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Petra Kolláriková

: Ľudská tvár globalizácie, 2009. p. 7, the summary in the original work - International Migration: The human face of globalisation. Paríž: OECD, 2009. 174 p. KOTVANOVÁ, A.- SZÉP, A. Migrácia a Rómovia. Historické, sociálne a politické súvislosti. Bratislava: Slovenský inštitút medzinárodných štúdií, 2002. 100 p. MIHÁLY, G. - DIVINSKÝ, B. Nové trendy a prognóza pracovnej migrácie v Slovenskej republike do roku 2020 s výhľadom do roku 2050. Bratislava: TREXIMA, 2011. 101 p. ŠIŠKOVÁ, T. Menšiny a migranti v Českej republice

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Magdaléna Paríková


The article focuses on the application of the possibilities of collecting narratives and their analysis in the reconstruction process of migration of people to the new country - in Slovakia. The analysis of the particular data gained by fieldwork research using the oral history method comparative with the historical and statistic dates. These facts offer not only relevant information documenting the real process of the migration, but also create the network of microprobes (case study) on the basis of specific experienced events of the direct participants of migration, as well as the reflection in memory of the resettled. Fieldwork research was in the region of South Slovakia - around Nové Zámky and Komárno cities. The aim of this approach is to interpret individually experience “small history” of the context of “big history”, specifically, one post-war phase of migration, which occurred in this area of Central Europe in the period from 1946 to 1948.

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Taťána Součková


The article focuses on the presentation of the temporary results of the qualitative ethnological research concerning the Ukrainian minority in Brno, Czech Republic. It is aimed on the description of the basic principles of the life of the diaspora in Brno and expressing the ethnic identity of the Ukrainians. After the introductory part author defines the methodological approach as well as the techniques used while carrying out the research. Following part of the article is aimed on characterizing the main attributes of the Ukrainian ethnic identity according to the informants. Moreover, the perception of the presence of the Ukrainian diaspora in Brno is illustrated by the conclusions acquired from the open-ended interviews with the Czech participants.

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Vesna Bočko

References AHMAD, R. (1951): Peraturan-peraturan untuk memelihara kesehatan dalam hukum sjara' Islam [The regulations for health care in the laws of Islam]. Jakarta: Balai Pustaka. AMIN, Darori (ed.), (2000): Islam dan Budaya Jawa [Islam and Javanese Culture]. Yogyakarta: Gama Media. BASILICA, D. P. (2008): To Islamize, Becoming a Real Woman or Commercialized Practices? Questioning Female Genital Cutting in Indonesia. In. Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration, Vol. 3(2008): 23-31. BELL, C

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Nafisa Yeasmin

Purvis and Alan Grainger. London: Earths-can, 229–249. Barna, Maxwell. 2014. Ritual Slaughter Ban Supposedly Puts Animal Rights Before Religion. – Vice News . (accessed November 30, 2017). Baumann, Martin. 2002. Migrant Settlement, Religion and Phases of Diaspora. – Migration: A European Journal of International Migration and Ethnic Relations 33/34/35: 93–117. Becerril-Herrera, M.; M. Alonso-Spilsbury, C. Lemus-Flores, I. Guerrero-Legarreta, A. Olmos

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Eva-Liisa Roht-Yilmaz

, 289–310. Marushiakova Elena and Vesselin Popov. 2014. The Gypsy Religious Revival Movement: “New Churches” in the Territories of the Former Soviet Union. – Romani Pentecostalism: Gypsies and Charismatic Christianity , edited by David Thurfjell and Adrian Marsh. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 41– 56. Marushiakova, Elena and Vesselin Popov. 2016. Gypsies in Central Asia and the Caucasus . London: Palgrave Macmillan. Matras, Yaron. 2010. Romani Migrations in the Post‐Communist Era: Their Historical and Political Significance. – Cambridge Review of

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Stefan Groth and Yonca Krahn

.1177/026327693010004004 . Besnier, Nico and Susan Brownell. 2012. Sport, Modernity, and the Body. – Annual Review of Anthropology 41: 443–459. Besnier, Nico. 2012. The Athlete’s Body and the Global Condition: Tongan Rugby Players in Japan. – American Ethnologist 39: 491–510. Bette, Karl-Heinrich. 2005. Körperspuren: Zur Semantik und Paradoxie moderner Körperlichkeit. Bielefeld: Transcript. Böhme, Gernot. 1995. Atmosphäre: Essays zur neuen Ästhetik . Frankfurt: Suhrkamp. Braun, Sebastian and Tina Nobis, eds. 2011. Migration, Integration und Sport: Zivilgesellschaft