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Anna Popławska and Roman Wisz

Institute (n.d.), Language Difficulty Ranking , ; (12.05.2014). GĘBAL P.E. (2013), Modele kształcenia nauczycieli języków obcych w Polsce i w Niemczech , Kraków, Księgarnia Akademicka. KOMOROWSKA H. (2007), Nauczanie języków obcych – Polska a Europa , Warszawam SWPS „Academica”. MIODUNKA W. (1990), Moc języka i jej znaczenie w kontaktach językowych i kulturowych, Język polski w świecie , red. W. Miodunka, Warszawa, PWN. MNiSW (2008), Strategia rozwoju kraju 2007

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Konrad Szocik and Joanna Wisła-Płonka

evolutionary roots of property rights, In K. Sterelny, R. Joyce, B. Calcott,B. Fraser (Eds.), Cooperation and its evolution, Cambridge MA, MIT. GUNNING J., JACKSON R. (2011). What’s so ‘religious’ about ‘religious terrorism’? Critical Studies on Terrorism, 4 (3), 369–388. HANSDAK S. G., PAULRAJ R. (2013). Are we doing harm by omission? Addressing religiosity of the mentally ill,World Psychiatry, 1 (40). HERZFELD N. (2007). Lessons from Srebrenica. The Danger of Religious Nationalism,Journal of Religion & Society, Supplement Series 2, 110

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Liisa Kaljula

. Muusika. Kino, 10, 43-44. Kuusberg, Paul 1966. Andres Lapeteuse juhtum. Tallinn: Eesti Raamat. Langemets, Andres 2010. ‘Üks suur ja mäda põlvkond’. - KesKus, 3. Lõhmus, Jaak; Vaher, Märten 2012. Kaadris: “Mis juhtus Andres Lapeteusega?”. kaadris-mis-juhtus-andres-lapeteusega (20 October 2014). Marody, Mira 2010. ‘Homo Sovieticus and the Change of Values: The Case of Poland’. - Landmark 1989: Central and Eastern European Societies Twenty Years After the System Change. Berlin

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Amiee J. Shelton

Profile No:11”, Journal of Communication, 30(3), 10-29. Gore P., Madhava n S., Curry D. & McClurg G. (1998). Persuasive messages, Marketing Health Services, 18(4), 32-43. Hoelter J., & Hoelter J. (1978). The Relationship Between Fear of Death and Anxiety. Journal of Psychology. 99, 225-26. Johnson, S. (2014). New Research Sheds Light on Daily Ad Exposures. SJ Insights. [online: September, 29, 2014], Krajčovič P. (2015

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Magdalena Hensoldt-Fyda

the Spheres of Justice, “Political Psychology”, 18(2). Guarian Fashion (2011), Benetton’s most controversial adverts [online: May 6, 2018], https://www.theguardian. com/fashion/gallery/2011/nov/17/benettons-most-controversial-adverts; HALL E. T. & HALL M. R. (1987), Understanding Cultural Differences, New York. LEŚNIAK-MOCZUK K. (2015), Kobieto, kim jesteś we współczesnym świecie?, „Nierówności Społeczne a Wzrost Gospodarczy”, nr 43. MACH Z. (2002), Tabu

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Elen Lotman

-articles/chiaroscuro-caravaggio-bazin-storaro/ (1 November 2016). Davis, Mark H. 1980. ‘A Multidimensional Approach to Individual Differences in Empathy’. – JSAS Catalog of Selected Documents in Psychology 10, 85. Ferber, Susanne; Humphrey, Keith G.; Vilis, Tutis 2005. ‘Segregation and Persistence of Form in the Lateral Occipital Complex’. – Neuropsychologia 43, 1, 41–51. Gallese, Vittorio 2009. ‘Mirror Neurons, Embodied Simulation, and the Neural Basis of Social Identification’. – Psychoanalytic Dialogues 19, 5, 519–536. Greenhouse, Samuel W.; Geisser, Seymour 1959. ‘On

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Renira Rampazzo Gambarato

References Alexander, C. 1964. Notes on the Synthesis of Form. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Beer, S. 1966. Decision and Control: The Meaning of Operational Research and Management Cybernetics. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Bernardo, N. 2011. The Producers Guide to Transmedia: How to Develop, Fund, Produce and Distribute Compelling Stories Across Multiple Platforms. London: CR Entertainment Ltd. Caddell, B. 2009. Core Principles of Transmedia Storytelling.

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Harro Rannamets

, A. Dorr (eds.), Children and the Faces of Television: Teaching, Violence, Selling. New York: Academic Press, 273-286. Barn, S. 2009. ‘Product placement in Bollywood movies’. - Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 27, 7, 976-980. Caroli, M.; Argentieri, L.; Cardone, M.; Masi, A. 2004. ‘Role of television in childhood obesity prevention’. - International Journal of Obesity, 28, S104-S108. (3 September 2013). Castillo, D. 2012a. ‘MirriAd scores another product

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Julia Roll and Sven-Ove Horst

-19. Orme, Bryan K. 2014. Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis: Strategies for Product Design and Pricing Research. Madison: Research Publishers. Pavlik, John V.; McIntosh, Shawn 2013. Converging Media: An Introduction to Mass Communication. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Phillips, Barbara J.; McQuarrie, Edward F.; Griffin, W. Glenn 2014a. ‘The Face of the Brand: How Art Directors Understand Visual Brand Identity’. - Journal of Advertising 43, 4, 318-332. Phillips, Barbara J.; McQuarrie, Edward F.; Griffin, W. Glenn 2014