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Ghada Awada

violence in armed conflict. Journal of Peace Research, 53(2), 211–225. Purwono, U., French, D. C., Eisenberg, N., & Christ, S. (2018). Religiosity and Effortful Control as Predictors of Antisocial Behavior in Muslim Indonesian Adolescents: Moderation and Mediation Models. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality . Ramakrishna, K. (2017). The Growth of ISIS Extremism in Southeast Asia: Its Ideological and Cognitive Features—and Possible Policy Responses. New England Journal of Public Policy, 29

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Pavol Baboš

. et al. (2005). Losers’ Consent: Elections and Democratic Legitimacy . Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press. Berggren, N. and Jordahl, H. (2006). ‘Free to Trust: Economic Freedom and Social Capital’. Kyklos . Vol. 59, No. 2, pp. 141-169. Braithwaite, V. and Levi, M. eds. (1998). Trust and Governance . New York: Russell, Sage. Brown, T. A. (2006) Confirmatory Factor Analysis for Applied Research . New York: The Guilford Press. Ceka, B. (2013): ‘The Perils of Political Competition: Explaining Participation and Trust in Political

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Arno Tausch and Almas Heshmati

activity, Journal of Economic Surveys, in press. McLeod, L. D., Swygert, K. A. and Th issen, D. 2001. Factor analysis for items scored in two categories. In: Test scoring (D. Th issen & H. Wainer (Eds.)), pp. 189-216). Mahwah, N. J.: Erlbaum. Minkov, M. 2009. Predictors of Diff erences in Subjective Well-Being across 97 Nations. Cross-Cultural Research, 43, 152-179. Minkov, M. and Hofstede, G. 2011. Cultural diff erences in a globalizing world. Bingley, UK: Emerald. Minkov, M. and Hofstede, G. 2013. Cross

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Mukhtar Senggirbay

capital city of the Northern Kazakhstan region – Petropavlovsk. Available at Orthodox Christianity is the crucial part of Russianness and plays an enormous role in shaping the cultural identity of Russians. The Orthodox Church of Kazakhstan declares political neutrality and usually tries to stand aside from the disputes over the ethnicity, language, history, and the geopolitical issues that make cleavage in the Kazakhstani society. However, the analysis of the print materials and the official and

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Agata Domachowska

, with almost 10% of votes was Ljubiša Preletačević “Beli”, who managed to get almost twice as many votes as Jeremić, a person singled out by many political commentators in Serbia as a potential future leader of the opposition against Vučić’s government. Table 2 Results of the 2017 presidential election in Serbia Candidates Number of votes Percentage of votes Aleksandar Vučić 2,012,788 55.08 Saša Janković 597,728 16.36 Luka Maksimović 344,498 9.43 Vuk Jeremić 206,676 5.66 Vojislav Šešelj 163,802 4.48 Boško

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György Tóth

purpose of standing by for the eventuality of early elections, it is in the short term that this political tactic can be best interpreted – and I will do the same with Reagan Centennial Year’s European events. While, in public, the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission was portrayed as a bipartisan entity (The Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission’s Final Report to the United States Congress and the American People [hereafter, Final Report ] n.d., 3; Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act 2009, 1767–1768), some of its key members and its European celebrations

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Tatiana Podolinská

Cigáni (“Gypsies” as We-Group), On the imagery of “We-Group” and “They-Group” and an extensive discussion on primordialism in ethnicity and identity in the Slovak context, see the article by Viera Bacova (1998, 29–43). considering them to be ethnically or even racially different groups of humankind with specific qualities embedded in every member of each respective group. In their understanding, the World into which they were born and have to live their Gypsy life was determined by predefined hierarchical asymmetries and settings of power disbalance in favor of non

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Erik Pajtinka

:// Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China. 2014. “Structure and Functions.” Last modified 2014. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China 2014 “Structure and Functions.” Last modified 2014 Overseas Missions (Privileges and Immunities) Act 1995 . No. 57 , 1995 as amended . Compilation start date: 29 June 2013 , Includes amendments up to: Act

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Ľubomír Zvada

with the geopolitical orientation, only 21% choose that Slovakia is a part of the Western EU, 9% voted for the Eastern EU, 28% did not know how to respond, and the majority of 42% responded that the geopolitical orientation should be just between the West (EU) and East (Russia). Absolutely the lowest support of former post-communist countries has been shown within the support of NATO. Only 38% of respondents have seen the NATO in a positive way, and 43% voted in favor of staying in the NATO structure (MSR 2018). It is not surprising that the Prime Minister Robert

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Elisabeth Kovtiak

, but we , locals , can make a good bargain ”, says N., a Tbilisian woman in her late 50s. I relate this fascination with domestic items to the fact that once they used to symbolize wealth and exquisiteness. Today, Georgians are given an opportunity to buy eventually the desired set of dinnerware as they are affordable and do not need to machinate to obtain it. Thus, the Dry Bridge flea market becomes a source of artifacts once desired, which have now become affordable. It is very important to notice that in the former USSR, some groups of products were