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Ilona Máthé


There is a turmoil in Europe and the world as far as the terms multiculturality and interculturality are concerned and have been concerned in recent years. The overwhelming historical, political, cultural and economic changes that have shaken the whole world have brought about significant changes in otherwise relatively traditional societies and communities, as well, with a very important impact on people's lives not only in point of economy, but communication, attitude towards labour, personality traits, national security and others. All interpersonal relations have been tinted by the reaction towards some „buzz words” that are very popular nowadays; nevertheless, they are at the core of a tremendously huge process of changes in the mere life of European societies and communities.

In this environment, all economic activities that involve huge movements of individuals and masses (like tourism and hospitality) have experienced huge transformations; and if the ability and skill of making international communication mingle with the feeling of security encountered in a certain environment- these would definitely lead to a potential and real growth in that economic sector, including the third one of services.

We truly believe tourism is one of those, and good international relations, as well as strategic partnerships, contribute to its development.

In order to achieve results in tourism you only have to provide the following: secure environment, a competitive product, and good value for price services. It also helps if you have skilled employees, though.

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Xia Cuijuan, Liu Wei and Zhang Lei

in the tree, such as birthday and death day, important events and stories, and the relationships with other people. Figure 3 Time and map interface. Figure 4 A data retrieval tool by drawing a polygon on the map. Figure 5 An interactive family tree. 4 Use Cases for DH Services 4.1 Data in Small Granularity for Visualization to Tell Stories and Help Users Ask Questions Family migration is one very important type of data recorded in genealogy documents. Studying the migration route of a family, a region, or a

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Weijia Xu, Amit Gupta, Pankaj Jaiswal, Crispin Taylor, Patti Lockhart and Jennifer Regala

framework helps curators to identify new concepts of interest emerged from latest publications. This framework can facilitate integration of different approaches of entity recognition and migration across different domain use cases. The proposed architecture enables us introducing successful innovations in the detection pipeline into this framework. Our approach closes the feedback loop from users through recording author’s annotation inputs, which can be used to improve processing workflow for future iterations. 3.1 Motivation Our work is directly motivated by the