baquero, G

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Zbigniew Korzeb

References Barber, B., Lyon, D. (1997). Detecti ng Long-run Abnormal Stock Returns. Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 43, 341-372. Buszko, M. (2016). Profi ts and Risks of Foreign Exchange Mortgage Loans: Case of Poland. In M.H. Bilgin, H. Danis, E. Demir, U. Can (Ed.), Business Challenges in the Changing Economic Landscape (pp. 129-145). Vol. 1, Eurasian Studies in Business and Economics. Chance, D.M., Brooks, R. (2015). Introducti on to Derivati ves and Risk Management. Boston: Cengage Learning

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Magda Ciżkowicz-Pękała

Quality . Paper presented at 2008 Finance International Meeting AFFI – EUROFIDAI, Paris. Brennan, B.J., Miksimovic, V., Zechner, J. (1988). Vendor Financing. The Journal of Finance, 43 (5), 1127-1141. Burkart, M., Ellingsen, T. (2004). In—Kind Finance. A Theory of Trade Credit. American Economic Review , 94, 569-590. Cheng, N.S., Pike, R. (2003). The Trade Credit Decision: Evidence of UK Firms. Managerial and Decision Economics, 24 (6/7), 419-438. Dass, N., Kale, R. Nanda, V. (2015). Trade Credit, Relationship-specific Investment, and Product

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Analysis of Some Inner Factors Affecting the Lending Rate and Commercial Bank Behavior

(An Empirical Study Based on the Commercial Banking Sector of Pakistan)

Zulfiqar Ali, Zahid Bashir, Muhammad Usman Arshad, Ahmed Ghazali, Muhammad Asif and Fahad Najeeb Khan

Journal of Business and Social Research, 2(4), 149-174. Kananu, E., Ireri, J. (2015). Effects of Operational Costs on Lending Interest Rates of Commercial Banks. Journal of Business Economics and Finance, 4(3). Kimeria, S.N. (2014). Determinants of Lending Rates of Commercial Banks in Kenya. University of Nairobi. Mbao, F.Z., Kapembwa, C., Mooka, O., Rasmussen, T., Sichalwe, J. (2014). Determinants of Bank Lending Rates in Zambia: A Balance Sheet Approach**. Ngata, D.M., Njeru, D.A. (2015). Effect of Basel

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Dopé M. Adjor and Léleng Kebalo

Statistics, 6:461-464. 43. Tanzi, V. (1998a). Corruption and the budget: Problems and solutions. In Economics of corruption, pages 111-128. Springer. 44. Tanzi, V. (1998b). Corruption around the world: Causes, consequences, scope, and cures. IMF Staff Papers, 45(4):559-594. 45. Tanzi, V. and Davoodi, H. (1998). Corruption, public investment, and growth. In The welfare state, public investment, and growth, pages 41-60. Springer. 46. Tomić, I. (2016). What drives youth unemployment in Europe? EI Working Papers N

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Andrzej Zyguła

R eferences Abdullah, H.N.M., Ahmad, Z., Roslan, Sh. (2012). The Influence of Ownership Structure on the Firms Dividend Policy Based Lintner Model. International Review of Business Research Papers 8 (6), 71-88. Al-Gharaibeh, M., Zurigat, Z., Al-Harahsheh, K. (2013). The Effect of Ownership Structure On Dividends Policy In Jordanian Companies. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, 4 (9), 769-796. Ammer, J., Holland, S.B., Smith, D.C., Warnock, F.E. (2005). Look at Me Now: What Attracts U.S. Shareholders? NBER Working

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Antonija Bošnjak, Abeer Hassan and Kieran James

-fb39-44f3-b6c4-3d1f6cb84354 [Accessed: 18 June 2017]. 18. Eschenbach, F. (2004) Finance and Growth: A Survey of the Theoretical and Empirical Literature. [Online] Available: [Accessed: 2 June 2017]. 19. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (2016) Transition report 2016-2017. [Online] Available: [Accessed: 10 August 2017]. 20. European International Bank (n.d) Vienna Initiative. [Online] Available: http