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Fanny Binard and Daniel Jaquet

References VI.1 Primary sources Anonymous, Liber de arte Dimicatoria, 1320-1330. Leeds, Royal Armouries, Ms I.33. Anonymous, compendium (Hans Talhoffer Fight book), 17th c. Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, Cod. Guelf. 125.16 Extrav. VI.2 Secondary literature Cinato, Franck, ‘Development, Diffusion and Reception of the Buckler plays: A Fighting Art in the Making, a case study’, in Late Medieval and Early Modern Fight Books, ed. by Daniel Jaquet, Timothy

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Julia Gräf

VII. BIBLIOGRAPHY VII.1. Primary sources Leeds, Royal Armouries, Ms. I.33: “Tower Fechtbuch” aka “Walpurgis Fechtbuch”, Southern Germany ca. 1300 < > [latest access 27.06.2017]. Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Cod. vindob. 2759: “Wenzelsbibel”, Band 1, Wien 1390-1400 < > [latest access 27.06.2017]. Heidelberg, Universitätsbibliothek, Cod. Pal Germ. 848: “Große Heidelberger Liederhandschrift” aka “Codex Manesse”, Zürich 1304

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Chassica Kirchhoff

Fechtbuch, circa 1320s (Leeds, Royal Armouris, MS I. 33), images available online: < > accessed 20.04.2015 Peter Falkner, Kunst zu Ritterliche Were, circa 1491-1495 (Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Inv. KK 5012) Johannes Hartlieb, published by Anton Sorg, The History of Alexander the Great (Die Histori von dem grossen Allexander), 1478 (Washington D.C., Library of Congress, Incun.1478. L4), online < > accessed 23.01. 2018 Paulus Kal

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Jacob Henry Deacon

(Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Cgm 1507). VI.2. Secondary literature Anglo, Sydney, The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000). ‘Back to the Source’, online: < > (accessed 20/10/2016). Binard, Fanny, and Jaquet, Daniel, ‘Investigation on the Collation of the First Fight Book (Leeds, Royal Armouries, MS I.33)’, in Acta Periodica Duellatorum , Vol.4, No.1 (2016), pp.3-21. Brough, Gideon, ‘Boucicaut, Jehan II le Maingre (1366 – 1421) ‘, online: < https

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Sixt Wetzler

IV. BIBLIOGRAPHY IV.1. Primary sources Anonymous, I.33 , ca. 1320 (Leeds, The Royal Armouries, MS I.33). Anonymous, 3227a , around 1389 (Nuremberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Hs. 3227a) Anonymous, Fechtbuch. Die Ritterliche / Mannliche Kunst und Handarbeyt Fechtens /und Kempfens […], Frankfurt a.M., Christian Egenolff (heirs), 1558 (4th ed.). Anonymous, Nihang-Nama , unknown date (New Delhi, National Museum). Cheng Zi Yi, Long Shaft Axe , unknown date, ed. and comm. by Jack Chen, http

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Limits of Understanding in the Study of Lost Martial Arts

Epistemological Reflections on the Mediality of Historical Records of Technique and the Status of Modern (Re-)Constructions

Eric Burkart

VIII. BIBLIOGRAPHY VIII.1. Primary sources Leeds, Royal Armouries, ms. I.33. Nürnberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum. ms. 3227a. VIII.2. Secondary sources Anglo, Sydney, The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2000). Bachmann-Medick, Doris, Cultural Turns: New Orientations in the Study of Culture , De Gruyter Textbook (Berlin, Boston: de Gruyter, 2016). Barber, Richard, and Juliet Barker, Tournaments: Jousts, Chivalry and Pageants in the Middle Ages (Woodbridge: Boydell, 1989

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Daniel Jaquet, Claus Frederik Sørensen and Fabrice Cognot

semiddelalderligt tysk fægtemesterhåndskrift på Det Kongelige Bibliotek. Ms. 290 2º’, in Fund og Forskning i Det Kongelige Biblioteks Samling , 50/1 (2011), 159–189. Tanaka, Shogo, ‘The Notion of Embodied Knowledge’, in: Theoretical Psychology: Global Transformations and Challenges , ed. by Paul Stenner, John Cromby, Johanna Motzkau, Jeffrey Yen, and Haoscheng Ye (Ontario: Captus University Press, 2011), pp. 149–57. Teyssier, Éric, and Lopez, Brice, Gladiateurs – Des sources à l’expérimentation (Paris: Éditions Errance, 2005). Tlusty, B. Ann, The Martial

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Olivier Dupuis

: Georgi, 1899). Kellett Rachel E., ‘Royal Armouries Ms I.33: The Judicial Combat and the Art of Fencing in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-century German Literature’, Oxford German Studies 41–1 (2013), pp. 32–56. < > [accessed 18 January 2014] Lewis R. E., Reidy J., Middle English Dictionary (The University of Michigan Press, 1998). Maitland William, The History and Survey of London from its Foundation to the Present Time, 1 (London: Osbone and Shipton, 1756). Michaëlsson Karl