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Mircea Comşa

., Engbersen, G., Okólski, M., & Panţîru, C. (2010a). A continent moving west? EU enlargement and labour migration from Central and Eastern Europe . Amsterdam; Manchester: Amsterdam University Press; Manchester University Press. Black, R., Engbersen, G., Okólski, M., & Panţîru, C. (2010b). Introduction: Working out a way from East to West: EU enlargement and labour migration from Central and Eastern Europe. In R. Black, G. Engbersen, M. Okólski & C. Panţîru (Eds.), A continent moving west? EU enlargement and labour migration from Central and Eastern Europe

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Katherine Kirk and Ellen Bal

like Vinod and Neha come to the Netherlands, which unlike the USA, Canada or Australia is not a likely migration country for highly skilled Indians? Why do some eventually choose to become naturalized? What are the consequences of such a decision for citizenship practices? What is the meaning of citizenship to these migrants and how does it relate to their identity as Indians and their attachment to India? This paper draws on the transnational approach to migration studies, which understands transnational migration as a process that “takes place within fluid social

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Dana Domşodi

REFERENCES *** (2017). World Employment Social Outlook. Trends 2017. Issued by ILO Press, Geneva. Ambrosini, M. (2013). Immigration in Italy: Between Economic Acceptance and Political Rejection, International Migration & Integration, no. 14. Ban, C. (2012). Economic Transnationalism and Its Ambiguities: The Case of Romanian Migration to Italy. International Migration, Vol. 50 (6). Balibar, E. (2002). Politics and the Other Space. London: Verso Press. Becker, J (2016). Europe’s Other Periphery. New Left Review, no.99/May

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Annemarie Sorescu-Marinković

REFERENCES Anthias, F. (1998). Evaluating “Diaspora”: Beyond Ethnicity? Sociology , 32(3): 557-580. Bommes, M., Sciortino, G. (2011). In lieu of a conclusion. Steps towards a conceptual framework for the study of irregular migration. In M. Bommes and G. Sciortino (eds.): Foggy Social Structures. Irregular Migration, European Labour Markets and the Welfare State . Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, pp. 213-228. Brubaker, R. (2005). The “diaspora” diaspora. Ethnic and Racial Studies , 28(1): 1-19. Comments Government Serbia. (2009

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Diana Mariana Popa

, Pathé Pictures International. Castells, M. (2000). The Information Age. Economy, Society and Culture , Volume I: The Rise of the Network Society (second edition). Oxford: Blackwell. Dekker, P. and Posthumus, H. (2013). Burgerperspectieven 2013 . Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau, Den Haag. Ferro, A. (2009). Români în străinătate. Un instantaneu despre migrația “creierelor”. In R.G. Anghel and I. Horvath (eds.): Sociologia Migrației. Teorii și Studii de Caz Românești . [The Sociology of Migration. Theories and Case Studies from Romania]. Iași

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Ionuţ Földes and Veronica Savu

REFERENCES Agresti, A. (2002). Categorical data analysis. Second Edition. New York: Wiley. Baldassar, L. (2001). Visits Home: migration experiences between Italy and Australia . Australia: Melbourne University Press. Baldassar, L. (2008). Missing Kin and Longing to be Together: Emotions and the Construction of Co-presence in Transnational Relationships. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 29(3): 247-266. Baldassar, L. (2011). Italian Migrants in Australia and their Relationship to Italy: Return Visits, Transnational Caregiving and the

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Cecilia Rubiolo

REFERENCES Allasino, E. (2000). Immigrati in Piemonte. Una panoramica sulla presenza degli stranieri nel territorio regionale. IRES , WP 143/2000. Andreiescu, V. (2012). Istoria penticostalismului românesc . Oradea: Casa Cărții. Andrijasevic, R., Sacchetto, D. (2016). From labour migration to labour mobility? The return of the multinational worker in Europe. Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research , 22(2): 219-231. Anghel, R. (2013). Romanians in Western Europe . Lanham: Lexington Books. Aubrée, M. (2003). Un néo

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Neda Deneva

Integration of Micro-and Macro-Sociologies. London and New York: Routledge and Kegan Paul, pp. 277–303. Carelli, V. (1988). Video in the Villages. Commission on Visual Anthropology Bulletin 10–15. Cunningam, S., Sinclair, J. eds. (2000). Floating Lives: The Media and Asian Diasporas. St. Lucia, Queensland: University of Queensland Press. Deneva, N. (2012). Transnational Aging Carers: On Transformation of Kinship and Citizenship in the Context of Migration among Bulgarian Muslims in Spain. Social Politics 19(1):105–128. Depeli, G. (2009

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Ionuţ Földes

REFERENCES Anghel, R. G. (2008). Changing Statuses: Freedom of Movement, Locality and Transnationality of Irregular Romanian Migrants in Milan. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies , 34(5): 787-802. Baldassar, L. (2007a). Transnational families and aged care: The mobility of care and the migracy of ageing. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 33(2): 275-297. Baldassar, L. (2007b). Transnational families and the provision of moral and emotional support: the relationship between truth and distance. Identities: Global Studies in Culture

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Traian Rotariu

-1989)]. Annales de démographie historique, 2:23-63. Rotariu, T., Dumănescu, L., Hărăguş, M. (2017) Demografia României în perioada postbelică [ The Demography of Romania in the Postwar Era ]. Iaşi: Polirom. UN. (2017). International Migration Report 2017. Highlights. New York: United Nations.