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Veronika Chrenková and Dušan Valigura


Pincer type ligand 2,6-pyridinedimethanol was used as a useful tool in the preparation of the Co(II) pseudoctahedral complex together with 3,5-dinitrobenzoate counteranion. New complex of the composition [Co(pydm)2](3,5-dnbz)2(pydm = 2,6-pyridinedimethanol, and 3,5-dnbz = 3,5-dinitrobenzoate anion) has been prepared and characterized. Its XRD structure revealed pseudooctahedral {CoN2O4} chromophore around the cobalt atom with Co-N distances significantly shorter (Co-Nav = 2.038 Ǻ) in comparison to the Co-O ones (Co-Oav = 2.142 Ǻ), which was probably the reason of its relatively high zero-field splitting parameter (D/hc = 43.6 cm-1). Positive value of the D parameter causes slow relaxation process typical for Co(II) SMM behavior. The 3,5-dinitrobenzoate counteranions are strongly bonded to the [Co(pydm)2] cation via rather strong hydrogen bonds (O∙∙∙Oav = 2.568 Ǻ) forming “quasi molecular” units. Solid state structure allowed different π-π stacking interactions of neighboring “molecular” unit aromatic rings probally leading to observation of the additional relaxation mode.

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Marcin Kuśmierz and Sylwia Pasieczna-Patkowska

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Vladimír Danielik, Pavel Fellner, Marián Bobok and Jomar Thonstad

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Nivrati Jain, Harshita Jain, Ashish Jain, Veerasamy Ravichandran and Prateek Jain

, characterization and pharmacological evaluation of amide prodrugs of Flurbiprofen, J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 19 (2008) 89 - 100. [8]. A. Mishra, R. Veerasamy, P.K. Jain, V.K. Dixit, R.K. Agrawal, Synthesis, characterization and pharmacological evaluation of amide prodrugs of ketorolac, Eur. J. Med. Chem. 43 (2008) 2464 - 2472. [9]. P.M. Chandrika, T. Yakaiah, A.R.R. Rao, B. Narsaiah, N.C. Reddy, V. Sridhar, J.V.E. Rao, Synthesis of novel 4,6-disubstituted quinazoline derivatives, their anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activity (cytotoxic) against U937

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Najmeh Soleimani, Esmaeel Mohseni, Fahimeh Rezaei and Fatemeh Khati

-1122. 25. Diudea, M. V. Phenylenic and naphthylenic tori. Fullerenes, Nanotubes Carbon Nanostruct. 2002, 10, 273-292. 26. Soleimani, N.; Nikmehr, M. J.; Tavallaee, H. A. Computation of the different topological indices of nanostructures. Journal of the national science foundation of Sri Lanka. 2015, 43(2), 127-133.

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Florentina Roncea, Horatiu Miresan, Adrian Cosmin Rosca, Mihaela Bratu and Antoanela Popescu

References [1]. F. Roncea, V. Istudor, M. M. Bratu and T Negreanu Pîrjol, Farmacia 40 (2), 55 - 60 (2003) (in Romanian). [2] F. Roncea, V. Istudor, M. M. Bratu, and T. Negreanu Pîrjol, Magazine of Medicine and Pharmacy 50 , Suppliment II, Târgu - Mures, 271 -274 (2004), (in Romanian). [3]. C. A., Costa., G. C. Trivelato, A. M. P Pinto and E. J. H. Bechara, Clin. Chem. 43 (7), 1196 - 1202 (1997). [4]. N. Ercal., H. Gurer-Orhan and N. Aykin-Burns, Curr. Top Med. Chem., 1 (6), 124

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Shashidhargouda H. R. and Shridhar N. Mathad

, Structural and mechanical properties of Sr+2 doped bismuth manganite thick films, International Journal of Self-propagating High Temperature Synthesis 22 (2013) 180-184. [12]. A.B. Kulkarni, S.N. Mathad, Synthesis and structural analysis of Co-Zn-Cd ferrite by Williamson-Hall and size-strain plot methods, International Journal of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis 27 (2018) 37-43. DOI: 10.3103/S106138621801003X [13]. Y.T. Prabhu, K.V. Rao, V.S.S. Kumar, B.S. Kumari, X-ray analysis by Williamson-Hall and size-strain plot methods of

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Silvia Mošovská, Dominika Nováková and Michal Kaliňák

References Aly UI, Abbas MS, Taha HS, Gaber ESI (2013) Glob J Bot Sci 1: 9-17. Arts MJTJ, Haenen GRMM, Voss H, Bast H (2004) Food Chem 42: 45-49. Atashak S, Peeri M, Azarbayajani MA, Stannard SR (2014) J Exerc Sci Fit 12: 26-30. Azu N, Onyeagba R (2007) J Trop Med 3: 1-10. Cano A, Acosta M, Arnao MB (2000) Redox Rep 5: 365-370. Dugasani S, Pichika MR, Balijepalli MK, Tandra S, Korlakunta JN (2010) J Ethnopharmacol 127: 515-520. Gallardo C, Jimenéz L

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Akshay B. Kulkarni, Shridhar N. Mathad and Raghavendra P. Bakale

Polymer Science 7 (1969) 1761-1773. [13] E.S. Freeman, B. Carroll, The Journal of Physical Chemistry 62 (1958) 394-397. [14] W.L. Chang, Journal of Applied Polymer Science 53 (1994) 1759–1769. [15] A. B. Kulkarni, S. N. Mathad, International Journal of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis 27 (2018) 37–43. [16] A. B. Kulkarni, S. N. Mathad, Materials Science for Energy Technologies 2 (2019) 455–462. [17] P. V. Dalal, K. B. Saraf, N. G. Shimpi, N. R. Shah, Journal of Crystallization Process and Technology 2 (2012) 156-160. [18] P

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Miroslava Puchoňová, Milan Mazúr and Dušan Valigura

, Tomlinson AAG, (1970) Coord. Chem. Rev. 5: 1-43. Lah N, Leban I, Clerac R (2006) Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 23: 4888-4894. Nakamoto K (2009) Infrared and Raman spectra of inorganic and coordination compounds, Part B, Sixth Ed. Wiley 118-120. O’Connor M, Kellett A, McCann M, Rosair G, McNamara M, Howe O, Creaven B S, McClean S, Foltyn-Arfa Kia A, O’Shea D, Devereux M (2012) J. Med. Chem. 55: 1957-1968. Repicka Z, Puchoňova M, Husarikova L, Moncol J, Koman M, Mazur M, Valigura D (2012) Cent. Eur. J. Chem. 10(5): 1506