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Mico Apostolov

-496. Howenstine N. G. and W. J. Zeile (1992). Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: Establishment Data for 1987. ‘Survey of Current Business(October)’: 44-58. Jensen M. C. (2010). The Modern Industrial Revolution, Exit, and the Failure of Internal Control Systems. ‘Journal of Applied Corporate Finance’ 22(1): 43-58. ‘Journal of Political Economy’ 98(2): 225-264. Kathuria V. (2000). Productivity spillovers from technology transfer to Indian manufacturing firms. ‘Journal of International Development’ 12(3): 343-369. Keay I

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Elena Druica, Calin Valsan and Rodica Ianole

-46. COLLIERS REPORT: DHAR, R.; GOETZMANN, W. (2005). Institutional perspectives on real estate investing: The role of risk and uncertainty (No. ysm457). Yale School of Management. DUBBEN, N.; SAYCE, S. (1991). Property portfolio management: an introduction (pp. 128-58). London: Routledge. EICHHOLTZ, P.; YÖNDER, E. (2015). CEO Overconfidence, REIT Investment Activity and Performance. Real Estate Economics , 43: 139–162. DOI: 10

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Damian Kaźmierczak and Jakub Marszałek

Warrants, ‘Journal of Financial Economics’, no. 13(1) Greiner D., Kalay A., Kato H. K. (2002), The Market for Callable-Convertible Bonds: Evidence from Japan, ‘Pacific-Basin Finance Journal’, no. 10 Harris M., Raviv A. (1985), A Sequential Signalling Model of Convertible Debt Call Policy, ‘The Journal of Finance’, no. 40(5) Ingersoll E. (1977), A Contingent-Claims Valuation of Convertible Securities, ‘Journal of Financial Economics’, no. 4(3) Ingersoll E. (1977), An Examination of Corporate Call Policies

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Jiří Balcar

). Popularity. Retrieved June 1, 2012, from DUNIFON, R., DUNCAN, G. J. (1998). Long-Run Effects of Motivation on Labor- Market Success. Social Psychology Quarterly, 61 (1). Pp. 33-48. FORTIN, N. M. (2008). The Gender m among Young Adults in the United States: The Importance of Money vs. People. Journal of Human Resources, 43 (4). Pp. 884-918. DOI: 10.1353/jhr.2008.0006 KUBEŠ, M., SPILLEROVÁ, D., KURNICKÝ, R. (2004). Manažerské competence. Praha: Gradiva Publishing. ISBN 80

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Kunofiwa Tsaurai

an application to employment equations , ‘The Review of Economic Studies’, 58 (2), 277–297. Bekhet, H. A. and Othman, N. S. (2011), Causality analysis among electricity consumption expenditure, gross domestic product (GDP) and foreign direct investment (FDI): Case study of Malaysia , ‘Journal of Economics and International Finance’, 3 (4), 228–235. Belmokaddem, M., Ghouali, Y. Z., Guellil, M. S. and Sahraoui, M. A. (2014), Causal interactions between FDI, electricity consumption and economic growth: Evidence from dynamic panel cointegration models

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Ildikó Marosi and Ferenc Katona

. Selyeho — 2014]: Gazdaságtudományi Szekció. Brem, A.; Ivens, B. (2013). Do frugal and reverse innovation foster sustainability? Introduction of a conceptual framework. Journal of Technology Management for Growing Economies 4(3), October: 31–50. Csath, M. (2015). A fenntartható fejlődés feltételei. . Last accessed on: 24.04.2015. Fukuda, K.; Watanabe, Ch. (2011). A perspective on frugality in growing economies: triggering a virtuous cycle between consumption propensity and growth

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Tomáš Pražák and Daniel Stavárek

References Calderón C. and Liu L. (2003), The direction of causality between financial development and economic growth, ʽJournal of Development Economicsʼ, Elsevier, Amsterdam, no. 72. Chen N.F., Roll R. and Ross S.A. (1986), Economic forces and the stock market, ʽThe Journal of Businessʼ, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, no. 59. Choi J.J., Elyasini E. and Kopecky K.J. (1992), The sensitivity of bank stock returns to market, interest and exchange rate risks, ʽJournal of Banking and Financeʼ, Elsevier

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Arshad Ullah Jadoon, Yangda Guang, Anwar Ahmad and Sajad Ali

heavily indebted developing nations , ʽJournal of Development Economics ʼ , 18(1), 115–126. Ekanayake, E. M. (1999), Exports and economic growth in Asian developing countries: Cointegration and error-correction models , ʽJournal of Development Economics ʼ , 24(2), 43–56. El-Sakka, M. I., Al-Mutairi, N. H. (2000), Exports and economic growth: the Arab experience, ʽThe Pakistan Development Review ʼ , 153–169. Froyen, R. T., Adams, J., Davidson, L. S. (1996), Study Guide [to Accompany] Macroeconomics: Theories and Policies , by Lawrence S. Davidson

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Aneta Bobenič Hintošová and Zuzana Kubíková

Studies Working Paper . 197. AYDIN, N., SAYIM, M. & YALAMA, A. (2007) Foreign ownership and firm performance: evidence from Turkey. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics . 11, pp. 103-110. AZZAM, I., FOUAD, J. & GHOSH, D. K. (2013) Foreign ownership and financial performance: evidence from Egypt. International Journal of Business . 18 (3), pp. 232-254. BARBOSA, N. & LOURI, H. (2005) Corporate performance: does ownership matter? Comparison of foreign and domestic owned firms in Greece and Portugal. Review of Industrial Organization