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Marcela Petrová Kafková

. Journal of Applied Gerontology , 22 (2), 179–196. Environment and Ageing Final Report (2008, October). European Commission. Retrieved from . European Values Study , , accessed (10. 2. 2019). Fransson, N., Gärling, T. (1999). Environmental concern: Conceptual definitions, measurement methods, and research findings. Journal of Environmental Psychology , 19 (4), 369–382. Global Warming of 1,5 °C (2018

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Kris A. Bulcroft

Socio-emotional Selectivity Theory. Psychology and Aging , 7 (3), 331–338. Cemalcilar, Z., Secinti, E., Sumer, N. (2018). Intergenerational Transmission of Work Values: A Meta-Analytic Review. Journal of Youth and Adolescence , 47 (8), 1559–1579. Connidis, I A., Borell, K., Karlsson, S. (2017). Ambivalence and Living Apart Together in Later Life: A Critical Research Proposal. Journal of Marriage and Family , 79 (5), 1404–1418. Cruz, J. (2012). Remarriage Rate in the U.S., 2010 (FP-12-14). Bowling Green, Ohio: National Center for Family

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Simona Hortová and Adéla Souralová

REFERENCES Adams, B. N. (1968). Kinship in urban setting. Chicago: Markham Publishing. Aldous, J. (1987). New views on the family life of the elderly and the near elderly. Journal of Marriage and the Family , 49 (2), 227–234. Anderson, T. B. (1984). Widowhood as a life transition: Its impact on kinship ties. Journal of Marriage and the Family , 46 (1), 105–114. Atkinson, M. P., Kivett, V. R., Campbell, R. T. (1986). Intergenerational solidarity: An examination of a theoretical model. Journal of Gerontology , 41 (3), 408

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Ľubica Voľanská, Marcela Káčerová and Juraj Majo

– autobiographical sources on the way of life in the second third of the 20 th century in Slovakia]. Populačné štúdie Slovenska 10 [Population Studies of Slovakia 10], Bratislava. Botiková, M., Brezovská, N. (2017). Faktory aktívneho starnutia (Výskum medzi ženami v Trenčianskej Teplej) [The Factors of Active Ageing (Research among Women in Trenčianska Teplá)]. Etnologické rozpravy , 24 (1), 7–40. Burgt, van der, D. (2008). ‘How children place themselves and others in local space’, Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography , 90 (3), 257–269. Bútorová

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Susanne Greilich

. der Kritischen Theorie in diesem Kontext andererseits vgl. Herrmann 2004 : 39-43. Das Augenmerk soll vielmehr der aktuellen Verortung und Gestalt der Kulturwissenschaft in der deutschen Anglistik und Germanistik gelten. Dabei erscheint es interessant, sich nicht allein entsprechenden programmatischen Aufsätzen zu widmen, sondern auch und im Besonderen den in den letzten Jahren herausgegebenen, vielfach neu aufgelegten Einführungsbänden zum Thema. Sie sind in besonderer Weise nicht nur akademische Standortbestimmung, sondern sie fördern und dokumentieren auch die

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Anna Popławska and Roman Wisz

Institute (n.d.), Language Difficulty Ranking , ; (12.05.2014). GĘBAL P.E. (2013), Modele kształcenia nauczycieli języków obcych w Polsce i w Niemczech , Kraków, Księgarnia Akademicka. KOMOROWSKA H. (2007), Nauczanie języków obcych – Polska a Europa , Warszawam SWPS „Academica”. MIODUNKA W. (1990), Moc języka i jej znaczenie w kontaktach językowych i kulturowych, Język polski w świecie , red. W. Miodunka, Warszawa, PWN. MNiSW (2008), Strategia rozwoju kraju 2007

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Konrad Szocik and Joanna Wisła-Płonka

evolutionary roots of property rights, In K. Sterelny, R. Joyce, B. Calcott,B. Fraser (Eds.), Cooperation and its evolution, Cambridge MA, MIT. GUNNING J., JACKSON R. (2011). What’s so ‘religious’ about ‘religious terrorism’? Critical Studies on Terrorism, 4 (3), 369–388. HANSDAK S. G., PAULRAJ R. (2013). Are we doing harm by omission? Addressing religiosity of the mentally ill,World Psychiatry, 1 (40). HERZFELD N. (2007). Lessons from Srebrenica. The Danger of Religious Nationalism,Journal of Religion & Society, Supplement Series 2, 110

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Valentina Pennazioa and Andrea Traversob

. Cacciamani, S. (2008). Imparare cooperando. Dal cooperative learning alle comunità di ricerca. Roma : Carocci. Catarsi, E. & Fortunati, A. (2004). Educare al nido. Metodi di lavoro nei servizi per l’infanzia. Roma: Carocci. Chioccariello, A. (2000). Il computer nella scuola dell’infanzia. Modelli concettuali di riferimento e meccanismi di sostegno per i docenti. TD - Journal, Vol. 20, n. 2, pp. 36-43. De Blasio & E. Sorice, , M. (2004). Cantastorie mediali. Roma: Audino. De RossiM. & Petrucco, C. (2013). Le

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Djelveh Sara and Contò Francesco

-26. Cantner, U., Meder, A. & Wolf, T. (2011). Success and failure of firm's innovation co-operations: The role of intermediaries and reciprocities. Regional Science, 90, 2, 313-329. Colvin J., Blackmore C., Chimbuya S., Collins K., Dent M., Goss J., Ison R., Roggero P. & Seddaiu G. (2014). In search of systemic innovation for sustainable development: A design praxis emerging from a decade of social learning inquiry. Research Policy 43 (2014) 760-771 Contò, F., Faccilongo, N., La Sala, P., Dicecca, R. 2013. Cloud approach for short chain

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Alessandro Ciasullo

improved in a virtual learning environment. AdvPhysiolEduc, 23(1), 59-66. Goldin, G. A., Epstein, Y. E., Schorr, R. Y., & Warner, L. B. (2011). Beliefs and engagement structures: behind the affective dimension of mathematical learning. ZDM Mathematics Education, 43, 547-560. Hektner, J. M., &Asakawa, K. (2001). Learning to like challenges. In M. Csikszentmihalyi, & B. Schneider (Eds.), Becoming adult (pp. 95-112). New York, NY: Basic Books. Hew, K. F., & Cheung, W. S. (2010). Use of three-dimensional (3-D) immersive virtual worlds in K-12 and higher