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Dawid Bedla and Ewa Dacewicz

REFERENCES A oudia K., A zem S., H ocine N. A., G ratton M., P ettarin V., S eghar S. 2017. Recycling of waste tire rubber: Microwave devulcanization and incorporation in a thermoset resin. Waste Management. Vol. 60 p. 471−481. B edell M., B rown M., K iziltas A., M ielewski D., M ukerjee S., T abor R. 2018. A case for closed-loop recycling of postconsumer PET for automotive foams. Waste Management. Vol. 71 p. 97−108. C hmielowski K., D acewicz E., B edla D., M azur R. 2018. Zastosowanie odpadów z tworzyw sztucznych w biofiltrach

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Anna Kowalska and Magdalena Janek

References Avila A., Bonilla D., Rodà F., Piñol J., Neal C., 1995. Soilwater chemistry in a holm oak ( Quercus ilex ) forest: inferences on biogeochemical processes for a montane - Mediterranean area. J. Hydrol., 166: 15-35. Beier C., Blanck K., Bredemeier M., Lamersdorf N., Rasmussen L., Xu Y.-J., 1998. Field-scale ‘clean rain’ treatments to two Norway spruce stands within the EXMAN project - effects on soil solution chemistry, foliar nutrition and tree growth. Forest Ecol. Manag., 101: 111

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Antanas Maziliauskas, Vytautas Morkunas, Zenonas Rimkus and Valentinas Šaulys

rajonuose. Vandens ūkio inžinerija , 21(43): 80-84. Bastienė N., 2002. The main problems of drainage systems exploitation in Lithuania. International scientific conference "Research for rural development 2002". Jelgava, Latvia , 22-24 May, 2002: 133-139. European Council, 1999a. Council Regulation (EC) No 1260/1999. O. J. Eur. Comm. L161/80, 26.6.1999. European Council, 1999b. Council Regulation (EC) No 1257/1999. O. J. Eur. Comm. L160/80, 26.6.1999. Damulevičius

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Kittiwet Kuntiyawichai, Quan V. Dau and Saengdavanh Inthavong

REFERENCES ADB 2015. Feasibility study for Nam Haad irrigation rehabilitation [online]. [Access 03.01.2017]. Available at: A lan G.D. 2016. Radio stations in the Lao Democratic People’s Republic [online]. [Access 01.02.2017]. Available at: C epuder P., N olz R. 2007. Irrigation management by means of soil moisture sensor technologies. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 11 p. 79–90. D ymerska A., G rabowska

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Abderrezak Bouchareb, Mehdi Metaiche and Hakim Lounici

for commercial applications. Product data sheet. Dow Chemical Company pp. 3. Dow undated. DOW FILMTEC TM MEMBRANES. Dow Water and Process Solutions. Technical Manual. Dow Chemical Company pp. 181. E lazhar F., E lharrak N., E lazhar M., H afsi M., E lmidaoui A. 2013. Feasibility of nanofiltration process in dual stage in desalination of the seawater. Journal of Applied Chemistry IOSR. Vol. 5 p. 35–42. E limelechm M., P hillip W.A. 2011. The future of sea water desalination: Energy, technology and environment. Science. Vol. 333 p. 712

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Rida Lakehal and Lakhdar Djemili

numerical models using response surface methodology. In: Proceedings of the Conference of Probabilistic Methods in Geotechnical Engineering. Canberra, Australia p. 135-144. JANBU N. 1954. Application of composite slip surface for stability analysis. In: Proceedings of European Conference on Stability of Earth Slopes. Stockholm. Vol. 3 p. 43-49. JANBU N. 1973. Slope stability computations. In: Embankment dam engineering: Casagrande volume. Eds. A. Casagrande, R.C. Hirschfield, S.J. Poulos, G.E. Bertram. New York. Wiley p. 47

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Krzysztof Pokonieczny

REFERENCES ARE 2014. Statystyka Elektroenergetyki Polskiej [Polish electric power statistics]. ISSN 1232-2415. B agheri B odaghabadi M., M artinez -C asasnovas J.A., S alehi M.H., M ohammadi J., E sfandiarpoor B orujeni I., T oomanian N., G andomkar A. 2015. Digital soil mapping using artificial neural networks and terrain-related attributes. Pedosphere. Vol. 25. Iss. 4 p. 580–591. DOI: 10.1016/S1002-0160(15)30038-2. Ć wik J., M ielińczuk J. 2009. Statystyczne systemy uczące się. Ćwiczenia w oparciu o pakiet R. Warszawa. Oficyna Wydaw

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Hanane Talbi and Slimane Kachi

REFERENCES A minot A., C haussepied M. 1983. Manuel des analyses chimiques en milieu marin [Manual of chemical analyzes in marine environment]. Brest. CNEXO. ISBN 2902721102 pp. 396. A ttoui B., T oumi N., M essaoudi S., B enrabah S. 2016. Degradation of water quality: The case of plain west of Annaba (northeast of Algeria). Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 31 p. 3–10. DOI 10.1515/jwld2016-0031. B ourhane -E ddine B. 2010. La pollution par les métaux lourds dans la région d’Annaba «Sources de contamination des écosystèmes

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Tahany Noreldin, Samiha Ouda, Oussama Mounzer and Magdi T. Abdelhamid

Journal of Agronomy. No. 21. Iss. 2 p. 223–237. D encic S., K astori R., K obiljski B., D uggan B. 2000. Evaporation of’ grain yield and its components in wheat cultivars and land races under near optimal and drought conditions. Euphytica. No. 1 p. 43–52. E l -K holy M.A., O uda S.A., G aballah M.S., H ozayn M. 2005. Predicting the interaction between the effect of anti-transpirant and weather on productivity of wheat plant grown under water stress. Journal of Agronomy. No. 4 p. 75–82. E nglish M., M usick J.T., M urty V.V.N. 1990. Deficit

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Muhammad Shafique and Reeho Kim

. 2007. Urbanization and global environmental change: Local effects of urban warming. Geographical Journal. Vol. 173. Iss. 1 p. 83–88. H ossain N., B ahauddin K.M. 2013. Integrated water resource management for mega city: A case study of Dhaka city, Bangladesh. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 19 p. 39–45. LABFACILITY Ltd. 2016. Temperature and process technology, UK [online]. [Access 25.12.2016]. Available at: L i D., B ou -Z eid E., O ppenheimer M. 2014. The effectiveness of cool and green roofs as urban