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Lucian Ioan Tarnu

References 1. Massey, Doug S. et al. “Theories of International Migration: A Review and Appraisal”, Population and Development Review, vol. 19, no. 3, (1993): 431-466. 2. Data are provided by the National Institute of Statistics. 3. Ibidem. Aelenei Victor, The Law of State Border, volume I, Bucharest: Pro Universitaria Publishing House, 2006. Albu Alexandru D., International Migration of Work Force, Bucharest: Science and Encyclopedic Publishing House, 1976

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Fábio Oliveira, Abílio Oliveira and Bráulio Alturas

. Gomes, P. F. L. (2011). Migração de aplicações legadas para bases de dados NoSQL. Universidade do Minho. Manyika, J., Chui, M., Brown, B., Bughin, J., Dobbs, R., Roxburgh, C., & Byers, A. H. (2011). Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. Retrieved January 9, 2016, from MongoDB. (2015). RDBMS to MongoDB Migration Guide. A MongoDB White Paper, 16. Moniruzzaman, A. B. M

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Ngo Trung Thanh, Philippe Lebailly and Nguyen Thi Dien

Reference Amcoff, J., & Niedomysl, T. (2015). Is the Tied Returnee Male or Female? The Trailing Spouse Thesis Reconsidered. Population, Space and Place, 21 (8), 872-881. doi: Bélanger, D., & Linh, T. G. (2011). The impact of transnational migration on gender and marriage in sending communities of Vietnam. Current Sociology, 59 (1), 59-77. Bezu, S., & Holden, S. (2014). Are rural youth in Ethiopia abandoning agriculture? World Development, 64 , 259-272. Binh, N. T. T. (2016). The Dynamics of Return

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Tomasz Bąk

References [1] After: K. Białek, Migracje na świecie (Migration in the World), [23.03.2016] [2] , [23.03.2016] [3] Ibid. [4] , [23.03.2016] [5] , [23.03.2016] [6] Cf. , [23.03.2016] [7] A. Staszczyk, Skutki migracji dla bezpieczeństwa wewnętrznego (Migration Consequences for Internal Security

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Mihaela Simionescu

. (2004). International migration scenarios for 27 European countries, 2002-2052. CEFMR Working Paper (Warsaw) , pp. 1-69. [5] Boeri, T., & Brücker, H. (2005). Why are Europeans so tough on migrants?. Economic Policy , pp. 630-703. [6] Drbohlav, D. (2005) The Czech Republic: from liberal policy to EU membership, Retrived from http://www.migraț [7] Drzewiecka, J. A., Hoops, J. F., & Thomas, R. J. (2014). Rescaling the state and disciplining workers in discourses on EU Polish migration in UK Newspapers

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Shkelzen Hasanaj

References Ascoli, U. (1979). Movimenti migratori in Italia, Bologna, Il Mulino. Bardet, JP. (1999). Cinquante ans d’immigration, in L’Histoire, Paris, Fevrier n° 229. Barou, J. (1984). L’espace immigré au comment les rendre invisible” in Politique aujourd’hui, n° 6, Basteiner, E. (1990). Italia, Europa e nuove immigrazioni, (a cura di) DASSETTO, G. (1990), Torino, Fondazione Agnelli. Bergnach, L., Sussi, E. (1993). Minoranze etniche ed immigrazione, Milano, Franco Angeli. Bohning, W. R, (1972). The migration of workers in the United

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Ana Rusta

References “Ligji për dispozitat kryesore kushtetuese”, Kuvendi i Shqipërisë, 1993:166 Banka Botërore (2007), “Shqipëria:Zhvillimi Urban, Migrimi dhe Ulja e Varfërisë, Një Vlerësim mbi Varfërinë”, 19 qershor. Carletto, C., Benjamin, D., Marco, S., Stefano, T., Alberto, Z., (2004), “Internal mobility and international migration in Albania”, ESA Working Paper No. 04-13 04, no. 13 Carletto, G., Davis, B. Stampini, M., Zezza, A. (2006), “A Country on the Move:International Migration in the Post

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Anca Dinicu

References [1] [2] (Tito Boeri, The Immigration Game )] [3] [4] [5] [6]

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Anca Dinicu and Daniel-Sorin Constantin

:// [7] . [8] . [9] . [10] . [11] . [12] http

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Laviniu Bojor


The waves of migrants that are trying to escape from the violence of their home state become a real threat for the security environment of the European countries. Our national security forces, like police and army personnel, should take into consideration future missions that consist in face to face interrelation actions with people from other cultures. Achieving knowledge and developing cross-cultural interrelation skills, with the help of which we can overcome some barriers in communication, can make the difference as long as the force power, in its entirety, no longer represents the sole and sufficient condition to solve actual multicultural crises situations.