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Daniela Crețu and Andrei Radu Iova

, ecologic and favourable increase for inclusion, (2016),, Accessed on 12th December, 2017 Iorga A.M. 2017, Characteristics of the Romanian agriculture workforce. Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", vol. 17 issue 2, print ISSN 2284-7995, 183-186. Petroff, A., 2016, From the Brain Drain to the Brain Circulation: Typology of a Romanian Brain Network, Impact of Circular Migration on Human, Political and

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Luciana Vrancuta


Soils from agricultural areas are under anthropic pressures, one of the causes being atmospheric deposition of heavy metals. In order to prevent that diffuse pollution affects the soil for long term it is important to reduce the releases of pollutant from air and water. In this paper it was analysed a potential method of chemical remediation applied to the case of an accidental situation of arable soil pollution with heavy metals. The technology of remediation proposed is based on a chemical fixation by adding a reagent into the contaminated soil where it reacts with heavy metals and form insoluble complexes. The organic reagent is one of the best-known and most frequently used in extraction and trace analysis. So, the chemical remediation proposed could decrease the migration of heavy metals in soil and subsequently, in water, plant and other environmental media.

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Zoran Ristić, Slobodan Puzović, Igor Ponjiger, Miroslav Urošević, Milutin Kovačević, Milosava Matejević and Vladimir Marković


Decrease of grey partridge population is a global process that has been catastrophic in recent decades. In England, the number of this species declined by 80% in the period from the beginning of the fifties to the mid-eighties of the last century (Potts, 1986). In the Czech Republic from 1965 to the end of the eighties by as much as 95% (Štasny et al. 1997), and the situation is similar in Poland (Panek, 2005). The status of grey partridge in Serbia follows the same pattern as mentioned, with drastic decline (Ristić and Puzović, 2015). The reasons for such trend are numerous, directly conditioned and are often difficult to eliminate. It has been found that culling has no significant effect on the population (Ristić, 1992), but changes in its habitat in order to increase the yield of agricultural crops and chemical protection have very negative effect on partridge number. In order to study each type of game, it is necessary to know the basic elements of the population: density, growth, birth rate, mortality, migration movements and gender and age structure. Migration has no effect on changes in the partridge populations. Period of assessment 2010-2013: Serbia: 20,000-28,000 breeding pairs (bp), Vojvodina: 900-1,000 bp. Long-term population trend 1980-2003: MD (mean decrease in number), short-term population trend 2000-2013: MD (mean decrease in number). The number generally decreases, especially in Vojvodina, where it is endangered by intensive agriculture and the application of harmful biocides. It is necessary to improve the monitoring and develop the national action plan.

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Victor Nicolae Nita, Magda-Ioana Nenciu and Carmen Georgeta Nicolae

Piscatoria, 41(3): 147-157. Katselis G., Koukou K., Dimitriou E., Koutsikopoulos C., 2007. Short-term seaward fish migration in the Messolonghi-Etoliko lagoons (Western Greek coast) in relation to climatic variables and the lunar cycle. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 73:571-582. Landow M., 1991. Introduction to Aquaculture. Wiley Publishing, 440. Lefeuvre J.C., Laffaille P., Feunteun E., 1999. Do fish communities function as biotic vectors of organic matter between saltmarshes and marine coastal waters? Aquatic Ecol

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K. Kononovich, Jean-Marc Macé and E. Yuryeva

. In: Kervasdoue J. The health notebooks of France. Paris: Dunod; 2004:146-164. French. Macé JM Picheral H. Territory experience: medical territory Kervasdoue J. The health notebooks of France Paris Dunod 2004 146 164 French 16 Terrier C. Mirabelle. Paper presented at the Second international days on data analysis. Versailles; 1979. French. Terrier C Mirabelle. Paper presented at the Second international days on data analysis Versailles 1979 French 17 Terrier C. The structures of the French space by alternating migrations

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E. Avdeeva, S. Nikulina and I. Artyukhov

being actively introduced on the basis of Russian universities and which are most likely to be further developed in the next 10-20 years [ 14 ]. Firstly, there will be single language of teaching in the system of higher education. And it will be English. Even now, as Bulyzhenkov I. E. and Soloviev O. N. note, there are courses or educational programs in English in thousands of universities all over the world [15, p. 64]. Migration to different parts of the world becomes as typical as a trip to a neighbouring city. Knowledge of basic English will become an obligatory